November 30, 2022

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Understanding your Audience as a Photographer by

Understanding your Audience as a Photographer

Discover how to take photos that are engaging, emotionally connecting and interesting for the purposes of social media and a photo business.

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Where Should You Focus in a Photo by

Where Should You Focus in a Photo?

Where you should focus in a photo depends on the shot. Different styles require different approaches to how and where you need to focus.

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Global v Local Editing What's the Difference by

Global v Local Editing: What’s the Difference?

What does global and local editing mean? Which should you use and when? I’ll share all that information in this article for photographers.

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Full Frame v Cropped Sensor Digital Cameras

When it comes to purchasing a digital camera it isn’t all about megapixels. The size of your digital sensor has a impact on overall quality.

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Figure to Ground Theory for Photographers by

Figure to Ground Theory for Photographers

Figure to ground theory is a way of effectively isolating your subject through contrast to make storytelling bold, dramatic and instant.

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5 PhotoFebruary 3, 2018 in Bangkok Thailand. Creative or producer planning about his upload video to youtube and Editing vlog of his on laptop and camera for create viral clip.graphy Marketing Idea to Get More Clients by

5 Photography Marketing Ideas to Get More Clients

5 photography marketing ideas to get more clients. No matter your experience check out these ideas to shake up your photography business.

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How to Create a Home Photography Studio by

How to Create a Home Photography Studio

How to create a home photography studio; What camera and lighting equipment you’ll need and how to do it on a budget.

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Top Web Tools for Photography Businesses by

10 Top Web Tools for Photography Businesses

To make your photo business run fast & smooth we’ve got a list of 10 top web tools for photography businesses that you need to check out.

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Professional Photography. Blogger Woman With Camera Taking Photos Of Makeup And Skincare Products Standing Near Desk At Home. Beauty Blogging Career Concept

5 Small Photography Business Ideas to Try

5 small photography business ideas to achieve that dream of calling yourself a pro photographer. Discover how to make money with your camera.

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African american photographer man working at photography studio very happy and excited doing winner gesture with arms raised, smiling and screaming for success. celebration concept.

How to Avoid Your Photography Business Failing

Read these 5 top tips to help avoid your photography business failing. Swerve the mistakes others have made and make your business a success!

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