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Top 5 Photography Logo Maker Websites Online

In today’s digital era, setting up a strong brand identity for your photography business is essential to get your name out there and become a recognisable photographer.

One of the key elements of starting an eye-catching brand is to get yourself a logo. If you’re not a good drawer there are lots of logo maker websites online which can get you started.

To help with that, I’ve made a list of the top 5 photography logo maker websites online.

1. Looka

When it comes to looking for a logo maker website online that is all about simplicity and elegance, Looka is a great place to start. Looka (formerly LogoJoy) is beginner-friendly online platform that offers an effortless logo creation experience, thanks to its advanced AI-powered technology. With just a few clicks, you can generate stunning logo options tailored to your preferences.

Looka offers a big library of icons, fonts, and colour palettes. This means you can customise every aspect of your photography logo. Discover more.

Looka Website Homepage

2. Canva

For photographers seeking a photography logo maker with limitless design possibilities, Canva is a name you cannot overlook.

Canva has become one of the most popular logo maker websites online and it’s easy to see why. Canva offers an extensive range of pre-designed templates specifically crafted for photographers. From classic and minimalist logos to vibrant and modern designs, Canva has it all. With its drag-and-drop interface, you can effortlessly customise fonts, colours, and graphics to match your brand’s aesthetic.

It’s not just a logo maker website though. Canva has templates for a photographer to standardised their branding across all products – logos, flyers, calendars, watermarks, social media posts, product mock-ups and more. Discover more.

Canva Website Homepage

3. DesignEvo

DesignEvo is an online logo maker and graphic design tool that allows users to create professional-looking logos and designs with ease. It provides a user-friendly interface and a wide range of customisable templates, icons, shapes, and fonts to choose from.

With DesignEvo’s intuitive editing tools, you can customise every element of your logo, including icons, fonts, and colours.

If you’re looking for a sleek and modern photography logo or a timeless and classic design, DesignEvo has you covered. It’s got a vast library of high-quality graphics ensures that your logo will stand out from the crowd, capturing the essence of your photography brand. Discover more.

DesignEvo Website Homepage

4. Wix Logo Maker

Wix Logo Maker is an online tool provided by Wix, a popular website builder platform. It allows users to create professional-looking logos for their businesses, brands, or personal projects.

Based on what you’re looking for the logo maker website generates a choice of logo options tailored to your needs. You can then tweak your chosen logo, adding your personal touch.

Wix Logo Maker also offers a variety of branding materials such as business cards, social media graphics, and website templates, ensuring a consistent visual identity across all platforms. Discover more.

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5. DesignMantic

DesignMantic is an online graphic design tool that provides users with a wide range of design options and templates for creating logos, business cards, social media graphics, and other visual assets. It offers a simple and intuitive interface, making it accessible to users with little or no design experience.

With DesignMantic, you can explore an array of creative options, experimenting with different icons, fonts, and colour schemes.

Whether you’re drawn to a vintage-inspired photography logo or a contemporary and bold design, DesignMantic supplies the tools to bring your vision to life. Discover more.

DesignMantic Website Homepage

Photography Logo Maker Websites Online: Final Thoughts

With such a wide choice of online logo makers websites, these 5 (to me anyway) stand out for their user-friendly interfaces, extensive libraries, and customisation options.

Think about what you want your photography brand to look like. Think about the choice of colours and how colours make people feel to create the best connection with your target audience.


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