iPhotography Light Tricks Course

Discover How to Capture Stunning Light Effects With Your Camera

What are Light Tricks?

We’ve got all the answers right here in our introductory guide to the iPhotography Light Tricks Course. This is going to be the most fun you’ve ever had with your camera!

light tricks pixelstick car powder portrait trail photography creative photography tricks for beginners

You’ll discover over 70 mind-blowing, light manipulation tricks and techniques!
Fireworks, light trails, city lights, starburst effects, night skies, star trails, lightning, wire wool, light orbs, light painting, HDR landscapes, abstract blur, creative portraits… and that’s just to start with!

The ancient Greeks first used the word ‘Phos’ ‘Graphe’ (meaning light drawing) many years ago and this basic principle has been the cornerstone for creating photographs since the birth of the camera.

Our cameras can only create an image when light is present but the ability to trick light in different directions, shapes, qualities, and colours makes our love of photography soar with possibilities. The Light Tricks course is all about just that – we have compiled amazing techniques, ideas, practical exercises into a fun and interactive online learning experience.

light tricks pixelstick car powder portrait trail photography creative photography tricks for beginners

Is This Course For Me?

YES! It’s for everyone, including you!

Whether you have just bought a camera or have spent years behind the viewfinder, this course is insightful, comprehendible and cutting edge – there is no other course like it!

You’ll find thousands of new techniques, tricks and training tutorials to push your photography forward. Maybe you are getting a little jaded of taking the same landscape or portrait and want to spice things up – we’ve got all the spice you need!

Ultimately iPhotography Light Tricks is for all levels of experience. We can guarantee you’ll learn something you didn’t know already. Which means your photography skills can only improve after completing this course.

The best thing about this course is that you don’t always need to have a top end DSLR camera. A lot of our techniques and exercises can be done with a simple point and shoot compact. Or even your smartphone! As long as you’ve got a camera to hand then you’ll find the iPhotography Light Tricks course is a great addition to your photography collection!

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What’s on the Course?

The team behind iPhotography Light Tricks have personally designed 18 visually stunning modules covering different aspects of Light Tricks. But let’s break it down a little further and have a look what’s in each module;

Module 1: Introduction & Equipment

Learn about the art of light drawing and what type of equipment you’ll encounter during the course. We’ll help you understand the light sources we use and break down the technical jargon.

Module 2: Camera Basics

Set your camera up and discover some of the settings you will need during the course. We make it easy to understand and offer useful visual aids to ensure the ideas are clear for everyone. We will even look at starting our first light painting in our fun mini challenge!

Module 3: Light Trails

Learn how to capture the best angles, positions and times to make those light trails pop! Discover different special effects that you can add into your light trails as well as learning how to make the most of different weather conditions by going abstract.

Module 4: Creative Blur

In module 4 you will get the best ideas on where to find and capture creative light trails with a beautiful sense of speed and movement whether you’re at the fairground or just around the house. We’ve even packed in time to discuss bokeh, double exposure, surreal photography and how to create ghostly portraits!

Module 5: Basic Tricks

This is when you will get to grips with creating your own light paintings using lots of different light sources. We’ve made this course budget friendly so there’s no expensive equipment needed to try out any of our techniques. Find out how laser pens, fairy lights and glow sticks, amongst others, create striking light paintings with the right camera settings.

Module 6: Abstract

Unleash your creative potential with module 6 as we discuss the best opportunities to shoot abstract photographs based on light tricks. We’ll help you understand the basic principles of creating an abstract image and show you how easy it is to try at home with our macro water droplets mini challenge.

Module 7: Fire and Fireworks

Make every shot a banger with the fireworks module. Learn the dangers and spot the opportunities to make any firework display a truly great photographic event. You’ll find out the best ways to compose your shot as well as the best camera settings for photographing bonfires, candles, fire dancers and sparklers.

Module 8: Basic Flash

Add more tricks to your knowledge by adding a bit of flash to your shots. Get the best out of your camera flash with a helpful lesson about guide numbers, flash sync and the quality of light. We will also look at creating depth and shape in a photograph by changing the position of an off-camera flash.

