Top 10 Photos of the Month

May 2021

Each month the iPhotographyâ„¢ Gallery sees hundreds of images uploaded by our students. Here are the Top 10 most popular images from the last 4 weeks:

1. Randy Wayman

Top 10 image number 1
Here are just a few of the comments from iPhotography students;


I love this kind of landscape, it just holds me in awe. And what an amazing capture – it really gives a sense of the space and ruggedness of the land and of Mother Nature at work.

Awesome landscape image Randy. The raw power of nature. Great lighting, colours and perfect timing.

Love it, Randy! The golden hour light coming from the side underneath the storm is beautiful.

2. Catherine Lawson

Top 10 Photos of the Month Number 2
Here are just a few of the comments from iPhotography students;


“Love the angle this is taken from, everyone looks really happy and looks really good in b&w – a wonderful family picture.

Wonderful family portrait. Definitely one for the wall!.”

I think everyone’s comments already sum it up Catherine – a really nice family portrait. Well done for getting detail in the sky too as well as the family’s faces nicely exposed too – not easy on sunny days.”

3. Carol Fourie

Top 10 Photos of the Month Number 3
Here are just a few of the comments from iPhotography students;


I like the fact that it’s hard to tell whether this is a straightforward photo of multiple in situ layers of graffiti that have built up over the years or an image you have created yourself by layering shots of graffiti from different sources. Whatever the process was the end result is very effective and has the feel of a collaged portrait.

I think this is very cleverly done – my kind of edit – it really does look like that is genuine graffiti image on the side of a building somewhere. To me this is editing at its best and why I love photo composites if you have the right combination of images. Well done. This for me is a winner.”

Congratulations Carol! This is excellent, you’ve done a great job and well deserved 🙂 I never saw the original but this looks like an original.”


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4. Anne Luther-Gandy

Top 10 Photos of the Month Number 4
Here are just a few of the comments from iPhotography students;


This is stunning, I love the clarity of the doves eye (the one in flight). I have a special place in my heart for Doves, Woodies & feral pigeons. Such peaceful loving and nurturing birds. Great action shot.

Perfect in every way. Congrats on a stunning image Anne.

Really lovely. The one dove looks almost ornamental as it sits on the clay pot. Lovely capture of the second dove landing.


5. Roz May

Top 10 Photos of the Month Number 5
Here are just a few of the comments from iPhotography students;


What a stunning pair of images. Brilliant. The colours here are so vibrant, with that red glow in the middle!! Wow.

This is fab. I love how the colours interweave. Nothing wrong with your editing skills here!!!

Oh wow I would never have guessed what the image had started off as – that’s an amazing edit given the level of abstractness from the original. Well done Roz!.”


6. Laura Harrison

Top 10 Photos of the Month Number 6
Here are just a few of the comments from iPhotography students;


This is STUNNING. I really love it! 😀
The shape reminds me of sand dunes. I love the curves and texture of the leaf. It’s very well lit and really has emotion being on the black background. Fantastic idea and really well executed Laura 😀

That is brilliant Laura! I really thought it was an exotic sand dune until I read your title! Just wow. It’s a 6*!

I can only echo what has been said already, Laura. Absolutely wonderful!!!


7. Andrea Gully

Top 10 Photos of the Month Number 7
Here are just a few of the comments from iPhotography students;


love this, Andrea! vibrant colors against the black background are perfect, and cool edit!

Love this one aswell. Really vivid colours and great editing.

Nicely done Andrea. Love the colours and the way they are “dripping “ from the top of the frame.

8. Bev Trainer

Top 10 Photos of the Month Number 8
Here are just a few of the comments from iPhotography students;


It looks so inviting and warm with the colours but the heavy clouds and rain spray makes it really cold and stormy, its a wonderful conflict another reason I’m so excited to meet you at Whitby! 🙂

Omg Bev! What a shot love that sky. And the silhouette adds great depth to the image.

What a great shot, love the peaceful pasture scene ahead of a turbulent storm coming in, great contrast. The composition is also beautiful, the line of the hill leads the eye into the photo, the line of the cloud leads you back towards the line of the hill….well done!


9.  Ana Bicarregui

Top 10 Photos of the Month Number 9
Here are just a few of the comments from iPhotography students;


Beautiful reflections and the warm/cool tones make it seem so dramatic!

I love this one as well, such a beautiful sky and the reflections in the water, and the silhouette of the dock are really appealing

Agree it looks as though the sky is on fire, love the composition and the reflections.


10. Nicki Cameron

Top 10 Photos of the Month Number 10
Here are just a few of the comments from iPhotography students;


Wow a stunning shot of a stunning cat. The eyes are crystal clear and just stand out in that photo. I can almost hear the cat purring with contentment.

Just beautiful Nicki. Love the close crop and the softness of the image. Such a beautiful cat. Congratulations!

This is beautiful, agree with all the above, wish my cat would pose for me but he just wants to come up close to me for a fuss.

Congratulations to everyone who featured in the Top 10 this month. Thank you to all of our students who have uploaded images this past month and for all of those who have taken the time to comment and rate their fellow students work. Keep the amazing images coming and see if you can become one of the Top 10 images next month.

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