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2022 will be the wedding industry’s busiest year yet. There will be a rush for couples to tie the knot once this Pandemic is over.


According to The Wedding Report – in the USA there will be a record 2.77 million weddings in 2022, with a jaw-dropping $60 Billion being spent!


We’ve developed the world’s first online “Live Action” wedding photography course that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to become a paid wedding photographer.

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The hotel, guests, confetti, wedding dress, meals, ring bearers….


We spared no expense to create what we believe is the world’s easiest, fastest and most revolutionary online wedding photography course experience you could have.

iPhotography Wedding Masterclass features how to photograph families, groups, children, indoors and outdoors, daytime and dusk. From meeting the clients to the final photos – we cover it all for you.

As you advance through this online wedding photography course and watch us break it all down, piece by piece – your fears will melt away and your confidence will soar.

You’ll realise that shooting a wedding isn’t all that difficult.

Anyone with an interest in photography can shoot a wedding – and with the right guidance you will do an impressive job of it too!

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Wedding Photographers are quickly becoming some of the most in-demand people in the industry

There are simply not enough photographers to meet the rising demand for weddings. And as this increases, photographer’s fees will only shoot up – pricing many couples out of the market.

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And all they want is someone good enough to capture the memories and the stories of their special day, at a price they can afford.

We can help you fill the in the market by showing you how to become a fantastic wedding photographer and reach out to this huge market of Brides and Grooms in-waiting.


Here’s a quick overview of just some of what you’re going to learn from this packed wedding photography course:

Introduction: Meet your course tutors, Emily Lowrey, a wedding photographer with 10 years of experience and Stephen Walton a pro portrait photographer & former studio manager. Emily and Stephen outline what’s to come within the iPhotography Wedding Masterclass and a little about themselves.

Choosing the Right Camera: Emily is going to take you through what types of cameras are suitable for wedding photography and what essential features to look out for.

Lens Choices: Getting your lens choice correct is essential for creating beautiful wedding portraits. We’ll show you what you’ll need, and what to avoid.

Other Equipment: It’s not just camera and lenses though, there’s a whole other list of important accessories which will make your life much easier and safer.

Camera Bags & Accessories: Emily’s got even more suggestions and recommendations for accessories and kits that will be handy to have on-site.

Lighting Tutorial: You’ll find using a flash a real help and a creative outlet for your wedding portraits. Emily will take you through how to use off-camera flash.

Pre-Consultation with Clients: Learning about your clients will help you shape your plans and ideas. Emily will give you an idea on how to create a pre-consultation questionnaire. 

Same-Sex Weddings: Customising your weddings to your client makes it much more personal. Emily gives out some tips on how to market and plan for same-sex clientele. 

Meeting Clients & Planning: Emily will give you a review of her experience on meeting clients and what you should be thinking and asking of your client to shape their photographs.

Preparing for a Wedding: You can’t prepare enough! Over preparation isn’t a bad thing either. Therefore, we’ve got a little list of tips from what to wear to how to plan your day ahead of the wedding.

Arriving at the Venue: We’ve arrived at our wedding venue! What do you do next? Don’t worry Emily’s got some advice on what you should consider and look out for.

Bridal Prep Advice: These are the first shots you’ll be taking with your clients, so you need to make a good impression. We’ll show you how to be efficient with time and what shots you should be aiming to cover.

Bridal Prep Practical: Let us show you some creative shots and ideas you should be able to capture in all your bridal prep moments. 

Details: You can’t overlook the details! These are the smaller intimate photos such as bouquets, shoes, jewellery, and other gifts that give flavour to the day.

Dress & Bride Portraits: Understanding boundaries and showing respect is vital to building trust with Brides. Emily will give you great tips about where to stand and how to conduct yourself as the Bride is getting dressed.

The First Look: Probably one of the most anticipated and iconic shots of any wedding is the ‘first look’. Shots of the Bride fully dressed on her own (and getting her Father’s reaction) will be a memory no one wants to miss.

Bridal Prep at Home: Not every wedding will start at a venue, it may begin at home. Emily’s got some wise words about how to prepare for a location you may not get to visit beforehand.

Groom Prep: Time for the guys to step up and get some camera attention. Don’t forget to plan time for capturing the Groom & Best Man’s preparation. Stephen will give you some advice on what to expect and how to work.

Posing the Groom: Men aren’t always the most comfortable in front of the camera so capturing candid images throughout the day may be your best bet. We’ve got a great little set-up that you’ll encounter at most wedding parties to get the most natural reactions.

More Posing Ideas: Emily’s going to give you more ideas, camera settings and directing tips to capture natural group shots of the Groom and Groom’s party outside of the venue.