Module 9: Special Effects

The ideas just keep on growing with module 9 as we will show you how to make professional looking images using powder, glass, kaleidoscopes, gobos and light stencils! This module is packed with creative projects to try at home with family and friends, you will be amazed by how little preparation you need to make amazing photographs.

Module 10: Night & Lightning

Now it’s time to get outside and embrace the night sky as we show you how to capture phenomenal images of star trails, the milky way, and lightning storms. Uncover your camera’s dark side as we learn about the highs and lows when taking pictures of the vibrant city nightlife – we will even give away some top secrets along the way.

Module 11: Wire Wool

Wire wool? Yes, but with a few odd props and some expert guidance, we are going to make that wire wool look like an exhilarating ball of fierce fire. You will capture images others can only dream of. We’ve made helpful guides on how to get your camera set up, picking the right location, finding interesting angles, adding in people, reflections and SO much more!

Module 12: Advanced Tricks

As the course goes on, the tricks get better. It’s only right that in module 12 we add in a little more DIY, so you can build your own light painting from scratch. You don’t need to be handy with a hammer as we’ve put together simple step-by-step guides with images to help you create amazing light domes, orbs, tracings and surreal digital artwork painted into your photographs.

Module 13: Fantasy Portraits

Why not add a little more drama and imagination to your portraits by adding a touch of magic? We’ve put together ideas on how to create a dream like scene using a bit of dressing up and clever lighting effects. If you’ve ever wanted to be the next Harry Potter or Tinkerbell then this is perfect for you (and the kids!).

Module 14: UV

Go into the unknown and play with invisible light as module 14 breaks down the startling, rare form of UV (ultra violet) photography – it’s easy to try at home with a few little props. Make your friends glow with envy as we go all luminous with our creative approach to UV body painting.

Module 15: Fashion

Where would any great photography course be without a bit of style and drama? We’ve crammed our fashion tutorials with ideas about photographing with glitter, shooting in the rain and capturing theatrical poses. We’ve even taken inspiration from famous fashion photographers to present light trail clothing – yes, we have got a whole section on making clothes out of light! You really have to see it to believe it!

Module 16: Creative Flash

Since you’ve mastered the basic flash let’s make it even more fun with a creative flash module. Learn how to modify your light source in addition to changing the quality, direction and colour with brilliant tips that can be applied to nearly any area of photography. Colour your lights with gels and find out how to make a statement with a ring flash light. If that’s not enough we’ve also found time to put together a brilliant lesson on using high-speed flash to make some high-end commercial food photography fit for any fancy restaurant.

Module 17: Basic Editing

We’ll give the camera a rest for a moment and turn our attention to the computer screen where in our last two modules, we’ll spend time editing our amazing images. Whether you just want to learn how to add more contrast to your shots or make some amazing light trail clothing all in Photoshop, we’ve got you covered. We’ll also show you how to patch over any problematic light trails, create ghosting effects and add realistic light flares.

Module 18: Advanced Editing

Become the master of all light tricks with our final module in advanced photo editing. With over 3 hours of video tutorials, you will learn to create and improve reflections in your pictures, add lighting effects, create psychedelic multi exposures using the Harris Effect and even go abstract by making fractal distortions. Introduce some chilling atmosphere to your fantasy portraits by adding mist and fog in a few easy steps too!

There’s More…

It goes without saying the iPhotography Light Tricks lessons are loaded with interactive quizzes and educational tests to help you keep all the information where you need it most.

There is also optional module assignments throughout the course. So you can hone in your skills and get feedback from the photographers who have produced the iPhotography Light Tricks course.

Show off your brand-new creations in our dedicated private gallery and talk to other students on the course about their experiences.

We’ll even showcase some of the best Light Tricks shots regularly on our social media feeds – the whole world will be in awe of your photography!

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After all of this artistic insight, you’ll be bursting at the seams with inspiration for creative light tricks. With the ability to make a light source dance to your tune. Your photography portfolio is going to be overflowing with dramatic light trails and beautiful manipulations.


From the iPhotography Team

Add a stroke of magic and mystery to your imagery

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