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How to Use a Histogram for Photographers by iPhotography.com

How to Use a Histogram

Improve the look of your photos by understanding and using your histogram. This beginners guide will unlock the secrets to a perfect picture!

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HDR Photography Tutorial by iPhotography.com

HDR Photography

A great guide for landscape photographers! Get practical camera and editing tips. Learn how to improve your shots with HDR Photography.

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Sunset Photography Tips by iPhotography.com

Exposure Compensation

Get all the answers to improving your photos in tricky conditions by mastering the exposure compensation dial in this guide for beginners.

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sky replacement

Replacing a Sky in Photoshop

Always getting bland, dull, vanilla skies? Hype it up with our sky replacement tutorial in Photoshop. 5 simple steps to transform any photo you’ve taken!

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how to get the best exposure sunset beach pier iPhotography

How to Get the Best Exposure

Get the best exposure in photography, use the right exposure modes, master HDR and what bracketing does to your photo’s dynamic range.

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Photography Jargon Buster A-Z by iPhotography.com

Photography Jargon Buster: The Beginner’s A-Z

aperture, composition, DoF, dynamic range, sensors, ISO? Find out what they mean in our A-Z jargon-busting guide for new photographers.

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photography for beginners 12

What Camera Is Best? 10 Top Features

When buying your next camera, consider these ESSENTIAL features to make your upgrade the perfect choice. IBIS, Sensor Choice, Dynamic Range & MORE! READ…

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