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Duke of Edinburgh Award Photography Course

The Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE) is an opportunity for young people to explore their creative potential using a camera. iPhotography offers a number of online courses fully approved by the DofE scheme for participants working towards their Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

Online Courses for Duke of Edinburgh Award

iPhotography currently has four courses approved for the Duke of Edinburgh Award’s skill sections.

Our online photography and editing courses not only teach you how to use a digital camera, set it up and frame a shot in an easy-to-follow format, but we also show you how to use these skills to develop your own individual style as a photographer.

Some courses are loaded with fun interactive quizzes and educational tests to help you keep all the information where you need it most. It’s through these tests that you’ll be given a final grading when you complete the course.

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How Good are iPhotography Courses?

We are one the longest-standing online photography training platforms, which gives us a huge wealth of experience and understanding for teaching you photography.

Since 2012 we’ve helped train over 100,000 aspiring photographers, like you, to take better photos and become more confident when using a camera.

Read our TrustPilot, Facebook and Google reviews if you want to know what other members think of our courses.

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Why Study with iPhotography

There are many online companies who offer photography courses, but we believe our service is unique, because we’re active photographers ourselves.

The tutors who look after iPhotography are all working professionals. We know the problems, hurdles and pitfalls to watch out and we’re eager to help you improve. We’ll always be on hand to answer questions with practical and actionable answers.

Alongside some of Duke of Edinburgh Award approved courses we offer optional assignments for you to attempt. These assignments are reviewed and responded to by your course assessor. We’ll give you advice on what you’re doing well and where you could make changes.

These optional assignments do not have an effect on your overall course grade but are good practice.

portrait photography assignment

Duke of Edinburgh Approved Photography Courses

iPhotography Course

(Approved for Bronze, Silver & Gold Awards)

Our flagship course – and we’d say this is the best course to take if you’re brand new to photography. This 18-module course covers everything from learning how cameras work, right through on how to edit a picture using Adobe Photoshop.

Packed with information about using a DSLR camera and mastering light, aperture, shutter speed, lenses and composition – it’s the perfect course to give your photography strong foundations.


Light Tricks Creative Photography Course

(Approved for Bronze, Silver Awards only)

If you’re bursting to get more creative with your photography then add some Light Tricks to your life. This complete unique and innovative iPhotography course you’ll be fully testing your imagination and camera skills.

Learn the best approach for making light trails, physiograms (and find out what they are too), light domes, low key, abstract shadows and so many more techniques it’d take forever to list.

With over 70 different light tricks to show you we’ll give you step-by-step guides and downloadable resources to read offline to further enhance your photos.

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Portrait Photography Course

(Approved for Bronze, Silver Awards only)

If you want to improve your family snapshots or even start your own portrait studio then here you go.

Written by an internationally published portrait photographer read about their real-life behind-the-camera stories. Discover the history of portraiture and most importantly how to take amazing photos of children, teens, adults, families and even pets!


Photoshop Photo-Editing Course

(Approved for Silver Award only)

Immerse yourself in the world of Photoshop with iPhotography’s creative digital artistry course. Work through 36 tutorials across our beginner, intermediate and advanced levels and become a master of Adobe Photoshop.

Learn about masking, compositing, complicated selections to make fun, entertaining and powerful artwork. Fully annotated and produced to show you close up adjustments and all the buttons, panels and menus in action.


Note: You can only sign up for a DofE approved photography course through this link. Registering on a different page, for a non-approved course or using a third-party voucher (Groupon/Virgin etc) as payment will mean your course isn’t assessable for DofE participation.

Luminar and Photoshop by iPhotography.com

What Will I Need to Take a Course?

A DSLR or Mirrorless camera would be most suitable to follow along with our photography courses. If you have a smartphone or compact camera you will find that some of the lessons aren’t fully compatible with such devices.

Any DSLR camera will be adequate to learn photography and try out the tutorials featured in the course. Using the standard lens that comes with a DSLR camera will be enough to help try out the techniques in the modules.

If you are considering taking our Photoshop course you will need a copy of Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud) 2017 or later to follow along to the tutorials. Versions of Photoshop earlier than 2017 or Photoshop Elements will not be 100% compatible with the course.

A subscription to Adobe Photoshop and the software is not included in this course. You will need to sign up separately with Adobe here.

How is My Course Assessed?

Your course will be assessed by an end of module/section multiple choice test.

There are 10-30 questions to answer per test and you’ll need to reach at least a 70% success rate before you can move on to the next module/section. But don’t worry, if you fail a test, you can repeat it.

All of your test scores are averaged out at the end of the course to form your final mark. This is presented on a free downloadable certificate to show that you have completed your approved course.

Once you have completed your course your iPhotography training assessor will automatically update your eDofE account to reflect your course graduation. This assessors report will also be sent to you via email for your records.

You must register for one of our approved Duke of Edinburgh photography courses through the special link where you can enter your eDofE number. Without this eDofE number we will not be able to update your eDofE account or send you an assessors report automatically.

Please contact your iPhotography course assessor if you accidentally make this error.

How Long Does a Course Take?

All our courses are self-paced, which means you can fit them in around your other activities. You’ll have your own private log in to access your course whenever you need.

We find that studying around 1 hour per week should keep you on track, depending upon your DofE Award requirements. Our approved course modules have enough content to complete the skills section of your Bronze, Silver or Gold level award, but see individual courses below for award eligibility.

The flexibility of self-paced learning teaches you to manage your time based on the requirements of your award level. It also means that if you have a busy week with exams, work or holidays then you can take a week off and make up for it when you’re free.

How Do I Register for a Course?

All Duke of Edinburgh Award participants wanting to take an iPhotography course MUST sign up via this special link below.

You will be required to enter your personal details, an active eDofE number (if you do not have one please speak to your group leader BEFORE registering) and which level of the award you are studying towards – Bronze, Silver or Gold.

You can enter either your own, or a parent/guardian’s, email address to create the account.

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Extra Bonuses

As a bonus to being a iPhotography course member you’ll also be able to access our massive video library with videos on other photography and editing techniques that we don’t cover in your course.

There’s a whole library of free downloads too. Get your hands on some Photoshop actions, PDF photo guides, ebooks and Lightroom presets.

If that’s not enough we’ve got a new blog nearly every week! A brand-new photography topic is fully explained in these well-rounded articles.

Even when you’re away from your computer you can continue your training. iPhotography has a great shop packed with brilliant offline accessories – Flip Cards, Challenge Boxes, eBooks, print books and even branded merchandise.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Photography Course: Final Words

If you want to ask any questions before joining a Duke of Edinburgh approved iPhotography course, then get in touch with the course assessor.

All our courses come with a 30-day money-back guarantee – we’re that confident you’ll love how we teach photography! So, there’s no risk, just the perfect opportunity to do what you’ve been needing – to learn photography the fun way!


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