How to Use Luminar Neo’s GenErase

GenErase was released in Luminar Neo on October 26, 2023. Let’s find out all about this new generative AI tool and how you can use it to get rid of distractions in your photos and achieve results that impress. Find out more about GenErase and see it in action.

Experience Luminar Neo and GenErase right here.

First things first, what is Luminar Neo?

Luminar Neo is a photo editing software application developed by Skylum, available for Windows and macOS. Luminar Neo has over 20 AI-based features designed to streamline the photographer’s editing workflow, plus an expansive array of other editing tools, used for correcting imperfections and enhancing photos.

For its intuitive design and innovation, Luminar Neo has won the Red Dot Brands & Communication Design award in 2022, and the TIPA World Awards for Best Imaging Software for two years in a row: in 2022 and 2023.

It’s an easy-to-use app with an intuitive interface for photographers of all levels, including beginners and professionals. Read more about Luminar Neo on the main website

A lady sat at a PC editing a portrait photo on luminar neo

Why did the Luminar Team release GenErase?

As one of the first movers in the industry, the Luminar Team is determined to lead the way toward a future where AI-assistive photo editing becomes second nature, giving photographers more exciting possibilities to enhance their photos and letting them explore the world and their creativity.

That’s why the Luminar Team is now focusing on releasing an impressive array of new AI-assistive tools designed to streamline photographers’ challenges with scene manipulation, removing unwanted objects, and expanding the canvas of a photo. Skylum believes generative AI technologies can be powerful assistants within every photographer’s toolkit and has developed its flagship product, Luminar Neo, according to these principles.

What is GenErase?

The first of the generative AI tools for Luminar Neo is GenErase. It’s a next-generation Erase tool that allows you to not only remove unwanted distractions from your images but also fill those areas using content-aware technology.

You can easily achieve a focused, and distraction-free, composition with this tool. GenErase preserves the integrity of your photos by intelligently filling in the gaps with textures and other elements to match the surrounding area.

Image: Copyright Srafa Prada

How Does GenErase work?

After you mask the area you want to eliminate, GenErase uses content-aware tools to analyze your photo.

To do so, it sends your photo to the server, which is why this tool works only with an internet connection, as all edits are performed on the cloud. However, rest assured that the Luminar Team doesn’t store your images on its servers!

After that, GenErase seamlessly removes the object and replaces it with generated visuals, matching patterns, textures, and elements to make it look like it was never there in the first place. You can also click the button multiple times to get different results and see which ones best reflect your vision.

How can you use GenErase to improve your photos?

If you ever thought that your otherwise perfect shot could do without a distracting object, GenErase can help you deal with it effortlessly. Now you can remove trash, street signs, vehicles, graffiti, construction elements, random people or animals, and other secondary objects, ensuring that nothing distracts from the beauty of your composition.

Create landscapes that truly showcase the majesty of nature without the crowds of tourists. Make sure your street photos are immaculately composed. Remove distractions from your portraits and keep the focus on the person or the object in the spotlight.

Image: Copyright WEAD

How does GenErase differ from the usual Erase tool?

Luminar Neo already has an Erase tool. Find out the difference between these two tools, and how GenErase can amplify your editing experience.

Erasing small objectsYesYes
High-quality resultsYesYes
Simple interfaceYesYes
Erasing large objectsYesNo
Erasing uneven textureYesYes
High semantic precisionYesNo
Average speed30 sec0.5 sec
Re-erase to get different resultsYesNo

While both of these tools are great at erasing small objects on simple surfaces and giving you high-quality results, GenErase is better at erasing large objects and uneven textures, and has higher semantic precision, meaning that it’s content-aware and generates better elements to match your photo in the best way possible.

For example, if you erase a person from a room with a flower-themed wallpaper, GenErase will fill the space with a texture that matches the design of the wallpaper, making it look realistic.

Right now GenErase takes more time on average to achieve the same job as Erase, as your photo is being sent to the server for a thorough analysis, however, GenErase is going to improve in the future. Another difference is that you can press the button multiple times to achieve different results in your photo.

What features can you find inside of GenErase?

