Wellbeing for Photographers Book

As photographers we all suffer dips in confidence, self-esteem and creativity from time to time. This is why we wrote, amongst other reasons, an amazing (and unique) book to battle negative thoughts and improve your mental health as a photographer.

Introducing iPhotography’s ‘Wellbeing for Photographers’ – all about how to find a space for positive wellbeing in your photography experiences.

Whether you are a beginner, a keen hobbyist or a seasoned professional, the state of your mental wellbeing is just as important as all the camera settings you use to capture those incredible shots.

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What is Wellbeing for Photographers Book About?

Our Wellbeing for Photographers book has been written as a creative outlet for photographers to find taking photos fun, relaxing and stress-free. Throughout this book you’ll find advice and tips to the following topics:

  • How to overcome anxiety around photography
  • Dealing with criticism and negative thoughts
  • Ways of tackling low confidence
  • Finding motivation and inspiration
  • How to create a positive atmosphere in your photography


In the book, you’ll also discover other ways to improve your experiences in photography. Not only do we identify what an issue (or a gremlin as we like to call them) looks like, but we also give you suggestions on how to overcome them through step-by-step practical tasks to challenge yourself with.

Engagement is key throughout these tasks. You will get out of it what you put in, so it’s important that you.

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Why Is This Book Important?

To truly appreciate how this book will help you become a better photographer, there are some home truths we all need to accept…

  • Every photographer gets creative blocks.
  • Every photographer suffers from self-doubt and a lack of confidence.
  • Every photographer combats imposter syndrome.
  • Every photographer over thinks.
  • Every photographer forgets something.
  • Every photographer gets settings wrong.
  • Every photographer is jealous of another.


In the book, we’ll help you identify negative feelings you may be experiencing and how they may be directly affecting your photography.

You’ll learn to recognise the hallmarks of these worries, where they may come from, and how we can recognise early signs of poor wellbeing as a photographer.

But it’s not just enough to recognise a problem. Instead, we’ll guide you through a series of easy-to-follow tasks that can help challenge any negative feelings you may be experiencing about photography.

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How Will This Book Help Me with Photography?

In all honesty, we cannot guarantee anything other than advice and practical steps to overcome these ‘gremlins’. The hard work though, as with any goal, must come from you.

Wellbeing for Photographers offers a wealth of guidelines, exercises, meditation techniques and suggested routines to help steer your photography goals in the right direction.

You’ll be guided through how to take the necessary steps to focus on your ambitions, attempt our suggested exercises, and make positive changes to your photographic pursuit.

It may not be a big change that you’re looking for, it could be something as small as taking more pictures every week or experimenting with new types of shots.

But you may also be setting your sights on larger goals such as starting paid work, taking someone’s portrait or entering a photo contest.


Here are the chapters included in iPhotography’s Wellbeing for Photographers book;

Chapter 1. Identifying Negative Thoughts

Chapter 2. Improving your Confidence

Chapter 3. Dealing with Criticism

Chapter 4. Imposter Syndrome

Chapter 5. Finding Motivation and Inspiration

Chapter 6. Valuing your Experience

Chapter 7. Make a Habit of Happiness

Chapter 8. Beating Negative Phrases

Chapter 9. Positive Exercises

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15 Photography Worksheets Included

This book includes a host of extra activities and exercise sheets to help improve your wellbeing. Having easy-to-follow tasks makes developing a positive mindset around photography really fun and practical.

From a full breakdown of what your camera dial modes do, a flow chart to identify which ‘gremlins’ might be holding you back, the ‘magic bag’ challenge as well as a ‘happy list’. You’ll discover all the purposes of these worksheets during the book.

Wellbeing Book Inserts

Support a Mental Health Charity with this Book

£1 from every book sale goes directly to our friends at the UK charity Arts & Minds to continue their support of wellbeing through the creative arts.

Arts and Minds, a small but mighty charity, uses the arts to empower people living with mental health challenges and neurological conditions to thrive in their communities.

They have introduced hundreds of people across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough in the UK to the mental health benefits of the arts, supported their journeys of artistic discovery and provided them with important opportunities for socialising with others.

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Get Your Copy Wellbeing for Photographers

Use the button below to get your hands on a copy of iPhotography’s Wellbeing for Photographers book. I’d love to know what you think about the book when you’ve read it. Drop me a review and send me a shot when it arrives!


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