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10 Secret Lightroom Tools

These 10 secret Lightroom tools will let you achieve results that were slowing you down before or even felt impossible. Let’s dig into them…

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Waves crashing against sea wall in stormy weather

Bad Weather Photography

Don’t let the rain put you off! Learn to master the art of taking stunning photos in bad weather with practical tips and techniques.

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Boudoir Photography Posing Tips for Men and Women

Whether you are photographing women or men, understanding how to direct poses can make your boudoir sessions more effective and evocative.

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Annie Leibovitz

Leibovitz Photography: Who Exactly is Annie?

Who is Annie Leibovitz? Learn about one of the USA’s most iconic portrait photographer from Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair to Queen Elizabeth II

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How to Calibrate a Camera and Monitor

Learn how to calibrate your camera and monitor for accurate colours in digital photography. What are the signs you need calibration?

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close up of the camera lenses on the back of an iphone

Best Camera Phones 2024

A guide to the best camera phones of 2024. Discover why these devices might just be the perfect tool for beginner photographers

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a black and white photo of mountains

What are Tones in Photography?

Explore the art of photography tones to enhance your images’ mood. Tone refers to the levels of brightness in a photo, from black to white

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a triptych of a landscape at different times of day with the tags highlights, midtones and shadows underneath

What are Highlights, Midtones and Shadows

Highlights, midtones, and shadows are the three terms that describe the tonal values of different areas in an photograph.

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A woman holding up a grey card to face the camera

How to Use a Grey Card for Photography

You should meter grey cards using a spot exposure metering mode. Read this full guide for step-by-step directions for how to use a grey card

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Mastering Colour in Photography

Learn how to understand and control colour in photography for accurate results. How a Bayern filter captures colour and what are grey cards.

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a camera taking a photo of a small bird

Best Cameras for Wildlife Photography

Choosing the right camera for wildlife photography is crucial. See our TOP 5 picks of the best digital cameras for taking photos of animals

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the northern lights over iceland

How to Photograph Northern Lights: A Photographer’s Guide

Learn how to photograph northern lights with expert tips on aurora photography settings and capturing the stunning aurora borealis.

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Teenage mixed race girl high school student distance e learning group online at home looking at camera. Video conference call remote class, course, virtual digital education, headshot portrait.

GCSE Photography: A Student Revision Guide

Essential guide for GCSE Photography students: master basic photography settings, exposure triangle, depth of field, and more.

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100 Photography Quotes, Facts, Myths and Trivia

100 enlightening photography quotes, intriguing facts, eye-opening myths, and bits of photo trivia to impress your fellow photographers.

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How to Use Adobe Bridge for Photographers

Photographers, are you using the full potential of Adobe Bridge to streamline your photo management and editing workflow?

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