About iPhotography Tutors

iPhotography brings together a team of expert photographers with decades of experience across a range of photography genres. This exciting blend of experience, skill and technical know-how, combined with a unique mix of enthusiastic personalities, is precisely why iPhotography courses are so highly regarded and why our students get such incredible results so quickly!


There are lots of ‘one-man band’ photographers selling courses and workshops, but none can match the depth, experience, world-class support and personal guidance provided by the iPhotography team!

Rebecca (Head Tutor)

With over 5 years as a professional photographer, Rebecca has used her experience wisely. She was headhunted straight out of university by renowned portrait & commercial shooter Damian McGillicuddy where she assisted on projects all across the UK. Having also worked for Nikon, she is the font of knowledge when it comes to their camera and accessory range.

For Rebecca, photography isn’t about having the most expensive equipment or the best camera. It’s about utilising your imagination in every aspect of your life, which is why she fits into our iPhotography tutor team so well!

On a personal note, we believe Rebecca is part human, part canine as she is never far away from a furry friend. She also has a quirky knack of remembering someone’s names by their dogs!

Stephen (Head Tutor)

Despite only joining the iPhotography team in 2017, Stephen brings many years of photographic experience with him to his role as content and course creator.

After leaving art school he went straight into studio photography working alongside Photo Corp UK, before running one of the UK’s most successful high-end portrait studios with Venture Studios for over a decade.

His personal work which stretches from portraits to landscapes, and other niches in between could be described as atmospheric and low key – sounds moody, but he’s not really! He’s previously had work showcased by Adobe Photoshop on top of many industry awards for his portraits.

Emily (Tutor)

Emily is a professional wedding photographer and videographer. She is a very story-driven videographer. In her films, she captures the little details and the atmosphere of the moment. She describes her filming skills as ‘ninja-like’ and doesn’t like to get in the way.

Emily’s aim in her photography career is to capture genuine moments that are real, and raw, and awesome.

In her spare time, Emily is an avid travel photographer and loves nothing more than documenting and experiencing new places through her lens.

Credit: EmilyiPhotography Tutor

Nick (Tutor)

Nick has been taking photos ever since he was given a Kodak Instamatic camera (which he still has!) on his 5th birthday in 1964. Nick’s father and grandfather were both keen photographers and encouraged him to follow suit by handing down their old SLRs, and by the time he was a teenager he was using his dad’s retired Pentax (he’d moved on to use Nikon) and shooting transparencies on Kodachrome. Nick eventually decided to study photography seriously in the early 90s and went on to gain a BA and qualify for membership of the BIPP.

After his degree, Nick worked as a professional photographer in both Manchester and Liverpool. Work was varied and covered architecture, performance, arts, food, fashion, portraiture…you name it he’s probably done it at some point! Nick has also studied critical theory at post graduate level and taught photography and history of art at South Trafford College. Currently, he works in an independent art gallery, teach circus skills and takes photos for his own creative pleasure.

Credit: Nick – iPhotography Tutor

Rachel (Tutor)

From as young as she can remember, animals have been a major part of Rachel’s life. After studying photography for four years and working in a busy high street studio shooting weddings and portraits, Rachel realised her calling was amongst the animals.

Since 2007 Rachel has been photographing dogs on location and wild animals all over the world. Having spent copious hours on Kenya’s savannahs capturing wildlife at its rawest, Rachel leads photographic safaris in East Africa’s most magnificent wildlife hot spots and workshops in the UK amongst its notorious elusive wildlife.

Rachel loves helping her students create stunning images of wild animals that are worth sharing as she feels each and everyone of us can make a real difference to conservation and inspire others to care more about our natural world.

iPhotography Support Team

Meet our support team who assist the tutors on various iPhotography projects


The ever-dependent Liam is one of the first names you’ll see pop up on our support desk. If you’ve got a technical query, Liam won’t be far away!

Not limited to customer service Liam also loves helping out in the gallery too. His passion for macros and florals has made our feedback more insightful and educated.

When he’s not in work you’ll no doubt find Liam in local woodland hunting down creepy crawlies and ‘fera flores’ – that’s wildflowers to you and me!


Though known as the ‘travelling one’ in the office Frank has curtailed his worldwide adventures now he’s become a family man. We’re sure it’s only a matter of time before that passports out again though.

Frank assists with editing our video content and product shipment. Though, like all of us, his true passion is photography.

If it’s not travel photography then it’s sports for Frank. He loves his rugby and proudly wears his Saracens scarf on cold days around the office.


Though you may not hear much of him in the gallery but James is an important member of our team. You tend to find him working on future projects and helping out with technical website updates and assignments.

Though he’s still very handy with a camera James tends to be more an art lover than an art maker. It’s almost guaranteed he’s been an exhibition, gallery or museum on his time off. If he had the money he’d have a Damien Hirst installation in his house, fortunately for James’ partner, he doesn’t.

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