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Boudoir Photography Posing Tips for Men and Women

Whether you are photographing women or men, understanding how to direct poses can make your boudoir sessions more effective and evocative.

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How to Photograph Strangers

Tips on how to photograph strangers, as well as how to prepare yourself, mentally, as a photographer for rejection and success.

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Cecil Beaton (1904-80) - Queen Elizabeth II (b.1926) on her Coronation Day

The History of Royal Family Portrait Photographs

Discover the history and evolution of royal family photography and learn about portraits that have made a lasting impact on British culture.

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Image Copyright Patrick Zaidan (iPhotography Student)

What is Bodyscape Photography?

Bodyscape photography focuses on capturing the human body as a form of art. Discover how to take amazing bodyscapes in this beginners guide.

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Best Way to Learn Photography iPhotography Roadmap

The Best Way to Learn Photography

What is the best course to take? Check out our photography and photo editing course roadmap to discover the best way to learn photography

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Valentines Day Photography for Couples by iPhotography.com

Valentine’s Day Photography Tips

Surprise your significant other with some romantic valentine’s day photographs. We’ll reveal all in our 18+ NSFW but elegant, photo guide.

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Female Portrait Photography Chair Poses

Female Photoshoot Poses: 10 Tips for Beginners

Struggling to know how to pose your model? We’ve got 10 tips for posing, lighting and editing female portrait photography shoots. Read…

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Low Key Dog Photography

Follow Janine as she creates beautiful low key dog portraits that you can create too. This step by step guide for beginners is great for pet lovers. Read…

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Glamour Photography Tutorial

Glamour Photography Tutorial

Discover 18 Incredible Glamour Photography Poses, Tips & Tutorials for beginner photographers. Master lighting, camera settings and building a home studio.

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Newborn Photography Tutorial

Newborn Photography Tips for Beginners

Perfect newborn photography tutorial with tips on lighting, best camera & lenses, props, how to set up a studio and promoting your business.

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