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iPhotography’s Portrait Photography Course!

This cutting-edge portrait photography course will transform you from frustrated amateur to proud portrait photographer:

What You’ll Learn

iPhotography’s Portrait Photography Course gives you everything you need to become a highly-skilled portrait photographer – even if you’ve never picked up a camera before!

Click the tabs below for an overview of what you’ll discover inside each module of the iPhotography Portrait Course:

Take a look at the meaning and history of portrait photography in our inaugural module. Learn the real differences between candid and formal and see how portraiture has evolved and diversified over the generations.

We also get into the technical nitty-gritty by looking at the pros and cons of every type of camera. Learn about your camera’s capabilities and spot the opportunities you may need to take to take your portraits from snapshots to works of art!

In this module we’ll explore the camera settings that are specific to portrait photography. With custom graphics and simplified animations, we’ve broken down the jargon and made camera settings easy to understand. You’ll know the difference between an f-stop and shutter speed in no time!

Without light photography is impossible so it is crucial you understand where you can source light and how to change its qualities. Other courses may skip over this as it could sound boring, but not with us, so you’ll be one step ahead of the others. We’ll discover the kit and modifiers you can use outdoors, at home or even in a studio to make your portraits dazzle!

You shouldn’t just take a picture of someone without considering your surroundings. Learn about creating moods, telling stories and finding ways to embellish your portrait by adding the right props. Without this module, your pictures will look like everyone else’s.

Take the professional’s approach and compose your portrait correctly when you’ve learnt about our composition hints and tricks. You’ll realise there’s more to framing as you discover the Rule of Thirds, Balancing Elements, Symmetry, Golden Ratio and so many more!

By now you’ll understand the basics of light, but you need to become a Master of It to infuse your portraits with mood, atmosphere, feelings and connotations. We’ve compiled all the best portrait lighting techniques and even designed simple diagrams for you to download so you can try them out when you’re offline.

Portrait photography is 50% skill and 50% personality so it’s important that you make a great first impression with your subjects. After giving you all the best tips about how to set up your own home studio we’ll focus on preparing yourself to work with people. From communication tips to downloadable questionnaires we’ll make sure you’ll never be lost for words.

Working with groups of people can feel daunting to a new photographer but we’ll help you overcome any worries with this comprehensive module jam-packed with posing solutions and perfect action shots (along with all the essential camera settings). By the end of it, you’ll be able to create family portraits that will be cherished for a lifetime.

They say ‘never work with Children and Animals’ but Modules 10 and 11 will break the barriers of this stigma and show you how with clever communication and preparation that you can capture children’s portraits that will melt a mother’s heart. Pick up essential posing and lighting tips for newborns, toddlers, school kids and even teenagers in this comprehensive lesson.

They are one of the favourite topics amongst our iPhotography students, therefore we’ve dedicated a whole module to animal portraits. Whether they burrow, beg, fly, purr or roar we’ve got the only camera settings, best practises and preparation techniques you’ll ever need to make sure your animal portraits are as sharp as an Eagle’s claw.

One for the lovers out there who really want to make a beeline into couples, engagement and wedding photography. It’s becoming a fast-rising niche in the photography industry to capture romantic and wistful couple portraits. In Module 12 you’ll find countless posing suggestions, alongside subtle alternatives on top of the best lighting techniques to flatter your couple, regardless of age. We’ve also custom designed in-depth analysis into body language to help you build the story of your lovers and what you’ll need if you need to do if you hear the chime of wedding bells!

Let your imagination flourish when working one-on-one, it’s a great place to start your portrait journey for the more creative photographer. Learn about shooting to a brief, contrasting textures and creating a unique style under our fashion photography section. You can also test your skills when learning about commercial headshots, sports & fitness and the ever-alluring boudoir photography.

Advanced your creativity in one simple lesson as you discover the beauty in detail shots, light paintings, conceptual portraits, abstract cropping as well as alternative uses to props. This is where you get a chance to develop your own portrait style. In part two of this module, we will also uncover the truth about black & white portraits – when to use it, why to use it and how it can go so wrong!

This is our compendium of crafty little tricks that professional portrait photographers use every day – how do we know this? Well, this course was written by some! Get ahead of the competition and make your portraits stand out of the crowd with secret sections about ‘shooting to sell’, customising bokeh, freelensing, cheap lighting & atmosphere effects (and so much more). These hacks will make your shoots easy and budget-friendly.

