From polaroid to professional photographer!

I really got into photography when my kids were born my husband bought me a point and shoot camera and things just took off. I would read anything and everything about cameras and photography. Then I found iPhotography.

I flew through all the courses I couldn’t get enough. And practiced any time I could!!

The courses walked me through everything I needed to know to create the images I wanted. As my kids grew I realized how important it is to capture these moments I wanted to be able to take a family picture to capture this point in their lives when their kids are so tiny and to add a touch of magic to it.

To make it look like they are in a fairy tale, to capture their silly personalities and the love for each other.

baby photography tips by and photographer Jessica Nightingale
“I have always loved photography since I was little I remember dressing up my sisters to take pictures of them on my Polaroid camera! I always had a camera on me everywhere I went.”
Jessica Nightingale
"It’s so important to have something that will last for generations. That is what I always wanted to do and what I aim for in every shoot. iPhotography really helped me get there! I am still learning and growing every day in photography I love all the new courses that have been added over the years, it has continued to help me grow."
Jesica Nightingale