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Thursday April 25th

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What iPhotography Student Beta Testers Thought…

It looks great and has some very in-depth, helpful information that will assist anyone wanting to drive their portrait photography forward.

I managed to find the time to do all of module 6 and made a start on module 14.

Congratulations! An excellent addition to the iPhotography courses I am sure it will be very popular and cause an immediate stir.

Seamus Bryans

iPhotography Outstanding Achievement Award 2014 & 2015

I found the course very informative especially when I got to the creative portrait section this is something that I’m really into, especially the UV section which is an area that I’m yet to try.

I found it very easy to follow as per previous courses.

The section regarding couples and group shots was great, especially composing several shots to put onto the one photo with the negative space, definitely going to use that idea.

I like the planning and lessons about making sure that you learn from the mistakes by reviewing them, loved the section on over editing, this is something I feel will help a lot of people.

All round a very good course!

Nicky Thomas

2017 iPhotography Image of the Year Award Winner

I thought it was very informative and yes, I did learn a lot from it. The rule of thirds was brilliantly explained – a rule I thought I had a full grasp of. I thought the layout was very good. I thought the editing was well explained and interesting (I intend to take up iPhotoshop Course in the near future).

I’m always looking to improve my photography and editing skills so yes, there is information in there that will improve my photography. I thought it was very comprehensive as an online course far and above some teaching videos I have watched. As I remember the iPhotography course (2 years since I finished it) it looked very familiar and very pleasing well set out and it led you through step-by-step.

Derek Smith

iPhotography Photographer of the Year Nominee 2016, 2017, 2018

I have gone through most of the course and I really enjoyed it! I loved the lighting section, it had great information in it and was in-depth.

I love the editing modules! I like how it really starts with the basics and then goes to more advanced steps, that will be very helpful to so many people. I think you really covered everything. Thank you for letting me do this it was awesome!

Jessica Nightingale

2017 iPhotography 12 Days of Christmas Award Winner & Photographer of the Year Nominee 2016, 2017, 2018

Last few days I have spent in a very interesting way. I am saying this with full responsibility 😉 When you love something, and in this case, it’s photography, you do anything to improve it. So, when you get to know more and more with every hour of reading you know you are in the right place at the right time…by taking the iPhotography Portrait Course! 

First of all, it is exactly what I would expect from the iPhotography brand. Where else can you expect if you find everything you want? Lots of information enriched by many photographs presented in a clear and easy way. The way the course recaps information at the end of some modules is a good way to remember the most important information before taking the tests useful for me. I also really liked Stephen’s Stories. We didn’t have those in previous courses (not in the ones I took). Very interesting and helpful – we can draw a lot from our tutor’s experience

I have found a few new things for me as well! I have never heard of Rembrandt lighting. In general, studio photography seemed always a bit too hard for me but with all the setups, but now we can download lighting setups during the course it became clearer and easier – so I might stop being afraid of it. Double exposure or freelensing – I would never try those if not taking this course! The whole module about the lighting techniques I took very slowly as I didn’t want to miss a thing…it was pleasant and fascinating!  It has been a pleasure taking the iPhotography Portrait Course! I can honestly recommend it to all beginners and a bit more experienced enthusiasts of portrait photography 🙂 

Justyna Adamek

Children's Photographer