The Art of Photographing Through Glass

Image: Do you get photos like this when shooting through glass? Let me show you how to fix it

Taking pictures through glass can be super fun, but it also comes with some challenges. Don’t worry, though! We have some awesome tips and cool ideas to help you become a pro at photographing through glass.

How to Get Rid of Reflections in Photos

Reflections can be a big problem when shooting through glass. Here are some simple tricks to minimize or even get rid of those pesky reflections:


  • Find the right angle: Move around and try different angles to find the best spot where you see fewer reflections. Sometimes shooting from the side can help.


  • Get close to the glass: If you put your camera as close to the glass as possible without touching it, you can reduce reflections and make your images sharper.


  • Use a lens hood: A lens hood is a handy tool that blocks unwanted light and reflections. You can also use your hand to shade the lens and get rid of glare.


  • Try a polarising filter: This special filter can help reduce reflections and make colours more vibrant. Give it a twist until you see the effect you like.

Cool Accessories for Shooting Through Glass

Besides using the right techniques, using some cool accessories can make your photos even better:

Keep it clean: Use a special cloth and cleaning solution to keep your camera lens and the glass clean. This way, you won’t have any smudges ruining your shots.

Block out reflections: Attach a black card or cloth to the glass around your subject. This helps create a dark background and prevents reflections from other things around. You can also get a rubber lens collar which attaches to the front of your camera. Use this to push the camera closer to a glass surface without scratching the glass and cutting down on reflections.

Use a lens skirt or cone: These accessories fit snugly around your lens and create a seal against the glass, so no reflections get in the way. They’re perfect for places like aquariums or museums.

Get a tripod: Using a tripod keeps your camera steady and helps you take steady shots. It’s also great because you won’t accidentally touch the glass and create reflections. Look for a sturdy tripod that suits your needs.

Image: Rubber lens hood collar for reducing reflections when shooting through glass
Image: Rubber lens hood collar for reducing reflections when shooting through glass
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Common Problems of Shooting Through Glass

Sometimes you might face some challenges, but we have solutions for those too:

Scratches and smudges: Glass surfaces can have scratches and smudges that affect your photos. Clean the glass and use special tools to remove any imperfections. You can also fix them later with editing software.

Distortion and weird colours: Some glass can make your photos look distorted or have strange colours. Shoot in RAW format and use editing software to fix those issues.

Low light situations: Shooting through glass can make it darker. You can increase the ISO, open up the aperture, or use a tripod to keep your camera steady. You can also use extra lights to brighten up the scene.

Trouble with autofocus: Sometimes, autofocus can get confused by the glass. Switch to manual focus mode and focus on your subject yourself. Zooming in and using focus peaking can also help you get sharp photos.

Through Glass (without collar)Through Glass (with collar)

Unleash Your Creativity!

Now for the fun part! Here are some cool ideas to make your glass photos even more amazing:

Play with reflections: Instead of avoiding them, use reflections creatively. Capture reflections of people, objects, or scenes to add an artistic touch to your photos. Try different angles and perspectives for cool effects.

Explore textures: Glass can create interesting textures and distortions. Get up close and photograph the patterns and colours created by the glass itself. You can use a shallow depth of field to focus on specific textures and make abstract images.

Frame your subject: Use windows, glass doors, or any transparent surface to frame your subject. This adds depth and makes your photos more interesting. Try different framing options for unique and captivating shots.

Experiment with light refraction: Shoot through prisms or glass objects to create cool rainbow effects or flares. Try different shapes, angles, and light sources for unique results. This technique adds a dreamy and magical touch to your images.

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Shooting Through Glass: Summary

Photographing through glass is a blend of skills, creativity, and having the right tools. By following these tips, trying out different techniques, and practicing, you’ll capture stunning photos that will amaze everyone.

So go out there, have fun, and let your creativity shine through the glass!


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