Pre-Ceremony Preparation: Whilst the room is ready and untouched, we’ll show you what to think about and look out for before ahead of the start of the ceremony.

Ceremony Practical: As the ceremony begins and the guests arrive, you’ll need to be ready and capture a range of candid moments. We’ve also got ideas on how to work if you’ve got an assistant with you.

Register Signing: You’ll need to be aware of the laws surrounding taking shots of the register signing, but we’ll make sure we can help you fill that time with other shots whilst your happy couple are doing the legal bits. 

Outdoor Ceremony Tips: If your wedding is being staged outdoors, you’ll be at the mercy of the weather. Either way we’ll show you how to work in non-ideal lighting conditions.

Church Ceremony Tips: Church weddings provide a different type of challenge. You may struggle with low light, rigid layouts, and fewer choices of angles. Emily will help you to maximise your shots despite any limitations.

Location Scouting at a Church: Just like a hotel venue, it’s important to scout out the Church beforehand and make a note of aspects to take advantage of and watch out for.

Large Groups: It may seem daunting to photograph big family groups. It’s more about crowd control rather than capturing stylish photos. So be prepared to speak up!

Editing Large Group Shots: Once you’ve got your group shots Emily will take you into Photoshop and how to fix group shots if you get the inevitable person that blinks during your photos.

Confetti Photos: A staple part of most weddings (but not all) confetti can make a shot look chaotic, so you’ll need Emily’s ideal camera settings to make sure you get the right shot.

Smaller Groups: If your wedding is a little more intimate, you’ll be able to increase your creativity and posing ideas as Emily will guide you through.

Bouquet Throwing: This is not a shot you’ll do twice so be prepared and listen to Emily’s suggestions about where you should stand and what camera settings you’ll need to succeed. 

Indoor Groups: If the weather’s not looking appealing outdoors or your wedding is at night then you’ll need to know how to set up either flashes or LED lights to capture indoor group shots.

Posing for Groups: There are several different posing shapes to follow to create strong compositions in group shots as Emily will now demonstrate. 

Posing Children: If you can win over the kids at a wedding, you’re on track for success – but it doesn’t’ always go that way. Stephen will show you a couple of little tricks on trying to get the happy expressions out of the little ones. 

Natural Light Indoors: Use natural light where possible, it’ll be your friend throughout a wedding. Emily demonstrates a few different poses and angles that you could consider capturing natural light group portraits.

Location Scouting: Checking out your venue before you turn on the camera is enjoyable and helps you feel more confident about the layout. There are some important features to look out for to make it fun for everyone else though too! 

Couple Portraits Introduction: Choosing the right location and saying the right prompts are all you need to consider when getting the couple alone for those all-important personal portraits.

How to Get Authentic Photos: Candid portraits can look more natural and genuine – but how do you ‘stage’ a candid photo? Emily’s got some hilarious games to try with your happy couple. 

Framing & Environment: Finding opportunities to exploit your surroundings to benefit the composition of your portraits is a great way to blend the background in with your clients. We’ll show you ways to increase the depth of field and watch out for useful leading lines.

Indoor Portraits: Back indoors, we’ve got more suggestions on how to keep your couple shots look intimate even in busy environments.

Evening Portraits: As the light starts to fade Emily demonstrates how to set up and position an off-camera flash to create beautiful and moody low light portraits.

Portraits in the City: If your couple are ‘city slickers’ you’ll need a different set of senses to keep you on your toes. Shooting in the city requires eyes in the back of your head to protect yourself but also capitalise on unexpected opportunities.

Details of the Room: Just as with Bridal and Groom preparation, the detailed shots of the wedding breakfast room are the things that colour the day. 

Couple Entrance Tips: The Bride and Groom enter the room for the first time as a wedded couple the guests will stand up and applaud – but where does the photographer go? Emily knows!

Photographing Speeches: Reaction, reaction, reaction is all you need to consider with the speeches. You don’t know what’s going to be said and whether they’ll be tears or laughter – hopefully, both, but either way these tips from Emily will get you ready for all eventualities. 

Downtime During a Wedding: Time for a break but use this window wisely! Get your head together, refresh your kit and yourself so you’re prepared for the rest of the day.

Introduction: As the sun sets wedding photography will get a little more tasking. But not with Emily’s introduction on what to expect and what to have in your camera bag so you’re ready to adapt.

Candid Photography Tips: As the drinks start flowing and the music begins to boom the guests maybe a little more relaxed and open to you capturing some table shots. 

