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a camera taking a photo of a small bird

Best Cameras for Wildlife Photography

Choosing the right camera for wildlife photography is crucial. See our TOP 5 picks of the best digital cameras for taking photos of animals

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Image by Simon Tamasa (iPhotography Student)

How to Photograph Foxes

Discover how to photograph foxes in their natural habitat. Tips about camera settings, composition and conversation to protect our wildlife.

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Image by Jo Kayaks (iPhotography Student)

How to Photograph Birds in Flight

Everything a beginner photographer needs to know to photograph a bird in flight. Camera settings, composition and what could go wrong.

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10 Nature Photography Tips by iPhotography.com

Nature Photography Tutorial

This nature photography tutorial is packed with ideas about lighting, composition and camera settings for taking brilliant photos of nature.

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Nature Photography Tips Photography crouched in woodland river in a blue jacket

10 Nature Photography Tips

If you love the outdoors we’ve got 10 Nature Photography Tips for you to improve your outdoor, woodland and landscape photographs.

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Low Key Dog Photography

Follow Janine as she creates beautiful low key dog portraits that you can create too. This step by step guide for beginners is great for pet lovers. Read…

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Wildlife Photography Tips

8 Wildlife Photography Tips for Beginners

Check out these essential 8 Wildlife Photography tips for beginners to take better shots of birds, cats, dogs or other animals.

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Online Photography Classes by iPhotography.com

Photography Classes – Choose a Course to Start TODAY!

iPhotography specialises in photography classes. CHOOSE from our 18 photo & editing courses to start. Discover our FREE Photography Course!

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Photography School

Photography School: What’s in the iPhotography Course

Learn Camera Skills, Exposure Triangle, Composition and More at Your Own Pace. Course Diploma for Beginners. Join our Photography School!

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photographing garden animals by Rachel Sinclair Copyright 2021

How to Photograph Garden Animals

Don’t struggle to get photographs of garden animals and wildlife. Butterflies, insects, birds – We’ve got tips & ideas from spring to winter!

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