Boudoir Photographer

(A Day In The Life)

Author: Matt Matthews, Pro Boudoir Photographer

Photography is an art form that has various unique branches.

Boudoir photography is one of them, and these photographers are incredibly underrated, as their job is to create magic and help people celebrate their bodies.

I’ve found being a boudoir photographer I’ve got the task of turning photos into something that ignites emotions and sensuality. At Matt Mathews Photography, for over a decade we have helped women and couples feel comfortable in their own skin.

Here is everything you need to know about a day in the life of a boudoir photographer in Alabama.

Communication is Key

A boudoir photo shoot will never be successful unless the communication is appropriate. It is a practice we use every day for our photoshoots. That is because we have to guide and help people pose throughout the photo session verbally.

That is because it is essential to make a person look gorgeous by finding their best angles. However, it is also necessary to learn about the client and vice versa as a boudoir photographer. The clients need to trust you and know that they are in great company.

Image by Matt Matthews Boudoir Photographer, Alabama USA

Image by Matt Matthews (Copyright 2021)

We want the photoshoot experience to be positive, which is why we ensure that the photo shoot is fun by joking around and communicating. Of course, the best part is that you can expect clear guidance during the session so your pictures can take out great.

Every day is like this. Without communication, a boudoir photographer will never be successful. That is why communication is an integral part of everyday photoshoots.

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You Need Trust

When it comes to the shoot, it takes time for people to open up to any boudoir photographer. That is because not everyone is comfortable and trusting someone takes time. Of course, there are some people that have no problem with this.

As a boudoir photographer, we understand that such a shoot exposes more than just the body. It unveils a part of yourself you did not recognize before the shoot and sharing it can be difficult. That is why each day, we have to ensure that our clients trust us completely.

Image by Matt Matthews Boudoir Photographer, Alabama USA

Image by Matt Matthews (Copyright 2021)

We are there to help people embrace the parts of themselves they are not ready to explore and discover. We value the time during the photo session, and we have to make the other person trust us. It is an integral part of the shoot because we can’t take stunning images unless the client trusts us.

People use boudoir photography to embrace their sensuality and enhance their confidence. We understand this, and we help them every step of the way. After all, we love seeing stunning images that will last for decades.

Angles are Everything. Everything.

When it comes to boudoir photography, angles matter the most. Any photographer can tell you to turn, do a squat, or make you get in weird positions. However, that is not the goal of boudoir photography.

A boudoir photo session is an art form, and a boudoir photographer is an artist. The primary aim of such a photoshoot is to appreciate the unique body of everyone and help people celebrate themselves with the best angles. As a photographer, we have to find the best angle for each person.

Image by Matt Matthews Boudoir Photographer, Alabama USA

Image by Matt Matthews (Copyright 2021)

That is because the same poses don’t work for everyone in boudoir photography. If you do that, you will ruin the essence of the person that is the subject of the photography. Each day we have to work with clients and help them celebrate their bodies in the best way possible.

Finding these angles takes time, but it is worth it when the pictures come out. They look beautiful, and clients love them because a lot of thought and effort goes into them.

Work On Acceptance

As a boudoir photographer, we notice every day that people struggle with accepting their bodies. That is because they question their self-worth and feel less beautiful. The aim of boudoir photography is to help people blossom into being more self-loving and confident.

We love to see people get comfortable and embracing their bodies in a way they had never before. It is a privilege to help people discover this beauty in themselves that was always there. We all are beautiful from the inside. We just need to accept our bodies and believe them.

That is the most rewarding part of being a boudoir photographer. Each day we shoot gorgeous people in the studio and see them transform their perspective about their bodies. Once the session has ended, the pictures are a reminder of how beautiful they are.

Deliver a Unique Experience

Each experience is unique because each client is different. However, one thing that is common in all of it is the emotional impact we have on people every day. They come in for a boudoir photography session, and they leave feeling more positive and confident about their bodies with the photos as evidence of their beauty.

As a boudoir photographer, it is up to us to ensure that we encompass each aspect of you in our pictures. We help you capture your vision and personality so you can start seeing yourself in a different light. Sometimes words are not enough to express, and that is where photography comes in.

When you tell us what you want, we help you turn that vision into a reality in no time. Each session is unique, and that is the most exciting part of a day in the life of a boudoir photographer. We get to have a new experience each day while helping people accept their bodies and love themselves a little bit more.

Final Words

Now you should have a pretty good idea of what a day in our boudoir photography studio is like. If you are looking to learn more we would love to get to know you!

Through our session, your confidence will be enhanced, and you will feel your best once you leave our studio with stunning pictures. For more information on our boudoir photography services, feel free to get in touch with us at

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