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It’s a Whole New Way to Learn Photography with Personal 1-on-1 Feedback and a Thriving Membership Community that Helps Take Your Photography from Ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY!

 Are these frustrations

holding you back?

You don’t have enough time to take photos?

You lack confidence in your photography?

You don’t understand your camera’s settings?

You don’t understand the technical jargon?

You struggle to come up with creative shots?

You don’t know how to edit your photos?

You don’t know where to get feedback?

If “yes”, then you’re not alone!

iPhotography PLUS is the home for aspiring photographers like you who are looking to dramatically improve their photography skills while building the confidence they need to get out with their camera.

Membership to iPhotography PLUS gives you the tools, personal support and training along with access to a private community of passionate photographers who are being closely guided by a team of experienced, professional photography tutors.

What iPhotography PLUS will do for you:

Member Benefit #1:

Personalized Video critiques

The fastest way to develop your photography skills is by getting direct feedback, usable tips and personal guidance that is based on actual images that you have taken. And nobody does feedback better than iPhotography’s top gun team of pro photographers!

Twice a month we handpick a selection of photos that PLUS members like you have taken and we give you personal in-depth video feedback.

You will watch as we discuss, dissect and critique your images on screen, focussing not only on the positives of your creativity but also giving practical, constructive feedback and simple specific ideas on where you can make an instant improvement. In some cases, we even edit your photos live to show you precisely how and where to make those improvements.

You’ll benefit from a range of tutor feedback, opinions and experience that you simply won’t get anywhere else.

Member Benefit #2:

Interactive SkillTrack™️ training

If you’ve ever felt frustrated, overwhelmed or confused by generic photography courses which bombard you with everything but the kitchen sink… then this membership benefit is for you!

Using interactive branching technology, SkillTrack™ delivers interactive photography training that changes on the fly according to the simple choices you make. Ultimately, you build a clear, concise personalized learning pathway that allows you to develop the photography skills you want in the shortest, most efficient and effective way possible.

We’ve got 20+ lessons to enjoy and every month you’ll get one fresh new SkillTrack™ covering a different area of photography from camera basics to advanced techniques.

Decision Based Learning

The choices you make throughout these lessons dictate the topics you’ll learn. See the outcomes of your decisions, skip areas you already know and get straight to the facts you need, saving you time.

SkillTrack™️ Technology

An ongoing source of photography lessons, presented using ground-breaking SkillTrack™️ Technology which delivers a tailored learning experience for your precise needs. 

interactive video screen on laptop

You Control the Outcome

No more getting bogged down by training that’s irrelevant to you. Pick your own learning path!

Games and Challenges

You’ll find custom designed mini-tests, games and challenges built directly into the video training. Use this gamification to improve your skill retention with a personalised training path.

It’s Like Having Your Own Personal On-Demand Photography Coach – without the huge expense!

Member Benefit #3:

An ever growing library of tools

You can’t take photos and be on the internet at the same time, that’s why iPhotography PLUS provides a tonne of valuable offline resources that enable you to plan, shoot and edit your photographs without being distracted.

Using the iPhotography PLUS Kitbag you’ll have access to an overloaded download library packed with photo tips, contract templates, copyright examples, PDF shooting guides to help you get started.

We’ve got custom designed actions and brushes for Photoshop pre-sets for Lightroom and high-res backgrounds to transform your photographs into digital art. These tools are created by our teaching staff exclusively for iPhotography PLUS students. You can even send us your own creations to put in the Kitbag.

Member Benefit #4:

Network with photographers worldwide

We believe a passionate atmosphere breeds a passionate artist. With iPhotography PLUS create your own social media styled profile to discover and connect with other students. Photography is all about networking, learning from others and discovering a different point of view. Our premium platform allows you to build up a list of photo friends across the world that you can chat to.

Forge real-world connections using our invitation feature to arrange meet-ups with other local students and get yourself a camera buddy. It’s a great place to share tips about your photo experiences and find out how others created their shots with direct private messages.

Member Benefit #5:

1 on 1 Feedback

Personal help and support from our team of tutors!

Get straight, honest answers to your most pressing photography questions and camera issues from our faculty of photography pro’s.

iPhotography+ saves you time and frustration searching the internet for half-baked answers to your questions. Our team are on hand to give you personalized answers to all photo queries. No question is too basic – come with no experience and you’ll gain plenty.

