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8 Environmentally Friendly Photography Accessories

It takes very little effort to be an environmentally conscious photographer these days. There are simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint as a photographer and still enjoy taking photos.

To give you a further sense of doing good check out these 8 environmentally friendly photography accessories and brands which help ensure the longevity of our precious habitat.


1. Urth Backpacks & Lens Filters

Check out Urth, a truly environmentally-focused camera accessories brand that will plant 5 trees for every product purchased. With each of their products (backpacks and lens filters) you can see how much CO2 is offset through their production process.

Urth is also a certified B corp. Certified B Corporations are companies that use business as a force for good by caring about their employees, the environment, and their impact on the world.


2. Peak Design

Peak Design is a much-loved photography accessories company that produces a range of high-quality products. Their camera bags and compact tripods are what they are well known for.

They also donate 1% of their revenue to environmental non-profits. Each of their products are guaranteed for life, which helps reduce items being thrown into landfill when they are faulty. They refurbish broken items to keep them in use wherever possible.

Peak Design

3. B&H Lensless Wooden Pinhole Camera

If you don’t like shooting with plastic or magnesium-alloy based camera bodies then go totally old-school and check out B&H’s lensless wooden pinhole camera. Constructed of different types of wood, each model has a small hole drilled in the front panel.

The shutter is a basic hinged metal plate that the photographer swings up and down to begin and end the exposure.

Wooden Camera
Image from B&H
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4. Rechargeable Camera Batteries

I’ve talked previously about the benefit of using rechargeable batteries as a photographer for accessories like gimbals and off-camera flashes, but I’ll take any opportunity to remind photographers.

Having a small stash of quality rechargeable batteries means you don’t have to keep splashing out on one-time use batteries for power hungry accessories, especially if you shoot weddings with an off-camera flash.

5. GOAL ZERO Solo LED Solar Flashlight

If you’re a night time photographer and you’re always looking for a source of light to help you see where you’re going without killing your phone battery then check out Goal Zero’s solar powered flashlight.

Charge it up using the power of the sun during the day and you’ve got 2-3 hours of light when you’re shooting at night. This can be great to help you navigate tricky terrain as a landscape photographer if you’re hiking before sunrise. Or if you like shooting creative long exposures and light tricks then a solar powered flashlight is an instant source of light to use.

Image by Goal Zero

6. Amp Leather Vegan Dual Camera Harness

Amp Leather produce a stylish and durable dual camera harness – ideal for wedding and commercial photographers.

Due to its natural canvas material and double straps, you can move around comfortably while you take images. The harness attaches your camera’s tripod hole with a screw adapter. This makes it easy to access your camera when working while giving your cameras, lenses some extra security.

Camera Strap
Image by Amp Leather

7. Charming Elegance Co Hemp and Cotton Crossbody Shoulder Bag

Charming Elegance produce an eye-catching range of camera bags made from soft hemp and cotton. The bags are durable, lightweight, and stylish for everyday use. They’re handmade and well-constructed for your day-to-day photography needs.

With multiple colour variations, it has a main compartment with a zipper to protect your camera gear and other middle and outer compartments where you can store batteries, filters and memory cards.

Hemp Camera Bags
Image by Charming Elegance

8. MegaGear Custom Wrist and Neck Camera Straps

All photographers are constantly searching for comfortable wrist or neck straps that are functional too – and we think we’ve found one that is also environmentally friendly too!

MegaGear have custom wrist straps made of premium cotton. Due to the adjustable straps, you can hold your cameras while reducing their weight on your neck and wrists which is always a thing to be grateful for if your camera and lens are heavy.

The straps are available in a range of sizes, from 9 inches for the wrist strap up to 39 inches for the neck ones. You can also choose from a variety of colours including red, green, mink, and camel.

Camera Strap
Image by MegaGear

8 Environmentally Friendly Photography Accessories: Final Words

There are simple ways that protect the environment whilst also keeping you functional and professional as a photographer. It doesn’t take a big adjustment. Keep these products and brands in mind the next time you’re looking to buy some new photography accessories.

Bookmark and save this article about environmentally friendly photography accessories so you can find it again in the future. If you’ve got any other questions about photography chances are you’ll find the answers in our other articles and tutorials below.


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