iPhotography Tutor Team

Meet the professional photographers and tutors behind your courses and community

The iPhotography Tutor Team

It’s important to know that the people behind your training know their stuff, so meet your iPhotography tutors and course instructors.

iPhotography brings together a handpicked team of expert photographers with decades of experience across a range of photography genres, to support you in achieving your goals

This unique blend of experience, skill, and technical know-how, combined with a wide mix of engaging personalities, is precisely why our students get such incredible results so quickly!

Scroll down to learn a little more about your tutor team.

iPhotography Tutors
Meet some of the team: Emily (left), Rebecca (center), Stephen (right)
Stephen Walton iPhotography Tutor

Stephen Walton (Head Tutor)

Stephen brings many years of photographic experience with him to his role as content and course creator.

After leaving art school he went straight into studio photography working alongside Photo Corp UK, before running one of the UK’s most successful high-end portrait studios with Venture Studios for over a decade.

His personal work which stretches from portraits to landscapes, and other niches in between could be described as atmospheric and low key – sounds moody, but he’s not really!

He’s previously had work published by Adobe Photoshop on top of many industry awards for his portrait photography.

Rebecca Santo (Head Tutor)

With over 8 years as a professional photographer, Rebecca has used her experience wisely. She was headhunted straight out of university by renowned portrait & commercial shooter Damian McGillicuddy where she assisted on projects all across the UK.

Having also worked for Nikon, she is the font of knowledge when it comes to their camera and accessory range.

For Rebecca, photography isn’t about having the most expensive equipment or the best camera. It’s about utilizing your imagination in every aspect of your life, which is why she fits into our iPhotography tutor team so well!

On a personal note, we believe Rebecca is part human, part canine as she is never far away from a furry friend. She also has a quirky knack for remembering someone’s names by their dogs!

Rebecca Santo iPhotography Tutor


Our engaging instructors are the faces you’ll become familiar with when taking our online courses. We’ve handpicked these incredible photographers for their knowledge, skills, experience, and beginner-friendly personalities.

Emily Lowrey iPhotography Course Instructor

Emily Lowrey

Emily is a professional wedding photographerastrophotography enthusiast, and accomplished videographer. She is very story-driven in all her work. In her films and photos, she captures the little details and the atmosphere of the moment. She describes her media skills as ‘ninja-like’ and doesn’t like to get in the way.

Emily’s aim in her photography career is to capture genuine moments that are real, and raw, and awesome.

In her spare time, Emily is an avid travel photographer and loves nothing more than documenting and experiencing new places through her lens.

Emily is also our resident videographer and behind the camera for many of our course and tutorial recordings.

Rachel Sinclair

From as young as she can remember, animals have been a major part of Rachel’s life. After studying photography for four years and working in a busy high street studio shooting weddings and portraits, Rachel realised her calling was amongst the animals.

Since 2007 Rachel has been photographing dogs on location and wild animals all over the world. Having spent copious hours on Kenya’s savannahs capturing wildlife at its rawest. She is the lead instructor in our wonderful Wildlife Photography course.

Rachel loves helping her students create stunning images of wild animals that are worth sharing, as she feels each and every one of us can make a real difference in conservation.

Rachel Sinclair iPhotography Wildlife Course Instructor Tutor
Chris Sale Photographer iPhotography Course Instructor

Chris Sale

Chris Sale is a professional landscape photographer. Living on the edge of the Lake District National Park, he devotes his time to helping others develop the skills needed to photograph the landscape with confidence.

In 2019, after 20 years of working in IT, he decided it was time for a new challenge. Chris left the security of his job at Sky to pursue his dream of becoming a professional landscape photographer.

He now specializes in helping novice photographers develop their skills and grow their confidence through the art of landscape photography.

Nick Hunt

Nick’s father and grandfather were both keen photographers and encouraged him to follow suit by handing down their old SLRs, and by the time he was a teenager he was using his dad’s retired Pentax.

Nick eventually decided to study photography seriously in the early 90s and went on to gain a BA and qualify for membership of the BIPP.

Nick’s work varies and covers architecture, performance, arts, food, fashion, portraiture – you name it he’s probably done it! 

You’ll see Nick on a number of our YouTube videos, podcasts and SkillTrack™️ lessons.

Nick Hunt iPhotography Tutorial Instructor

Martin Forrest

Martin is a wedding photographer working professionally in tandem with our other course instructor Emily Lowrey. He’s a passionate tutor with lots of knowledge when it comes to camera gear.

You’ll encounter his excitable and energetic personality across our 30-Day Photographer free online course.

And if you’re an iPhotography PLUS member you’ll also see him present a number of our SkillTrack lessons.

Feedback Gallery Tutors

Alongside our head tutors you’ll also meet our gallery tutors most weeks leaving feedback for members in the iPhotography Feedback Gallery

Nikki Marie

Nikki is an accomplished author of an internationally selling cookbook, an acclaimed food photographer and stylist, and the founder of a popular seasonal food blog. 

Her photography has been featured by brands, and in publications worldwide, reflecting her keen eye and passion for artistry.  With a background in law, Nikki’s creative passion transformed into a thriving full-time photographic career, marking her as a multifaceted professional in the culinary photography world.

Nikki grew up just outside of New York City in a family and community with strong Italian ties.

Her wedding in Tuscany further enriched her love for the presentation of food, where the deeply meaningful connection between food, love, and family was only reinforced. These formative experiences serve as a constant wellspring of inspiration, driving Nikki’s storytelling, and in-the-moment approach to food and product photography and styling. 

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