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10 FREE Photography Guides

Who doesn’t love something for free?! We’ve got 10 FREE cheat sheets for photographers to download.

Whether you’re looking for more help to understand your camera dial and what all those different settings do or what shutter speed is best for your shot then we’ve got you covered.

Have a browse through all the free cheat sheets below and download the ones you want!

1. Understanding Your Camera Dial

It’s forgivable for anybody to forget what all those settings on your camera dial mean.

We thought it was important to explain in this free cheat sheet what each function is so you can break out of AUTO mode.

Discover what aperture priority, program, night scene and manual modes mean to your photography and where’s best to begin.

Photography Cheat Sheets 1

2. Quick Tips for Pet Portraits

Nearly half of the world’s households have a pet of some sort.

If you’re one of those people who loves to snuggle up with your cat or go for a walk with man’s best friend, then read these quick tricks. 

This free cheat sheet will set you up for taking amazing portraits of your fluffiest family member.

pet photography blog dog action shot 1
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Join the iPhotography course

3. 10 Top Tips for Bird Photography

There are so many passionate bird photographers out there trying their best to capture pin-sharp avian portraits.

We’ve created a guide of the top 10 tips that you’ll need to know so you don’t get in a flap!

Bird photography tips 3

4. Creating a Prop Box

If you enjoy your home projects photography then make yourself a prop box!

If you sometimes find yourself at a loose end at the weekend and need a way of inspiring yourself with some creative photographs download this free cheat sheet. 

We’ve compiled a list of objects that can be used multiple ways over and over to create unique and eye-catching photos.

4. photography props CD

5. A Guide to Shutter Speed

Picking the right shutter speed for the subject you’re photographing may seem like a ‘hit and hope’ approach sometimes. 

But we’ve taken the guesswork out of it with this free cheat sheet and compiled a list of actions, situations and subjects along with the ideal shutter speed to start off on.

shutter speed red trail light trailing through a countryside road at night free cheat sheets

6. What is a Crop Factor?

If your camera doesn’t have a full-frame sensor then chances are it’s a cropped sensor. This ‘cropping’ has an effect on what you see through the viewfinder in comparison to what you’d see just looking through the back of the lens. 

Different sensor sizes and even some brands differ in their crop factor which means the focal length you think you’re using may not actually be correct!

Download this free cheat sheet to crop factors to understand what’s going on.

free cheat sheets

7. Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts in photo editing will save you time and stress believe us! Keyboard shortcuts wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t an improvement. 

This is why we’ve got a beautifully simple free cheat sheet for you to download to help you access all the major tools in Photoshop with the press of a button (or two).

We’ve got separate cheat sheets designed for Windows and Mac keyboards.

Photoshop 1

8. Portrait Lighting Diagrams

Front, Back, Side and Rim lighting may sound very easy to set up but it still doesn’t hurt to offer some assistance to any new photographers joining our iPhotography courses.

Download this little cheat sheet companion to give you a better understanding between the light, subject and your camera.

profile creative angles portrait free cheat sheets

9. The 500 Rule Cheat Sheet

When you’re photographing stars at night and you’re trying to keep that twinkle nice and sharp you’ll need to make sure you’re using the 500 Rule.

Download our handy cheat sheet to help you calculate your maximum shutter speed.

free cheat sheets

10. Flash Guide Cheat Sheet

Guide Numbers are crucial to understanding whenever you turn on your flash. You need to know if your flash is powerful enough to expose correctly.

Download our Guide Number chart to help you understand the relationship between your flash and its maximum reach.

profile creative angles portrait free cheat sheets

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