Luminar Neo GenErase toolbar

Let’s examine the panel that opens when you click on the GenErase tool and find out everything you can do in this tool:


  • Undo and Redo arrows: undo and redo the results you’ve achieved.
  • Information icon: learn more about GenErase and what it can do.
  • Preview icon: observe the outcomes before and after by clicking the preview icon, represented by an eye symbol.
  • Zoom feature: adjust your view using the zoom slider or the left and right bracket keys to magnify or shrink the view of the image.
  • Select: when you need to replace an object, activate the “select” option, fine-tune the brush size, and paint over the region you wish to substitute. It’s advisable to be generous with your selection, providing the tool with more intricate details to enhance accuracy.
  • Deselect: once an object is selected, enable the “deselect” option, refine the brush size, and paint over the area you want to exclude from the selection.
  • Reset selection: Following the application of GenErase, the object remains selected. If the desired outcome isn’t achieved, you can reapply the erase tool by selecting it again. If you wish to erase a different object, reset the current selection and create a new one.
  • Erase button: Use it to apply GenErase and eliminate the selected object while also intelligently replacing unwanted visual distractions in your images. You can continue to select the erase button to cycle through different outcomes, fine-tuning your edits until you achieve the desired result.
  • Cancel button: If you opt not to implement the alterations, simply click the cancel button.
  • Save button: When you’re satisfied with the results that GenErase provides, click the save button to confirm the changes. This will generate a new image saved in TIF format, renamed with the added “GENERASE” extension, and added to the Generative Creations

How to Apply GenErase?

Below is a detailed, step-by-step guide for replacing undesired objects in an image with GenErase.


  1. Begin in the Catalog view and choose an image with objects you want to replace.
  1. Adjust the brush size and select the unwanted object generously. Precision is not required. You can deselect a selection by clicking the Deselect button.
  1. Click the Erase Button to initiate the object replacement. You can repeatedly select the erase button to explore different outcomes, fine-tuning your edits until you achieve the desired result.
  1. To switch to a different object, select the Reset Button and pick the desired object. For optimal results, handle individual objects separately.
  1. Confirm your changes by clicking the save button.
  1. The new image will be saved in the Generative Creations folder.

Before and After:

Check this video for more information.

What are some tips to keep in mind when using GenErase?

Here are some important tips to remember when you use GenErase to get the most out of this feature and achieve the results you want.


  • Remove objects one by one, ensuring they are fully selected. For example, if you need to erase an unwanted person and a car in the background, start with removing the car by fully masking it. After successfully removing the car, proceed to erase the person in the same manner. Remove the shadows of the person and the car too. Otherwise, GenErase will try to fill the photo with something that casts a similar one.


  • If you want to remove a large object, it may not be erased like you expect it to. If these objects are large and form the basis of your photo’s composition, it’s best to leave them be. But if you still need to remove a large object, you can do it by gradually removing its parts.


  • It’s best not to erase the objects that are part of a noticeable pattern, as GenErase will try to match the pattern in the generated visuals. When erasing a row of trees, a line of people, or dense buildings GenErase will generate the same type of objects – trees, people, buildings – in the place of the erased elements.


  • If you’re not happy with the first result, just try again by pressing “Erase,” and the tool will generate a different result. You can also reset and change the selection, and then apply GenErase again until the photo looks just as you imagined. Remember that achieving the best result often requires a few attempts.


  • In case you encounter an error message, please wait for 20-30 minutes, reload Luminar Neo, and then try again. There may be instances when too many people access the tool simultaneously, causing server delays. However, rest assured that the Luminar Team is diligently working on mitigating such occurrences.
Image: Copyright Ksusha Kazak

Experience the power of GenErase

If you’re looking for an effective and impressive solution to erase distractions from your photos, GenErase is a great choice. With its help, you can easily eliminate unwanted elements from your photos, create a better composition, and enjoy realistic results.

GenErase is already available for Luminar Neo subscribers, as well as the owners of the Luminar Neo lifetime license together with the 2023-24 Creative Journey Pass. Find out more about Luminar Neo on the main website.


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