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Start the journey to your DofE Bronze, Silver or Gold award with iPhotography

We train beginner photographers through our #1 award-winning online photography courses, approved by The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award as an official skills activity provider.

Any of our 4 approved courses are the perfect way to help you complete your skills section.

Studying 60-90 mins per week will keep you on track. Our course modules have enough content to qualify for the skills section of your Bronze, Silver or Gold level award (see individual courses below for award eligibility).

Our courses are self-paced, so you can fit them in around your other activities. It will give you a full understanding of how to use a camera, basic technical elements and how to get creative.

Online Photography Course for Duke of Edinburgh Award Participants by iPhotography.com


These online photography and editing courses not only teach you all the standard technical expertise, settings, skills, tricks and effects with your camera in an easy-to-follow format – but we also show you how to use these skills to develop your own individual style as a photographer.

Courses are loaded with fun interactive quizzes and educational tests to help you keep all the information where you need it most.


Your course progress will be tracked and verified by our iPhotography assessor. They will automatically update your eDofE record upon completing the course and send your a confirmation email with your course certificate.

Stephen Walton iPhotography Course Assessor for Duke of Edinburgh Award Participants

Stephen Walton

Pro Photography Tutor & DofE Course Assessor

Stephen brings many years of photographic experience with him to his role as iPhotography’s head content and course creator.

After leaving art school in 2005 he went straight into studio photography working alongside Photo Corp UK, before running one of the UK’s most successful high-end portrait studios with Venture Studios for over a decade.

His personal work which stretches from portraits to landscapes, and other niches in between could be described as atmospheric and low key – sounds moody, but he’s not really!

He’s previously had work published by Adobe Photoshop on top of many industry awards for his portrait photography.


If you aspire to capture beautiful photographs that you can be proud of, then don’t waste any more time. To take the best photos you need the best training and guidance to reach your goals.

Choose from one of our four DofE-approved courses today and begin your journey inside the exciting and satisfying world of photography!

iPhotography Course

Our popular online photography course will show you how to use a digital camera and what makes a great photo (and even how to edit it).

Suitable for Bronze, Silver & Gold Award Participants
iPhotography Online Course for Beginner Photographers

Buy today:

RRP £99.00

DofE Price: £49

Portrait Photography Course

See how easy it is to take amazing photos of your friends, family and even your pets with our portrait photography course.

Suitable for Bronze & Silver Award Participants Only

Buy today:

RRP £149.00

DofE Price: £79

Light Tricks Photo Course

Discover the art of light manipulation and see how to capture light trails and other unique photography tricks.

Suitable for Bronze & Silver Award Participants Only
iPhotography Logo - Online Photography School for Beginners

Buy today:

RRP £149.00

DofE Price: £79

Photoshop CC Course

Learn how to create amazing digital artwork using Photoshop CC. You will need a copy of Photoshop CC already installed on your computer to follow this course.

Suitable for Silver Award Participants Only
Online Photoshop Course for Beginners Digital Art by iPhotography.com

Buy today:

RRP £157.00

DofE Price: £99


Here’s an overview of some of the incredible benefits you’ll get when you sign up for iPhotography Course today:

Multiple Modules

World-class, step-by-step online photography training; engineered with LearnLock™ Technology for maximum retention and recall. Interactive, engaging modules with certified test results.

Optional Assignments

Personal critiques and constructive written feedback from qualified photography tutors. Receive 1-on-1 advice and tips from the experts.

Personal Development

Before you start, upload an image to your profile. Upload another of the same subject upon completing the course and see how you have evolved as a photographer developing your own style and self-belief.

Interactive Quizzes

Packed with quizzes, tests and lots of interactivity to make your learning fun, fast and highly effective!

Extensive Download Library

Access our library of handy downloads and extra bonus materials, including: lighting diagrams, posing guides, color wheels, eBooks, presets and more.

Photo Editing Tutorials

High definition exclusive follow-along Photoshop editing tutorials. Learn how to tweak and improve your photos in just a few clicks.


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We offer a full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are at all unhappy with your course, for any reason, just let us know and we’ll issue a full refund.


Photography Course

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