First Dance: Along with the ‘first look’ and the ‘first kiss’, the ‘first dance’ completes the trifecta of important ‘firsts’ at any wedding. Emily will demonstrate how to use flash, so it doesn’t overpower the atmosphere of the moment. 

Leaving on a High: As the wedding starts to wrap up it’s time for you to pack up and bid your farewells – but there’s even protocol for that. Leaving on a good note with your clients and venue staff is an important step in networking future weddings.

How to Cull Images: This is the first lesson that will make the next ones faster. Emily will show you, using Lightroom, how she decides on how she selects the right shot and what to do with the others.

How to Batch Edit Quickly: Creating an efficient workflow will save you time at the editing stage. Using pre-sets and batch editing gives your photos consistency which is important to a small business. 

Developing Your Own Style: Over time having your own, eye-catching, photographic style is important to stand out in your local wedding photography market. Emily shows you what to consider when deciding on a direction.

Edit with Me: Part 1: In the first part of this ‘Edit with Me’ lesson Emily will show you how to make basic cropping, white balance, and exposure adjustments to some of her images.

Edit with Me: Part 2: Continuing the ‘Edit with Me’ lesson we’ll talk about what images will be important to your client (even if it isn’t technically perfect). 

Edit with Me: Part 3: The last lesson in our ‘Edit with Me’ section Emily will demonstrate black and white editing to create an intimate atmosphere for those beautiful first dance photos and others.  

Backing Up Your Images: If you don’t back up your photos afterwards, you’re asking for trouble! We’ll cover what the best process is and how to secure your photos using the 3-2-1 rule.

Choosing the Best Images: Now that our 500+ photos are edited and looking pretty, how do we sort them out to give our clients less of a headache and choose the best shots for our own future marketing? Let us show you.

Networking in the Industry: If you’re building a wedding photography business and you aren’t networking with other shooters and companies then you’re missing out. Emily talks through partnerships and hiring second photographers to assist your commissions. 

Shaping Your Business: In this lesson, we’ll show you how to attract the ideal client that you want to work with. How do you find them, and how do you market for them? We’ll show you all in this video.

Social Media Tips: Getting online and getting social is the heartbeat that pulses your business's marketing. These social media tips and advice will better inform you on where to get set up and what type of content you should be posting. 

Pricing Your Work: Emily has got the best advice to this all-important question – ‘how much should I charge?’ It’s an answer with many threads and twists but we’ll unravel that to make sense of what to consider when growing your business. 

Business Automation: It’s not cheating to automate some of your business practises - in fact you’re being counter-productive if you don’t. Planning schedules, setting reminders and meeting deadlines are all made achievable by letting technology do the work for you. 

The Costs of Running a Business: If you’re running costs are higher than what you’re charging then you’ll be out of business quickly. Emily assesses running costs and how to keep them low maximising profits to grow your business.

Interview with Emily Lowrey: Get to know more about your course tutor – Emily Lowrey. A wedding photographer and business owner with over a decade of experience in the industry.

Find out how she got started, the challenges she faced and why she believes being a wedding photographer is the best job ever!


Emily Lowrey Edit with Apps Online Course

Emily Lowrey

Professional Wedding Photographer

Emily Lowrey is a professional Wedding Photographer with over a decade of experience, shooting hundreds of weddings for a wide variety of clientele.

Emily is also an ambassador for several high-end photography brands including Meike, Instamic, Luminar and Aputure lighting. She’s also featured as an ambassador for “Woman in Photography” by the UK Photography Show.

In the Wedding Photography Masterclass Emily has poured everything she knows about how to shoot weddings and run a successful full or part-time wedding photography business.


When you complete the iPhotography Wedding Masterclass you’ll receive a personalised course graduation certificate.

Posted to your door, with free shipping, you’ll have a premium document certified by CPD to show your clients that you’ve completed formal training in wedding photography and they’re in safe hands with a skilled and creative photographer.



The iPhotography Wedding Masterclass is the only course of its kind where you get to watch and learn as we ‘live pause’ every aspect of a wedding from start to finish.

Instead of instructors telling what they did AFTER the occasion, our Masterclass pauses a simulated wedding to give you the settings, angles and thinking AS IT HAPPENS.

This is as close as you can get to actually being at the wedding with us.

Emily will demonstrate and share the best angles, camera settings, lenses and all of the many other tips, tricks and techniques that just wouldn’t be possible in any ordinary wedding photography course.

Wedding Photographs


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Wedding Masterclass Reviews

We asked a few of our course members to share their thoughts about the iPhotography Wedding Masterclass and how it has helped them. Watch the short video below to hear their feedback:


With this Masterclass you’re getting the best wedding photography course because it will prepare you better than almost anyone else entering this business for the first time.

