From Beginner to Winner: The successful rise of Shona’s photography business
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Shona from Australia is a 32-year-old single mother of two, and now has her own photography Business.

Before taking iPhotography Course Shona was a total beginner! She chose this course to help her learn to use her camera and also so that she could develop her own modern, contemporary and unique photography style.

Shona also had the desire to earn some extra money through her photography, wanted to do something meaningful with her life, and make her family proud.

Before signing up with iPhotography, Shona didn’t feel confident enough to get out there with her camera and yet also felt frustrated by the fact that she didn’t have time to read books on the subject. She didn’t know where or how to start and she didn’t even own a camera!

After joining iPhotography, and learning about cameras and equipment at the start of the course, Shona went out and purchased her first camera – a canon 60D.

Since starting her journey with iPhotography, Shona became a single mum and found herself needing to bring in a steady income for her family.


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“2 and a half years later, my little buddy (canon 60D) and I have won numerous local competitions and have been published in an international magazine called ‘Fashion Kids.’”

– Shona Brand


Shona Brand

When I started my business I had my 60D and a Facebook account (that’s it) and over the years I have just worked at building it up. I am now in the process of expanding my business and having a small staff as well. This course really did help me live my dream and still after so many years I enjoy going to work. To think if I didn’t take the leap and do this course I would probably still be miserable in a dead end job waiting tables.

I would just like to tell anyone reading this and considering if they should take the leap or not… just do it… your life won’t be what you want it to be if you don’t make the moves. I’m a highschool dropout and I’ve worked hard to get my dream job underway and this course was a perfect start for me because I felt it was so easy to follow and it kept my attention the whole way through.