From total beginner to landscape photography competition winner!
Fred West is a 66 year old civil servant. He was born with a condition that meant he struggled to remember things, this made studying and learning new skills difficult for him.

Although Fred was a total photography beginner, he was keen to start a new hobby and develop his artwork, but found other online photography courses to be overpriced and expensive. Then he discovered and quickly joined iPhotography Course!

Fred soon uncovered an inner passion for both landscape and macro photography. He bought himself a new Canon 550D which he took on vacation. When he returned home, he found he had some beautiful photos of the coastline of Great Britain.

Around the same time, he saw an advert for a landscape photography competition which he entered… and WON!


“iPhotography taught me to think creatively and as an individual.”

– Fred West


Fred now has his own webpage with an online gallery and a shop which sells a large range of products. I am sure you will all agree that is so inspiring and impressive to see how far Fred has developed his skills, abilities and talents – not just in his photography, but also by using his knowledge to transform his work into his very own product range!


I was born without the ability to remember things, but the course seemed to be tailor made for me. My overall pass was 85%, so even without hardly any memory to remember things I was able to pass.

The reason I bring this up is to say this:

‘No matter who you are, you can go forward and learn and take photos, explaining what your direction is and where you think you are going to go.’