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Guide to the Best Godox Off-Camera Flashes for Photography

The ULTIMATE GUIDE to the best Godox off-camera flashes for professional photography to elevate your shots with quality lighting products.

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Using Strobe Flash Heads for Photographers

Beginners guide to using strobe flash heads. I’ll walk you through the common buttons and dials & how to connect to your camera.

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How to Create a Home Photography Studio by

How to Create a Home Photography Studio

How to create a home photography studio; What camera and lighting equipment you’ll need and how to do it on a budget.

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Glossary of Photography Lighting Terms by

Glossary of Photography Lighting Terms

Unlock this massive list of photography lighting terms, tools and techniques to feel confident going forward as a beginner photographer.

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What is a Photography Workflow 5

What is a Photography Workflow?

Having a photography workflow allows you to be faster and more accurate in capturing great images time and time again.

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Why Photographers Need a Tripod by iPhotography

Why Photographers Need a Tripod

With lots of choices and brands, picking the best tripod is important. If you’re a first-time buyer, read this guide to choose the right one.

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Newborn Photography Tutorial

Newborn Photography Tips for Beginners

Perfect newborn photography tutorial with tips on lighting, best camera & lenses, props, how to set up a studio and promoting your business.

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One Light Photography Tutorial

One Light Photography Tutorial

10 PRO ways to light your portrait in this one light photography tutorial. Narrow, Rembrandt, Split, Butterfly, Clamshell and more…

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Dramatic Lighting Photography Tutorial

Discover the secrets in this dramatic lighting photography tutorial of how to enhance your landscapes and portraits for incredible shots!

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Natural Light Photography Tutorial from iPhotography

Natural Light Photography Tutorial

In this natural light photography tutorial, we’ll explain hard/soft light, colour temperature & how to use them all as an amateur photographer.

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