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What is the Golden Ratio?

The golden ratio, is a mathematical concept can be used to create beautiful photographs following aesthetic proportions. Find out more here.

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iPhone Photography Tutorial 11

iPhone Photography Tutorial

Learn how to maximise your phone camera with all these top tips in our iPhone photography tutorial – complete guide to photography

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landscape photography tutorial windermere from Loughrigg Fell by Chris Sale

5 Steps to Success as a Landscape Photographer

UK Pro landscape photographer Chris Sale reveals his 5 steps to success in this landscape photography tutorial for amateurs and beginners.

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What Makes a Good Photo 5 Tips by

What Makes a ‘Good’ Photo?

Do you know what the 5 steps for taking a good photo are? Find out with this beginners guide to taking photographs.

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minimalist photo iphotography rule of thirds example

Tips for Minimalist Photography

We’ve got tonnes of amazing tips on how to capture a beautiful minimalist photo. From what to shoot and how to shoot it, we’ve covered it all!

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How to Think Outside the Box as a Photographer by

How to Think Outside the Box

Use these TOP 10 TIPS for creative thinking. Look through your viewfinder at everything differently; angles, perspectives, crops and colours!

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Woodland Photography Tips 1

Woodland Photography Tips

TOP TIPS for woodland and forest photography – perfect to improve your creativity. Fantastic guide for amazing shots of the great outdoors!

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Landscape Photography Tutorial by

The Rule Of Thirds in Photography

The rule of thirds is probably the first “rule” a new photographer will come across. So what is the rule & how do we use it?

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Framing Photography Tips by

Framing: Tips for Better Compositions

Improve your photography quickly and creatively with this powerful and underused framing technique. The perfect guide for new photographers.

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Landscape Photography Complete Tutorial

Learn everything you need to start taking breathtaking landscape photography. Equipment Tips, Camera Settings & Compositional Ideas!

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