Learn Photoshop in 2 Online Photo Editing Courses for Beginners & Amateurs

Adobe Photoshop is and has been, the photography industry-standard go-to editing software for years which is why we’ve got 2 incredible Photoshop courses ready to help you improve your photo editing skills.

iPhotography’s Photoshop courses have something for everyone. Firstly we have our flagship Photoshop course split over 3 training levels – for beginners, intermediates and advanced users. 

And secondly, check out our Photoshop Composite course. This Photoshop tutorial class shows you how to blend multiple photos into one incredible design.

To help you decide which of our courses is best for you let’s have a look at what each of them includes, starting with our main Photoshop course.

Photoshop Editing  Photoshop Course

Course 1 – Photoshop Course

Whether you’re brand new to Photoshop or a seasoned pro, our Photoshop (PS) course takes your image editing skills to an incredible new level.

Developed by award-winning artists, this easy-to-follow training gives you the inside knowledge and skills you need to construct mind-blowing works of art, design surreal scenes, create spectacular special effects or simply retouch and edit your photos with the finesse of a professional digital artist.


3 Online Photoshop Course Skill Levels

Our Photoshop course, which sometimes gets called iPhotography PS, consists of 3 standalone classes;

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Each class, containing 12 individual modules, has been meticulously crafted to give you an incredible arsenal of skills and styles you can quickly apply to your own images. You can sign up to a bundle of all 3 or just choose the skill level that’s comfortable for you and then work your way through in your own time and at your own pace.


How Does the Photoshop Course Work?

Every tool used in iPhotography PS is clearly and concisely explained and each technique is carefully deconstructed onscreen and then applied to numerous practical examples in Photoshop.

By using the downloadable work files that we provide you with, you can follow along with your tutor and develop exciting new skills – all while creating some of the most astonishing images of your life!

Photoshop Editing  Photoshop Course

What is in the Photoshop Course?

★ World-class Photoshop tutorials

★ Step-by-step demonstrations

★ Follow-along work files

★ CPD Certified Courses

★ Certificate of Achievement

★ Professional tutor support

★ Connect with other course members in the gallery

Join iPhotography Photoshop Course
Join the iPhotography course

This course has been designed to teach anyone of any age or ability the most important pro-level Photoshop tutorials that will transform you into a serious photo artist.

From day one, you’ll be constructing truly mind-blowing works of art in Photoshop that you never before thought possible – even if you’ve never used Photoshop before. Completing all 3 courses means you’ll receive a professionally printed Certificate of Achievement.

What’s Covered in the Beginner Photoshop Class?

🕓 6 Hours

  • Masking Masterclass
  • How to Remove Backgrounds
  • How to Dodge & Burn
  • Creating Abstract Effects
  • Designing Branding Logos
  • Colour & Gradient Overlays
  • Making Movie Posters
  • Learning Text Editing Tools

What’s Covered in the Intermediate Photoshop Class?

🕓 6hr 20min

  • Innovative 3D Artwork
  • Improving Brightness & Contrast
  • Sci-Fi Style Montages
  • Using Custom Brushes & Shapes
  • Applying Conceptual Body Art
  • Masking Fur & Texture
  • Distorting Liquids

What’s Covered in the Advanced Photoshop Class?

🕓 11hr 40min

  • Morphing Creatures
  • Patching & Blending
  • Correcting Perspective Distortion
  • Creating Invisible Subjects
  • Designing Vector Artwork
  • Painting Over Portraits
  • Colourising Illustrations

Photoshop Course Joining Bonuses

Whether you join one of our Photoshop classes or all 3 you’ll get instant access to lots of iPhotography bonuses across the site. These free bonuses will give you further opportunities to improve your editing skills and showcase them to other course members and tutors.


▶️ Actions  – automated mini-editing programs that make complicated edits simple!

🎨 Brushes – download our custom-designed brushes to digital paint over your photos

⌨️ Shortcuts – Whether you’re a Mac or Windows user we’ve got keyboard shortcut cheat sheets.

💠 Custom Shapes – Add some graphic design to your projects with Custom Shapes.

🖼️ Gallery Access – Show off your edits in our feedback gallery and get feedback and ratings from other members.

📺 Media Library Photoshop Tutorials – Our video vault of extra Photoshop tutorials is always being updated for FREE!

Do I Need Experience with Photoshop to Take this Course?

No, you do not need any prior knowledge or experience of Photoshop – we assume nothing in advance. This Photoshop course is designed for absolute beginners, keen amateurs and seasoned professionals. 

Each technique and example used in the course is delivered in a logical, step-by-step format that anybody can follow along to. The language used is designed to be simple to understand and the course interface intuitive and easy to follow with no complicated jargon.

Photoshop Course

Which Version of Photoshop Do I Need?

This Photoshop course works with ANY version of Photoshop CC later than 2017. 

The course is aimed at teaching creative and imaginative artistic edits. Most importantly, the tools and techniques you’ll be learning are the same regardless of which version of Photoshop you are using.

