The Best Way to Learn Photography

There feels like a million ways to learn to photography – ask a friend, watch a YouTube video, read a book, read the camera manual, watch other people do it – but what is the best way to learn photography if you’re a beginner?

Would it be crass to say, ‘start an online photography course?’ Probably. But either way, as the most trusted online photography school iPhotography has a huge range of photography courses for you to begin your photo-adventure.

But where should you start? Which is the best photography course to take? I’ll lay out our simple iPhotography study map for the best way to learn photography online with us.

The Best Way to Learn Photography Online

iPhotography have two simple roadmaps to show you the best way to learn photography and photo editing with us. Using these pathways we can help you master photography in a gradual and non-confusing way.

Some photography courses pile too much information on you too early and terms such as bracketing, chromatic aberration and mirror lock up make a beginner photography totally overwhelmed.

Best Way to Learn Photography iPhotography Roadmap

The Best Way to Learn Photo Editing Online

Best Way to Learn Editing iPhotography Roadmap

Which is the Best Photography Course for Beginners?

Start off with our free 30 day photography course and get bite sized video tutorials every day. Packed with quick and simple explanations to some of photography’s important foundations.

When you’ve ready to progress pick our iPhotography Course, our most popular course for learning the A-Z of how to use a camera. This 18 module course is an immersive learning experience with articles, videos, podcasts and downloadable sheets to discover more about photography.

Note: If you’re not ready to make the jump to our iPhotography Course, we have a budget-friendly prep course ‘Introduction to Photography’ featuring the best bits from some of our larger courses.

Specialist Online Photography Courses

By the time you’ve completed the iPhotography Course you’ll have a better idea of which type of photography you’d like to explore further. It’s time to focus your photography into a specialist area and start to develop your style.

We have six specialist photography courses to choose from;


Each of these specialist online photography courses will help you get to grips with shooting for a certain subject matter. You’ll learn more about the exact equipment you’ll need, what to expect from the conditions and how to take your photos to the next level with perfect photo editing tutorials.*

*not included in Home Projects courses

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Download our Latest FREE Photography Book

It’s through our specialist courses that you’ll develop your passion for photography and find your feet with a certain subject. Many amateur photographers take numerous specialist courses to see what they enjoy the most before settling on one – and some never settle because they like to shoot everything!

And if you’ve finally decided to make money from your incredible photography then consider our masterclass courses.

Our wedding photography masterclass is the most unique online photography experience.

We simulated an entire wedding experience to show you the true role of a photographer and fully explained what to do at each point throughout the day. No other online course has gone to such a length in wedding photography to give you the most accurate experience of shooting live.

But if wedding photography isn’t on your radar but you’d still like to make money from your camera skills check out our photography business masterclass.

Presented by three professional photographers who run their own successful photo brands, we pooled together the best planning, marketing, sales, automation, admin, clientele and branding tools to make sure you know what makes a great photography business as well as how to sustain and grow it.

Running your own photography business is the peak of the photography career ladder, but it doesn’t mean your learning has to stop there.

Continual Online Photography Training

If you want to be constantly immersed in different areas photography to stay creative, motivated and exploring then iPhotography hosts a premium online community called iPhotography PLUS.

iPhotography PLUS is an upgrade to your standard course account and works great alongside any of our courses no matter what level you’re at. Instead of a single one-off payment (like our courses), iPhotography PLUS is a monthly/annual subscription which gives you access to wider training;

  • Monthly SkillTrack™ lessons (exclusive interactive photography course)
  • Extra feedback from pro tutors in our photo gallery
  • Fortnightly photography critique videos
  • Photo competitions with prizes
  • Live streams
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • Webinars & group talks


iPhotography PLUS is a supportive photo club which allows members to network, interact and discuss ideas on a range of photo topics. You’ll make friends with other shooters across the world and find joy in photography every day.

Course vs Plus

How to Learn Photography Offline

Some photographers say there’s no better way to learn photography than to actually do it – and they’re right. Once you’ve got the understanding of how to use your camera it’s time to meet iPhotography out in the real world.

We offer photo walks and workshops for photographers across the world. Being UK based most of our events are in Great Britain but check out this page to find out where our next photo walks and workshops are going to be.

You don’t need to be an iPhotography course member to join any of our walks or workshops. It’s a chance to meet amateur and professional photographers talk about camera gear and get tips on how to improve your photography out in the field.

iPhotography Flip Cards in Presentation Box with Lanyard and Storage Pouch

Photography Gifts, Products and Books

Everyone learns differently – some of us prefer to read, some like to watch and others learn through doing. Whichever type of learner you are we also have unique photography products to continue your training away from your course.

Our Flip Cards are the perfect field companion to remind you of those important camera settings and creative ideas. The 30 weatherproof cheat cards make photography fun, accessible and stimulating when you’re stuck for an idea on what to shoot.

Otherwise, get your hands on our Challenge Box – the perfect gift for a beginner photographer looking for inspiration. Packed with creative games, tasks and challenges to make them think differently about the world through their camera.

If you’re a bit of a reader our Wellbeing for Photographers book is an innovative look at the mind of a photographer and the issues that might be holding you back from reaching your true potential. Backed up by our ebooks we’ve got a little library of literature to make sure everyone finds the best way to learn photography for themselves.


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