Amy Colmenero

From amateur photographer to photography competition winner!

Amy is a 16-year-old high school student from the USA and part of a teen police group with the Houston police.

Before taking iPhotography Course, Amy was a total beginner. She wanted to learn new techniques and how to compose better photographs, but just didn’t have the spare time to read books on the subject.

Amy was attracted to iPhotography because she felt the website exuded trust, confidence and professionalism (just like herself).


“I am a part of a teen police group with the Houston Police Department. I now take photographs for the events that we do. I really enjoy the program and I recently got promoted. I also take pictures for my other teen group at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. Thanks to iPhotography Course I learnt new vocabulary, skills, and techniques to better use my DSLR camera.”

– Amy Colmenero


Amy is also in the process of developing her own photography website. We are impressed by Amy’s passion for photography and life… and let’s not forget, she is only 16yrs old! She is an inspirational and talented young lady and we predict very good things for Amy and look forward to watching her progression and development moving forward.