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What is Forced Perspective Photography?

Image by Eleonor Chung (iPhotography Student)
Image by Eleonor Chung (iPhotography Student)

Forced perspective photography is a super cool technique that tricks your eyes and makes things look different than they really are. It’s like a magical illusion that can turn ordinary scenes into something extraordinary and mind-bending. You can use any camera to create these amazing pictures!

How Does it Work?

Forced perspective is all about playing with the sizes and distances of objects in a photo. By cleverly positioning things and using different angles, you can make objects appear bigger, smaller, closer, or farther away than they actually are. It’s like creating your own optical illusions!

How to Do Forced Perspective Photography

Find a Cool Place: Look for locations with interesting objects that you can use in your photo. Things that are different sizes or have unique shapes work best.

Pick Your Main Subject: Decide on the main thing you want to focus on in your photo. It can be a person, a building, or even an everyday object. The size and position of this subject will affect the illusion.

Place Everything Just Right: Think about where to put the other objects in your photo. Moving them closer or farther away from your main subject can change how they appear in the picture.

Use Depth of Field: Play around with the settings on your camera, especially the aperture. A higher f-number will make more things in the photo look sharp and in focus. This helps make the illusion even more convincing.

Try a Wide-Angle Lens: Using a wide-angle lens can make the distances between objects seem bigger. This makes the forced perspective effect stronger and more exciting.

Get Creative with Angles: Experiment with different angles and viewpoints to make your photo look just right. Try shooting from low to make things seem bigger or from high to make them look smaller. Move around and have fun finding the perfect angle!

Add Some Foreground Magic: Include things in the front of your photo to make it look more 3D and amazing. These can be rocks, plants, or anything else that adds depth and makes the illusion stronger.

Light it Up: Good lighting is important for any photo. Think about how light affects the objects in your picture. It can make them look more dimensional and create shadows that add to the illusion. Play with different lighting sources to make your photo even more awesome!

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Image by Felicity Svensson (iPhotography Student)
Image by Felicity Svensson (iPhotography Student)

Tips and Ideas

Have fun with the sizes and positions of objects to create funny or unreal effects. You can make something tiny look gigantic by placing it close to the camera.

Try using toys or miniatures to make whimsical scenes with forced perspective. Make your photo even more eye-catching by using symmetry and patterns.

Mix forced perspective with other techniques, like long exposure or HDR, to make your pictures extra special.

Look for inspiration in movies, art, or other photographers’ work. It can give you awesome ideas and spark your imagination!

Fun forced perspective shot of young tourists at Uyuni Salt Flats (Spanish: Salar de Uyuni ) in Bolivia, South America.

Forced Perspective Photography: Summary

Forced perspective photography is like a magic trick for your camera. You can turn ordinary things into mind-blowing illusions!

Just remember to find interesting locations, play with angles and lighting, and let your creativity soar. Get out there, take incredible photos, and amaze everyone with your forced perspective skills!


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