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Central Park Photography Tips

I’ve got some great tips on Central Park photography and how to make the most of this incredible space if you ever find yourself in New York.

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Image by Jo Kayaks (iPhotography Student)

How to Photograph Birds in Flight

Everything a beginner photographer needs to know to photograph a bird in flight. Camera settings, composition and what could go wrong.

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How to Photograph Songbirds for Beginner

Check out our beginners guide on how to photograph songbirds. Packed with camera settings, best lenses, and how to stay in focus.

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Bird photography tips 2 Heron

10 Bird Photography Tips

Use these 10 practical tips to improve your bird photography. Discover these professional secrets to use in your garden or in the wild!

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Wildlife Photography Tips

8 Wildlife Photography Tips for Beginners

Check out these essential 8 Wildlife Photography tips for beginners to take better shots of birds, cats, dogs or other animals.

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Free Cheat Sheets -10 FREE Photography Guides

Download these 10 free cheat sheets to improve your photography today – everything from basic camera dial settings to lighting setups & more.

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Photographing Garden Birds (LIVE Webinar)

Follow Professional Wildlife Photographer Rachel Sinclair in this iPhotography guide as she gives AMAZING tips for photographing garden birds!

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7 Bird Hide Photography Tips

Discover these 7 quick tips for bird hide photography by, Rachel Sinclair, pro wildlife photographer and safari specialist

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wildlife photography webinar Rachel Sinclair

Wildlife Photography Course: What You Need to Know

Want wildlife shots that are always in focus? Introducing our Wildlife Photography Course covering everything from bugs to safari

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10 Tips for Photographing Squirrels by

Photographing Squirrels

Learn 6 tricks to bring Squirrels to your garden and 10 wonderful ways you can photograph them in a guide to photographing Squirrels.

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