From amateur photographer to photography competition winner!

Tim works as a purchasing assistant, but his real passion is photography. His main focus is wildlife photography, although he dabbles in most areas.

Before starting with iPhotography, Tim considered himself an amateur photographer, but wanted to learn how to develop his own unique style and learn new photography techniques, to enable him to take striking, contemporary, modern images like the professionals.

He didn’t have the time to read books and found he hadn’t learnt enough from other courses/classes that he had previously taken, but he knew that he wanted to do something meaningful with his life and join a community of like-minded photographers.

Tim Archer Photography
“For me it is all about making that connection between the animal and myself, and then showing the world how I see them.”
Tim Archer
Tim Archer Photography

Through iPhotography he found an interactive course and community, where he could have his photography work critiqued by experts, learn exciting new techniques, without having to spend a fortune on fancy new equipment.

Since taking an iPhotography course, Tim has had several successes. His best achievement was winning 1st and second place in the Residence of Marwell Zoo category, at his local zoo. His two winning photos were turned into large billboards and put on display for a year.

iPhotography helped give him the confidence to take on paid jobs doing Baby shoots and even a few Wedding shoots (although weddings still make him nervous) – eek!

"I think what makes iPhotography so great is the community that it has created. It’s a real confidence boost when you get nice helpful comments on your photos from fellow students and the tutors. I don’t think I would I have pushed myself to enter the competition last year at my Zoo and I would have never thought in a million years I would actually win anything if it wasn’t for everyone at iPhotography."
Tim Archer


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