Interviews with Amazing Photographers

The creation of a great photo comes from within the photographer. Taken from our iPhotography Podcast we’ve selected 5 interviews with amazing photographers to help you understand how photographers think and how they find inspiration for their art.

1. Interview with Jackson Moyles

Jackson Moyles landed on UK television with his winning role in Rankin’s Great British Photography Challenge in 2021. Since then he’s gone on to craft his own striking landscape photography brand and is growing rapidly as a skilful photographer on Instagram.


2. Photographer of the Year - Deborah McPhail

Deborah McPhail has been selected as iPhotography’s Photographer of the Year in 2020, 2021 and 2022 – a feat that has never been achieved previously. Her landscape photography is held in the highest esteem by our community photographers.

I sat down with Deborah to discuss her inspirations, favourite locations to shoot and where she finds the motivation to shoot amazing photos wherever she goes.


3. Pro Dog Photographer - Nicki Cameron

A prominent dog photographer Nicki Cameron has set up her own business The Art of Dog photography and it gave me the perfect opportunity to get a real-time insight into the tasks, hazards and benefits of setting up a small photography business.


4. Travel Photographer - Craig Holzem

As a photographer, Craig Holzem has a wealth of experience when it comes to travel photography.

His trips to South America, Nepal and Europe have opened up his interest in photographing different cultures and traditions which he talks extensively about in this amazing interview.


5. Creative Photographer - Audrey Schweikert

One of the most creative and innovative product, food and still life photographers I’ve met, Audrey Schweikert is an inspiring and positive shooter who you need to check out.

I sat down with her to find out where she gets her inspiration with many of her creations being manufactured without leaving the house!


Interviews with Amazing Photographers: Final Words

These 5 interviews with amazing photographers are just a small portion of our podcast shows.

We’ve got lots more interviews, chats, debates, discoveries, tips, tricks and even photography quizzes! If you want to listen back to over 70 shows find us on Spotify.


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