We see hundreds of microblogs every day posting the same old articles such as ‘3 mistakes all photographers make’ etc. They are normally very superficial and vague about how to overcome them. We’ve lived through these mistakes and want to tell you what the truth of being a portrait photographer can mean. Find out how to overcome online criticism, self-doubt, creative blocks and jealousy. But being good teachers, we’ll help you with preparation tips, planning suggestions, foresight, adapting common sense and being honest. This will make your portrait journey a much happier adventure.

As we slide the camera to the side and swap it for a keyboard, we’ll take you through a range of important editing tutorials using the latest Adobe Photoshop CC software. We’ll cover simple exposure adjustments, how to colour balance, adapting contrast and airbrushing in easy to follow videos.

We up the ante and deal out some more creative editing videos in our last module as we’ll show you how to remove backgrounds from your portraits and incorporate new ones. You’ll also discover the secrets of professional re-touchers and find out how to transform your subject and flatter their features using advanced tools in Photoshop. After this lesson, you’ll never look at a fashion model the same way!

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Each lesson is loaded with fun interactive quizzes and educational tests to help you keep all the information where you need it most.

There’s optional module assignments throughout the course, so you can hone your skills and get feedback from the photographers who have produced the iPhotography Portrait Course.

After all of this artistic insight, you’ll be bursting at the seams with inspiration for creative and powerful portraits.

With the ability to make a subject feel relaxed and unguarded, your photography portfolio is going to look like a professional’s in no time.

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What You’ll Get

Here’s an overview of some of the incredible benefits you’ll get when you sign up to iPhotography Portrait Course today:


18 Modules

18 portraiture modules developed by world-class portrait photographers, engineered on next-generation LearnLock™ Technology and delivered on a sleek new interface for maximum learning and retention.

10 Optional Assignments

Brand new, fun and engaging assignments (with tutor feedback) that develop and hone your portraiture skills as you work through the course.

Printed Certificate of Achievement

Foil seal embossed Certificate of Achievement printed on high-grade material – delivered to your door on course completion. Plus, an instantly available digital pass certificate.

Interactive Quizzes

Packed with quizzes, tests and lots of interactivity to make your learning fun, fast and highly effective!

Pro Downloadable Guides

Full access to a library of handy downloads, including: lighting diagrams, planning and posing guides, color wheels, contracts, model release forms, checklists, questionnaires and more.

iPhotography App

iPhotography Portrait course students get exclusive early access to the soon-to-be-released iPhotography Apple/Android (phone/tablet) app, which includes offline access to course modules and much more!

What Our Students Say About iPhotography Portrait Course

We asked 5 respected photographers to beta test our Portrait Photography Course and provide us with their honest feedback. Here are their reviews of the course:

“Your portrait photography course is exactly what I would expect from the iPhotography brand… It has been a pleasure taking the course! I found the module about lighting techniques pleasant and fascinating… Studio photography seemed always a bit too hard for me, but with the downloadable lighting setups provided with the course it became clearer and easier. I also really liked Stephen’s Stories – we can draw a lot from our tutor’s experience…. I can honestly recommend this course to all beginners and more experienced enthusiasts of portrait photography”

Justyna Adamek

Children's Photographer

“I really enjoyed it! I loved the lighting section, it had great information in it, and was in-depth. I love the editing modules! I like how it really starts with the basics and then goes to more advanced steps, that will be very helpful to so many people. I think you really covered everything. It was awesome!”

Jessica Nightingale

Christmas Winner 2017 & POTY Nominee 2016, 2017, 2018

“The course looks great and has some very in-depth, helpful information that will assist anyone wanting to drive their portrait photography forward. Congratulations. An excellent addition to the iPhotography Courses I am sure it will be very popular and cause an immediate stir.”

Seamus Bryans

Outstanding Achievement Award 2014 & 2015

“I found the course very informative especially when I got to the creative portrait section as this is something that I’m really into, especially the UV section which is an area that I’m yet to try. I found it very easy to follow. The section regarding couples and group shots was great, especially composing several shots to put onto the one photo with the negative space, definitely going to use that idea. I like the planning and lessons on mistakes. I loved the section on over editing, this is something I feel will help a lot of people. All round a very good course!”

