KentFaith Magnetic Lens Filters

ND8 58mm thread magnetic lens filter from kentfaith

I received a little package today from our friends at KentFaith and I was super excited to share it with you.

I’ve never used magnetic lens filters before and this was a total revelation, photographically speaking. Let’s dive in and show you how these lens filters from KentFaith worked out when I went to shoot sunsets on the beach.

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Who is KentFaith?

You might also know Kentfaith as K&F Concept. They’re a recognised name in the world of photography accessories, known for its commitment to providing high-quality products for both amateur and professional photographers.

They were founded back in 2011, the company initially made its mark with a range of lens adapters, quickly expanding its offerings to include an extensive variety of photographic equipment.

The product line from KentFaith is pretty diverse, encompassing everything from camera filters and tripods to lens adapters and cleaning kits.

Their filters, which include UV, polarising, and neutral density filters, are particularly noted for their precision and ability to enhance image quality.

Tripods, another cornerstone product category for K&F Concept, are designed with a focus on stability and versatility, catering to photographers of all skill levels. The company also offers a variety of bags and cases designed to protect photographic equipment during travel.

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Magnetic Lens Filters

Traditionally circular lens filters screw-on to the front element, but these KentFaith filters are different.

You’ll need to attach the initial magnetic basic ring to the front element but then after that you can snap on and off any of the filters in the pack.

They should make filter swaps super fast, easy to do in all conditions – but will they be as secure and stable as screw-on filters?

Another thing to look out for is the vignetting and any colour casts caused by the filtration. This is something that is noticeable on cheaper lens filters – these KentFaith magnetic lens filters aren’t cheap – but they are affordable.

Filters can be very expensive depending on the brand manufacturers so let’s see if these mid-priced 5-in-1 sets are value for money.

magnetic lens filter adapter from kentfaith

What’s Included in the Pack?

  • GND8
  • ND8
  • ND64
  • ND1000
  • Magnetic Basic Ring
  • Filter Pouch
KentFaith 5-in-1 magnetic lens filter kit and pouch on a wooden table

How They’re Different

Light Reduction Effect

The ND8/ND64/ND1000 provides a 3/6/10 stops light reduction effect and fits a partly cloudy day and a bright sunny day. The nd1000 filter can create the silky effect of item movement.

1 Second Swap

These magnetic lens filters can be swapped in less than one second compared with conventional thread filters. Never miss any wonderful moment.

28 Multilayer Coatings

All the filters are made of imported AGC high-definition premium optical glass, double-side multicoated, no chromatic aberration (colour shift) waterproof, scratch resistant, and dustproof. Provides you with a perfect photography experience, protecting your lens from all around.

Ultra Slim Frame Avoid Vignetting

The 1.9mm-3.33mm ultra slim frame ensures no vignetting and dark corners on 16mm wide-angle focal length. The non-slip system frame makes it easy to install and remove.

KentFaith 5-in-1 magnetic lens filter kit on a wooden table

WATCH: Magnetic Lens Filters Review


After giving these 5-in-1 magnetic lens filter set a test drive I’m suitably impressed! I quite like the grippy edge around the frame of the filter. That makes it easier to screw on and off the basic magnetic ring that the other filters snap-on to. When it’s cold or a little damp, I find it hard to get a grip on some filters so the gripped edge is a brilliant feature.

The quality of the filtration is really solid. I think an ND 8, 64 and 1000 is a good mix.

They cover a range of stops, 3, 6 and 10 respectively which will suit photographers who just need to slightly darken exposures in everyday situations right through to photographers who need the heavy filtration for specific uses like long exposure waterfalls etc.

I haven’t spotted any colour casting from the filters but that is fairly easily edited out these days anyway in Lightroom but at least it’s one less job to do in post-production.

Overall I think these KentFaith magnetic lens filters are a good choice for a photographer buying their first set.

It’ll be nice to see a variable ND filter with the gripped edge too – they might already have it in fairness on the K&F Concept website. Kentfaith – 1st Choice for Photo & Video Products

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