So, whether you are using Photoshop CC from 2017 or now, you can still follow along and create these fantastic images. With this Photoshop course, you are limited only by your imagination – not by the version of Photoshop you are using!

Note: If you’re using a version of Photoshop earlier than 2017 (or Photoshop Elements) you may find some elements of this course, not 100% compatible. Most should be, but we cannot guarantee full compliance.

Do I Have to Take any Tests During the Course?

At the end of each of the 3 skill classes (beginner, intermediate and advanced) there is a 30 question self-assessment test. It’s been designed to maximize your learning experience and help you retain the information we’re teaching you.

You can take each test as many times as you like until you pass, at which point your passing results are recorded in our database and contribute towards your final score.

Our support team on request can unlock the tests, but this means that you won’t receive a valuable pass certificate at the end of the advanced course.

Photoshop Course

Course 2 – Composite Course

If you’re looking to stay creative even after you’ve taken your photographs then let us invite you into the world of compositing. Whether you want to have fun or design complicated projects this Photoshop course all about compositing will set you on the right path.

Compositing has been around for years – and is only getting easier. You can use this fantastic skill to blend just two photos together or more. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced photo editor we’ll guide you step-by-step over 4 entertaining lessons led by iPhotography Tutor Stephen.

how to photoshop photos together  Photoshop Course

Unfortunately, some photographers who wish to learn these creative tricks have struggled to find the best place to start. They’ve been confused with complicated tutorials, fast-moving instructors or superficial directions.

iPhotography is excited to share with you our Composite Photoshop course that teaches you the art of photo merging photographs into incredible works of art!


What’s in the Composite Photoshop Course?


  • SPECIAL EFFECTS -How to create soft light flares to make your subject’s shine.
  • PRO TIPS -Discover how to add highlighting markers to give greater authenticity.
  • LIGHTING FX – Create light where there isn’t any with our advanced lighting demo.
  • FANTASY COLOURING – Take your composites to a fictional world by learning how to colour.
  • TEXTURAL BLENDING – Add a greater sense of reality within your designs using texture overlays.
  • MASKING – We’ll show you how to cut out any subject – simple and complex.

Meet Stephen – Your Class Instructor

The Photoshop Composite Course has been written, designed and presented by iPhotography Head Tutor Stephen. With over 15 years of experience and multiple publications in Adobe Photoshop, you’ve got the best tutor to lead you through this course.

how to photoshop photos together  Photoshop Course

“Hi, I’m Stephen your Photoshop Composite Course tutor!

While running a large scale portrait studio in the UK for over a decade I was using Photoshop every day to edit photos starting in Photoshop CS2 even!

Over time my edits developed to more advanced designs and became part of my photographic style.

I am so excited to share the power of Photoshop in helping you create amazing composites in these short and easy to follow lessons.

Stephen - iPhotography Tutor

Class 1 – What is Compositing?

In class one, we start with the basics;


  • What is compositing?
  • What type of images you can use
  • And where to find those images (for free)

Class 2 – How to Blend 2 Photos Together

In class two, we’ll move on to the next step;


  • How to remove subjects from complicated backgrounds
  • The importance of using scale and perspective correctly
  • Using layer masks and non-destructive editing

Class 3 – Blending Lighting & Colour

In the third class, we bring all our knowledge together and start to refine our composites to look coherent.


  • Look at the 3 ways editors blend images for authenticity
  • Using adjustment filters and lighting effect tools
  • How to match colours from one image to another

Class 4 – Special Effects

In your last class, we’ll take it up a gear and look at how you can improve your composites further with pro-level thinking.


  • How to create shadows
  • Add in authentic highlighting from light sources
  • Demonstrate the power of adding textures over our subjects

Will this Composite Course Teach me the Technical Aspects?

With this course, you’ll already need a basic understanding of Photoshop to follow along. You may find the lessons too developed if you aren’t familiar with Photoshop. It will teach you where to find all those important tools for photographers in Photoshop and how to use the workspace.

But don’t worry, once you join this course you’ll get access to our ‘Introduction to Photoshop Course’ class to help you get up to speed. This is an optional free bonus that you can take before starting your course properly. 

Who is this Composite Course Designed for?

This course has been designed for Photoshop enthusiasts with a creative eye. If you enjoy photo editing and want to take your ideas to the next level then compositing could be the next natural step for you.

Do I Need Photoshop?

Yes, you will! While using other photo editing software may allow you to replicate some of the effects demonstrated during the course, for 100% compatibility use the latest version of Photoshop CC will make it easier for you. This course was created using Photoshop CC 2021.

How Long is the Composite Photoshop Course?

This course is spread over 4 individual lessons. It’s been designed to be low-impact and time-saving. These 4 lessons combined should take you around 90 minutes to complete. 

This does not allow for completing the ‘Introduction to Photoshop’ bonus module (if needed). Nor does it take into consideration if you are editing your photos alongside the tutorial and need more time to complete the steps.

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