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Understanding Focal Length and Choosing the Right Lens

Unlock the secrets of focal length and lens selection for amazing photography. Discover tips and tricks for capturing your best shots.

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Some beautiful flowers growing during the early spring in the Netherlands, taken with a fisheye lens with intentional barrel distortion.

What is Lens Barrel Distortion?

Lens barrel distortion is a common optical aberration that affects the shape of a photo captured by a camera lens. Read the full guide here

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closeup ND filters attached on lens, Photography equipment

Best ND Lens Filters

Discover the best ND lens filters to elevate your photography to new heights. Explore features and benefits of neutral density lens filters

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A man talking a photo from the Walkie Talkie Building in London looking at the Shard

The Art of Photographing Through Glass

Let me show you the art of photographing through glass by using this one perfect lens accessory that will make everything easy!

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What are Macro Lens Filters

What are Macro Lens Filters?

Macro lens filters are a low-budget option for beginner photographers wanting to capture close-up photos without breaking the bank.

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Where Should You Focus in a Photo by iPhotography.com

Where Should You Focus in a Photo?

Where you should focus in a photo depends on the shot. Different styles require different approaches to how and where you need to focus.

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Kota Syahbandar, Melaka - June 26, 2019 : Taking a photo of a model with Encore Melaka building as the background with a smartphone camera.

Digital Zoom v Optical Zoom

It’s worth knowing the pros and cons to using digital zoom v optical zoom to capture the best image quality for your photography.

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What Lenses do Beginner Photographers Need by iPhotography.com

What Lenses Do Beginner Photographers Need?

ANSWERED for beginners – what is the best lens to use a photographer? Discover what lenses do beginner photographers actually need.

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Photography for Beginners 1

Photography for Beginners (The Complete Guide)

Answers to the 12 MOST IMPORTANT questions for Beginner Photographers. Photography for Beginners explains focus, camera buttons & more!

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Chromatic Aberration Photography Tips by iPhotography.com

What Is Chromatic Aberration?

Struggling to make your pictures and colours pin-sharp using a kit or entry-level lens? Chromatic aberration may be at fault. Find out how to get rid of it.

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