Single Payment:

Monthly Plan:

Wedding Photographer's Library

A library of handouts, checklists, templates and questionaires that cover all types of wedding photography and everything you need to run a successful wedding photography business.

72 Lesson Wedding Photography Masterclass

Live action certified wedding photography course broken down into 72 easy-to-digest classes. A complete A-Z masterclass that takes you from novice to competent wedding photographer.

Lifetime Access

Unlike a physical workshop, you’ll be able to watch each class over and over again – until you’re as confident and knowledgeable as any pro wedding photographer.


We offer a full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. You’re either thrilled with the iPhotography Wedding Masterclass and the transformative effect it’s had on your photography, or just let us know within 30 days and we’ll issue a full refund – no questions asked!


Why is now a good time to become a wedding photographer?

Due to COVID, millions of couples worldwide were forced to postpone their weddings in 2020 & 2021. So, 2022 is set to be the wedding industry’s busiest year in history, as couples rush to tie the knot now that the Pandemic is over.

Unfortunately, there are not enough wedding photographers to meet this demand which has opened up a golden window of opportunity for anyone who is willing to learn how to become a wedding photographer and who wants to earn a good second income.

I'm a beginner, can I still shoot a wedding?

With the step-by-step training and guidance you’ll get from the iPhotography Wedding Masterclass anyone with an established passion for photography can shoot a wedding. We take you through the planning stages all the way through to tips for running a successful wedding photography business.

If you already know your way around your digital camera and have basic knowledge of photo editing platforms such as Lightroom and Photoshop, then this course is perfect for you.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly your fears evaporate and how fast your confidence and technical ability grows, as you watch us live-pause a wedding while breaking everything down into super-simple steps.

Will this course teach me the technical aspects of wedding photography?

We assume only a small amount of basic knowledge before starting. Knowing how to use semi and fully manual modes as well as the basic interface of Photoshop and Lightroom will be useful in advance – everything else, we’ll teach you!

In this wedding photography course, Emily goes into great detail about what equipment you’ll need, what settings to use, when, where, how and why you should use them and so much more.

How is this masterclass different to other wedding photography courses and workshops?

The reason why the iPhotography Wedding Photography Masterclass is so much more effective than other courses, workshops or books on the subject is that you get to watch and learn professional wedding photographers ‘live pause’ every aspect of a wedding from start to finish.

And this is where the magic happens.

It’s as close as you can get to actually being there at the wedding with us, as we teach, explain, share and expose you to all the nuances of wedding photography.

The best angles, camera settings, choice of lenses, poses and all of the many other tips and tricks that just wouldn’t be possible in any ordinary wedding photography course.

Best of all, you get lifetime access so there is no fear of forgetting 80% of what you were taught at a workshop.

You can go through the course and worksheets again and again until you’re as confident and knowledgeable as any pro wedding photographer.

What types of weddings does this course cover?

The iPhotography Wedding Photography Masterclass teaches you how to shoot a traditional “white wedding”.

However, the principles and techniques can be applied to any type of wedding; from beach (destination) weddings, informal weddings, civil ceremony weddings, intimate or large weddings, same-sex weddings, theme-based weddings, and more.

Indeed, throughout the course, we’ll share with you some of our many stories, experiences and lessons learned from shooting all kinds of weddings from hilarious theme based weddings to the outright strange and unusual!

What is your guarantee on this wedding photography masterclass?

We believe so strongly in the iPhotography Wedding Masterclass that we’re giving you a full 30-days to inspect the masterclass and all its included resources.

Take your time and go through some lessons. Download the tools and worksheets and if you don’t think that you’ll make back at least 7 times what you paid for it from your very first wedding, then send an email to [email protected] and we’ll refund you in full. No jumping through hoops or explanations are necessary.

However, understand that the biggest risk to you isn’t “what if I change my mind?”. The real risk is in letting an incredible, life-changing opportunity slip through your fingers.

I've been asked to shoot a wedding and need to learn fast. Will this course help me?

Yes! This is the course you need to get a fast and thorough grounding in how to shoot a wedding from start to finish and manage the entire day successfully.

You can take your time to work through the online lessons or, give yourself a crash course in wedding photography over the course of a day or two!

Due to its unique ‘live pause learning’ there is no other wedding course or workshop that provides this level of experiential learning from the comfort of home.


Photography Course

Perfect for beginners!
Before you leave, make sure you’ve secured your FREE online photography course the ’30 Day Photographer’ (worth ).

Each class is just 60-seconds or less making it the fastest and easiest way to learn photography!