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Discover why aspiring photographers and companies choose iPhotography™ as their preferred way of learning photography online.

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online photography courses in photoshop

iPhotography PS

Unlock the secrets of Photoshop and develop world-class editing and design skills that produce astonishing imagery 

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Portrait Course

Discover the secrets to incredible portrait photography with our interactive, easy-to-follow portrait photography course

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iPhotography Course

Our foundational online photography course. Trusted by aspiring photographers all over the world!

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Light Tricks Course

Learn how to manipulate light with over 70 mind-blowing light painting techniques and camera tricks

online photography courses in light painting tricks

Home Projects Course

Embark on a completely unique, creative and practical photography course from your own home

online photography courses in lightroom

iPhotography LR

Adobe Lightroom is the photo editing choice of most photographers. This step-by-step Lightroom training course gives you the know-how you need

Learn to Shoot Pro Standard Photos

iPhotography™ gives you the skills to get out of auto, take control of your camera and develop your own unique photography style.


Create stunning portraits using Depth of Field by understanding how to use aperture efficiently. 

Shutter Speed

Capture dynamic movement, creative panning, light trails and more with extensive shutter speed techniques. 


Say goodbye to unintentional blur or camera shake as we master your camera’s focus, ensuring sharp images.


Navigate with ease through our courses with the perfect camera settings for correctly exposed imagery.


Low-light is no problem when you have a strong understanding of ISO, noise reduction and camera sensitivity.

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A Community of Aspiring Photographers

Launch a new career as a photographer, master the settings of your camera or discover the tips and tricks to produce the best possible photos.


1-to-1 Mentoring

Personal critiques and constructive feedback from qualified photography tutors.

Photography CONTESTS

Regular, fun photography contests and challenges with incredible prizes!

Certificate of Achievement

Accreditation from CPD and LinkedIn for fast career progression and enhanced job prospects.

Extensive Download Library

Extra bonus photography training & resources to aid retention.

Photo Feedback Gallery

Upload your photos to the iPhotography Gallery and get fast feedback and ratings from tutors and fellow students alike.

Study Anytime Anywhere

Learn at your own pace, in your own time, in any location; now available offline!

A Greater Learning Experience

All New Learning Experience

Faster, Sleeker, Easier.

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Brand New iPhotography App

Learn Offline, Anytime, Anywhere.

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All New Learning Experience

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Brand New iPhotography App

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What Our Students Are Saying

“Thoroughly enjoying the course and have recommended it to a few others. I am happy to provide you with this online photography course review. A large part of what I like is the support which you and your team provide which I always find to be accurate and relevant. Compliments to everyone involved on an excellent service.”

Kerr Clement, USA
Review verified by TrustPilot

“I finished this online course 1 year ago and it has totally changed my life. Well worth putting in the time and effort. I now have my own web site and bookings are coming.”

Seamus Bryans, Ireland
Review verified by TrustPilot

“I’m really enjoying this online photography course. I am doing it really slowly. Taking notes from each module so I can use them when I am out and about and I am doing all of the assignments.”

Clementine, Australia

Review verified by TrustPilot

“This is great, I kinda know a lot already, but is so good to read it all finally in a order and simple language. so useful to repeat and make sure what you know and what still needs to be practice.”

Inga Drazniece, UK
Review verified by TrustPilot

“I am a self taught amateur photographer. I am aiming towards setting up my own photography business and thought this course was exactly what I need to refresh what I already know and to learn the essentials that I don’t know. So far I am finding it great and I am gaining more knowledge and practice.

Lyn, USA
Review verified by TrustPilot

“This online photography course is amazing, I have learned an incredible amount not just about my Camera, but about Photoshop. It has improve my Photography as a whole, and I thank all the tutors for their input. It has answered many questions I had about photography that books did not.”

Lynn Taylor, USA

Review verified by TrustPilot

“This online photography course has given me so much. Night trails. Capturing Water pictures. Experimenting. Confidence is growing. I love every module. It’s all so inspiring”

Allison McMahon, Canada

Review verified by TrustPilot

“Hi, I must say this is the best Course that I have ever came across and love it when they go into detail about everything. Loving every minute of this course.”

Delia Gorgulho, USA
Review verified by TrustPilot

“I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you, I haven’t enjoyed myself so much in years – This course is fantastic. It has now given me the enthusiasm to move forward with my photography and the fact that the resources are always available will be useful to go back to incase I need to revisit any part.”

Maria Zanetti, USA
Review verified by TrustPilot

“This course made it very enjoyable to learn photography. It was presented in easy digestible pieces. I thought it would be basic information, but learned a lot about features I did not know my camera had. Module 18 was the hardest for me, I need to learn photoshop a bit more. Overall excellent. Highly recommended!!! Thank You!!”

Audra Delfosse, USA
Review verified by TrustPilot

“I was a total beginner to DSLR photography and I enjoyed the course. It was informative and the modules were in a progressive order. I am so glad I persevered and completed the whole course. I will use your site for more knowledge and help. Thank you.”

Kevin Wayman, UK

Review verified by TrustPilot

“I enjoyed your online photography course very much. Learning new things and things I didn’t know I could do. So proud of myself and can’t wait to further my career more.”

Ennerine Brits, USA

Review verified by TrustPilot

“Course content was well presented and useful. Lots of good tips and workarounds for photoshop editing. As an experienced photographer I still found the course challenging”

Dean Sibley, UK
Review verified by TrustPilot

“I want to thank the tutors for their constructive criticism and the encouragement to take great photos. I will upload regularly on the student gallery and hope that one day one of my works will get a POTD title.”

Virgil Matrass, South Africa
Review verified by TrustPilot

“I have learned so much in this online photography course so far and I can’t thank the team who put this programme together enough. It is done so logically and simply the even I can follow it, albeit with time and patience.”

Anthony Reynolds, UK
Review verified by TrustPilot


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Learning Photography the iPhotography™ Way

Learning Photography the iPhotography™ Way