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Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers

Discover the power of Adobe Creative Cloud for photographers. Explore its tools, features, and benefits in our comprehensive guide!

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Image by Barry Tetchner (iPhotography Student)

How to Photograph Smoke for Amateur Photographers

See how easy it is to take clean, sharp and striking photographs of smoke and give your photos amazing atmosphere and intrigue.

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Waterfall Photography Tutorial

Top guide to waterfall photography. Packed with essential camera settings, hot accessories and the best waterfalls in the UK and globally.

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How to Create a Starburst Effect

Let me show you how to create a starburst effect. Using a small aperture setting and a slower shutter speed you can capture sparkling effects

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Photographer is with camera. Young girl is on the field at sunny daytime having nice weekend.

Why Photography is Good for Your Health

In this article, we’ll explore the 7 reasons why photography is good for your health and how you can get started with this creative hobby.

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Image Copyright Patrick Zaidan (iPhotography Student)

What is Bodyscape Photography?

Bodyscape photography focuses on capturing the human body as a form of art. Discover how to take amazing bodyscapes in this beginners guide.

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Fun forced perspective shot of young tourists at Uyuni Salt Flats (Spanish: Salar de Uyuni ) in Bolivia, South America.

What is Forced Perspective Photography?

Check out how easy it is to shoot Forced perspective photography for super cool images that tricks your viewer’s eyes

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how to motivate for photographers blog image man with head on desk in front of computer

How to Motivate: Tips for Photographers

Struggling to come up with creative ideas? Read our tips on how to motivate yourself and your photography with this inspiring guide!

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How to Turn a Photo into a Painting by

Turn a Photo into a Painting

Follow our step by step tutorial as we show you how to turn a photo into a painting using the Photoshop Mixer Brush! Super Creative!

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Reflection Photography

Reflection photography is a challenging, special type of photography that requires a decent comprehension of perspective, angles and of course an artistic eye and flair.

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