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5 Photography Marketing Ideas to Get More Clients

5 PhotoFebruary 3, 2018 in Bangkok Thailand. Creative or producer planning about his upload video to youtube and Editing vlog of his on laptop and camera for create viral clip.graphy Marketing Idea to Get More Clients by iPhotography.com

Running your own photography business will have its ups and downs – fingers crossed more of the ups! But if you’re looking for photography marketing ideas to increase your followers and customers then listen up.

I’ve prepared 5 photography marketing ideas to get more clients. While not all these ideas may be suitable for your photography business, it should at least spark inspiration for ways to boost your revenue.

Whether you’re a photography teacher or a commercial shooter check out the ideas below to fill you with motivation to shake up your photography business.

1. Host a Free Webinar

Webinars are one of the fastest-growing forms of content marketing in the online world. You could be demonstrating your work in a presentation style for potential clients or reaching out to photographers to attend your workshop – either way, webinars are useful for this.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot either. Using Google Slides you can create a presentation for free. Make sure you add opportunities to talk about your products and services. If you’re live-streaming your webinar combine it with a special offer for viewers to make sure they don’t miss the event.

If you’re an iPhotography member, check out our webinars.

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2. Make a Brand Video

Telling everyone about yourself on your websites ‘about’ has passed its sell-by-date a long time ago. Instead, make yourself a photography branding video with the help of an AI video editor.

A good branding video allows you to express your personality easier than trying to convey it over text. Tell the world about yourself; what your business is about, how you approach it, what you can do for your clients and why you’re different.

People consume information much faster through visuals (videos, photos) than text, but attention spans don’t last forever. Keep the video under 4 minutes, and even make a shorter version (cropped 9:16 vertical) for Instagram reels and TikTok to be mobile-friendly.

Get your photography branding video on your home page, social media and embedded into your welcome emails to new clients.

Check out iPhotography’s branding video below.

iCAMERA photography book cover advert

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3. Create an eBook

Giving value (for free) on the internet is a great photography marketing idea to stand out from your competitors. Many photographers charge for their knowledge and skills (and rightly so) but giving something back to your followers can pay dividends.

If you’re a portrait photographer create a simple book of your favourite poses to give away, or sell for a small fee online for example. If you’ve been a photographer for a long time, maybe you could share some of your favourite photos and the stories behind them in a newsletter or eBook that your followers could purchase.

You can create eBooks online with Adobe Acrobat, Canva and FlippingBook.

4. Design Packages and Bundles

Marketing your products and services as a photographer effectively can increase revenue with very little extra work. If you’re a commercial photographer selling prints for example why not create packages for clients to purchase.

Packages could include a discounted photoshoot and money off prints when it comes to their viewing. Make sure you’re not doing this at a loss and that it demonstrates value for money to the customer.

For a wedding photographer marketing idea consider offering a complementary engagement shoot before the wedding. Not only can you increase the overall price but it also gives you a chance to meet your clients in advance so you can build a relationship ahead of the big day.

Always be aware of your production costs and time when designing any bundles or offers. Think about the best-case scenario that it’s very popular – could you still handle it and get everything done in time?

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5. Run a Competition for Followers

Finally, everyone loves a competition, so why not run one for your online followers? Marketing doesn’t always mean increasing revenue and customers but also solidifying the fans you already have.

Offering something for free to your Instagram or Facebook followers is a great way to make people stick around and continue their connection with you. Consider giving away a print or free photoshoot to one lucky person.

Make sure you get something back out of it though. You’ll probably have seen other competitions where accounts or posts need to be shared to enter – this is a photography marketing idea to ensure your name is spread about and hopefully grow your follower count too.

If you’re giving away a free photoshoot make sure you document the session (through reels and stories) to show that it was genuine and worthwhile entering for next time.

5 Photography Marketing Idea to Get More Clients by iPhotography.com

5 Photography Marketing Ideas: Final Words

In summary, however you market your photography business make sure that it benefits you. There’s no point giving things away from free if you don’t get anything back from it. Try these ideas and I hope it goes well!

Bookmark and save this article about photography marketing ideas so you can find it again in the future. If you’ve got any other questions about photography chances are you’ll find the answers in our other articles and tutorials below.


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