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What iPhotography Student Beta Testers Thought…

My first reaction to this new course was how well produced it was. From the initial introduction right through to its conclusion, presenter and iPhotography tutor Stephen takes us on a very informative and entertaining series of video modules about different types of photography which can all be achieved in the comfort of your own home. From camera basics, right through to far more complex scenarios, Stephen explains everything in simple, straightforward and easily understandable way.

This course provides hints and tips you can use to produce fabulous results, whether its food, toys, products, abstracts, e-commerce, this course will have something for everybody. It certainly gave me some great ideas and techniques which I hope to utilise in the future.

I can highly recommend the course, and I hope you enjoy as much as I did … Enjoy … !!!

Eric Butcher

I really enjoyed watching the videos in the Iphotography Home Projects Course. The videos show simple set-ups that can be tried at home to produce stunning results, and in each case the choice of camera settings is fully explained. The modules are easy to follow and broken down into short videos that you can follow at your own pace.

I feel I have learned a lot about the importance of composition, colour, texture and light when creating images and look forward to applying this knowledge to my own photographs going forward.

I will definitely be trying out some creative home projects and abstract photography for myself.

Bev Trainer

I really enjoyed this new format Home Projects course from iPhotography. As I have come to expect from other courses, the content is very professionally and clearly delivered – but this time in “bite size” video modules, which are all very easy to follow. You can set your own pace and rewatch or fast forward with ease. Some excellent introductory modules cover camera basics, the exposure triangle and how to set up a home studio.

Moving forward, the project topics are varied and range from some fun activities with food photography on to more professional product and advertising campaign ideas. I particularly enjoyed the sections on shooting products underwater and found the tips on lighting for flower photography very informative. There were some creative abstract projects which will ignite my passion for trying something new and different. Although I viewed the course contents in just one day, the knowledge gained will last me a lifetime.

Congratulations to Stephen and the team for producing a wonderful new addition to the iPhotography family of courses!

Laura Harrison

My first impression on opening the course was wow it’s colourful and inviting. Looking through the course their is something for all levels of students from the first module showing different camera’s from compact to DSLR very informative explanations of how they work in the video format which keeps your attention and interest alive, the new video format is a fantastic idea for those with little time and it covers so many different ideas for home projects, I particulary liked the module on how to set up your own home studio at very little expense the videos are not to long and interesting very professionally done.

I fully recommend this course to anybody who wants to learn more interesting and creative ideas for their photography, they certainly have got me thinking more outside of the box and the ideas don’t have to be expensive and the bonus is you can go back and look at the videos as many times as you like refresh yourself like in all the other great courses . Simply put congratulations to the iphotography team for producing another winning course.

Phil Youd