From interested in photography to involved and inspiring!

With a college major in Art Education and a successful, forty-year career as a graphic artist, visual composition has never been a challenge and comes easily to me. I believe this is my strongest asset, when I’m searching for the next photographic moment to capture.

I’ve always admired beautiful photography. With a natural interest in taking photos, I bought my first digital camera, an auto focus, point and shoot camera.

About seven years ago, I invested in my first DSLR camera with a lens kit. I was somewhat successful taking photos, but I wanted complete knowledge of my new camera’s capabilities.

Randy Wayman
“I stumbled on to the IPhotography Course, while researching online classes that would help me learn about my DSLR camera, and I signed up. I liked the interactive classes, with assignments and testing, knowing this would push me to learn the features and capabilities of my camera.”
Randy Wayman
Randy Wayman 2

Years later, I realize the guidance and positive critiquing of the tutors and the student involvement within the student photo gallery has driven me to learn new photography and editing techniques.

I’ve shared my experiences and the iPhotography website with friends and family members. A few have signed up and are currently taking the course.

I am still an active member in iPhotography, and I continue to learn from the tutors and students alike.

"My love for nature and the need for adventure has inspired my work photographing landscapes, cityscapes and nightscapes. I aim to capture and share the beauty, variety of colors, and unique compositions life has to offer. My advice to a new photography student: Figure out what you love and combine that with your photography. Listen to other photographers’ experiences and try new techniques to learn and develop your photography skills."
Randy Wayman


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