Nicky Thomas

Image of the Year Winner 2017

“I thought the portrait photography course was very comprehensive, far and above some teaching videos I have watched. It was very pleasing well laid out and it led you through everything step-by-step. The rule of third was brilliantly explained – a rule I thought I had a full grasp of. I thought the editing was well explained and interesting. I’m always looking to improve my photography and editing skills so there is information that will certainly improve my photography.”

Derek Smith

Photographer of the Year Nominee 2016, 2017, 2018

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Almost 100,000 students in 187 countries have used iPhotography’s award-winning courses to rapidly advance their photography skills. However, we understand that sometimes there are reasons to cancel. That’s why iPhotography™ stands behind every course with an iron-clad 90-day money-back guarantee:

Sign up to the iPhotography Portrait Photography course today and you can experience the fun and interactive modules, along with quizzes, assignments and complementary resources for a full 90-days. We’re confident you’ll be amazed at the radical transformation in your photography.

However, if for ANY reason (or no reason at all) within 90-days you decide to return your course purchase, our support team will happily provide you with a refund in full. No hassle. No questions asked. You are completely protected.


Is this course for me?
The simple answer – YES! It’s for everyone, including you!

Whether you have just bought a camera or have spent years behind the viewfinder, this course is comprehensive, educational, honest and cutting-edge – there is no other course like it (believe us, we checked a lot!). On our Portrait Course, you’ll find the answer to nearly every question a new photographer could ever ask about taking someone’s portrait.

We’re like the Wikipedia of portrait photography – all of the answers are under one roof.

It’s been written by experienced professional portrait photographers who have spent years working with clients to learn the best hints, tips and insightful stories to the genuine life as a portrait photographer. We’ll tell you the honest truth that other courses leave out – some of it may not be pretty, but the truth rarely is.

Is it suitable for beginners or amateurs?
Rest assured whether you’ve just picked up a camera yesterday you’ll still find this portrait course perfect. We’ve stripped down the learning curve and made it easy for anyone to follow with simple graphics, entertaining quizzes and enlightening animations.

And even if you know your camera inside out, then there’s still a lot we can teach you about working with people. Improve your communication skills with all ages, create more personal images by getting to know your subjects and discover some professional secrets that will make your portraits even better!

Can I use my existing camera?
Yes! The best thing about this course is that you don’t always need to have a top end DSLR camera. A lot of our course can be followed with a simple point and shoot compact or even your smartphone. As long as you’ve got a camera to hand then you’ll find the iPhotography Portrait Course is the perfect investment in your passion!

You see, it’s not your camera, it’s how you use it. Once you understand how a few of your camera’s features work, everything else falls into place very quickly and you’ll be taking stunning portraits and capturing beautiful memories in no time at all.

Can I use this course to make money from portrait photography?
Yes! The secrets you’re about to learn include insider knowledge and expertise that was gained from taking over 4.5 million professional portraits – generating sales in excess of $10 million!

You see, we don’t just teach this; we live and breathe it too.

If you’re thinking of building a little side business from your portrait photography then this is your unique opportunity to tap into the collective knowledge of world-class photographers who have laid everything out for you in step-by-step detail.

With iPhotography Portrait Course you can sidestep the pain and frustration that comes with trying to figure this all out on your own.

How do I access my course?
The minute you sign up, you’ll have access to the Portrait Course inside iPhotography’s cutting-edge learning platform. If you’ve ever taken an iPhotography™ course before then you’ll be able to access the portrait course right alongside your other iPhotography courses, all from one sleek, simple and secure platform. Plus, you’ll have access to a whole array of benefits including our hugely popular student gallery, forum, chat wall and much more!

We’ve poured everything into this brand-new course!

It has truly been a labour of love. We’ve taken everything we know from capturing over 4.5 million professional portrait shots and teaching nearly 100,000 people and broken it all down into easy-to-understand steps that deliver magical results – regardless of your camera, knowledge or experience.

From capturing your family’s personality, spirit and story in beautiful memories to magical first grandchild moments, special celebrations, adorable pet portraits and much more challenging wildlife shots. It’s all covered in the iPhotography Portrait Course.

You’re in safe hands!

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Throughout this portrait course, you’ll discover camera settings, equipment, posing, lighting and editing right through to how to go out and make a good living as a professional portrait photographer.

If you aspire to capturing beautiful portraits that you can be enormously proud of, then don’t waste any more time. You owe it to yourself to get the best possible training and guidance you can to achieve your full potential.

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