Member Benefit #6:

Skill Building Assignments

Self-assessment is a vital skill to implement away from the iPhotography PLUS community. These extra assignments will test your camera skills across a range of disciplines and teach you how to grade your own work.

Each assignment has a main objective, possible hazards to watch out for and example images to grade yourself against.

Watch your photography skills grow as you become your own mentor, picking up on potential pitfalls, compositional mis-steps and key areas for improvement as you’re out shooting. The best way to retain information is to practice it daily, and our self-assignments are the perfect outlet to do so.

Member Benefit #7:


Photography isn’t always about the gear, but when time and money allow it’s great to upgrade or add to your kit bag with new accessories to elevate your photography to the next level.

iPhotography PLUS has teamed up with carefully hand-picked partners to deliver plus members exclusive discounts on a number of different brands and products.

An iPhotography PLUS membership pays for itself in the savings you will make!

Group Chats Webinars QandA PLUS Trial Image

Member Benefit #8:


Every couple of months we live stream a photography webinar, host a Q&A or run a group video chat. These live video events are available to exclusively watch through our iPhotography PLUS private Facebook group.

Join in with the chats and get extra tips and insights with live demos from pro photographers. Our group chats are great fun, allowing you to virtually meet your fellow PLUS members and sometimes play our fun quizzes!

Member Benefit #9:

A Private, Inspirational Community That Answers All Your Questions

Let’s introduce you to the iPhotography PLUS private Facebook Group – it’s a thriving photography club in the palm of your hands.

Every day you’ll find uplifting discussions, interesting debates, behind the scenes photos, hilarious conversations and of course a LOT of inspirational photography talk! There are also daily questions, polls, inspiring features and quizzes to spark conversation

If you have a pressing photography question or issue then you have instant access to 24/7 responses; our worldwide members are posting comments and images throughout the day and night!

Member Benefit #10:


Each month we run a brilliant photo contest. As well as being great fun, we reward winners with valuable prizes; from camera accessories to new training courses! And don’t think for a second that you wouldn’t win because many of our past winners were complete novices.

On top of this, our teaching team are always on the lookout for inspirational members to be crowned ‘Member of the Month’A title that gets your best shots showcased to the whole group.

iPhotography PLUS is jam-packed with these Incredible member benefits:

You’ll gain access to all of these incredible member benefits and become part of a thriving community of aspiring photographers who are rapidly building their skills, knowledge and experience.



Video Critiques


Member of the Month

DOUBLE Gallery Uploads


Partner Discounts

Competition Prizes

Exclusive Downloads

Facebook Group


SkillTrack™️ Training


Premium Guides

Tutor Support

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Become an iPhotography PLUS Member today and you’ll also get the our MEGA book of Photography Tips absolutely FREE! This digital book is packed with over 30-pages of photography tips and insights, including:

Camera Dial

Drive Modes

Focus Settings

Lens Accessories



Focus Stacking

Sensor Sizes

Exposure Metering

Much more!


Hit the play button in the video below for a sneak peek at just some of the fabulous benefits you’ll get as an iPhotography PLUS member:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between iPhotography PLUS and the regular iPhotography courses?

iPhotography PLUS and iPhotography’s range of courses work side-by-side by because it plugs the gap between simply learning and actually getting the personal help and support you need to apply what you’ve learned without taking up too much of your most precious resource – time.

Through its carefully crafted membership benefits iPhotography PLUS removes the obstacles and frustrations that have held you back so far and provides you with an active support community to keep you inspired and moving forward.

Does it matter what 'level' of photography I am at?

No. iPhotography+ has been designed to cater and support everyone from absolute beginners with zero knowledge, experience or ideas, through to keen amateurs and even Pro’s. If you’ve recently picked up your camera for the first time, then you’re in the right place!

I haven't completed iPhotography Course yet, can I still join iPhotography PLUS?

Absolutely. In fact, iPhotography PLUS has been designed for people who have perhaps struggled to get through the course, perhaps due to time constraints or similar factors. Ultimately, through iPhotography PLUS we’ve created a faster, easier, more streamlined pathway that helps you develop the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to become an excellent photographer. Plus, you access to our private, supportive community which a course alone cannot provide.

I've completed iPhotography Course, how will iPhotography PLUS benefit me?

If you’ve completed the course then joining iPhotography PLUS member will help you get that next level, quickly. Not only will membership refresh and really cement the information you learned during the course, but it will enable you to put it all into massive action – quickly and efficiently, while keeping you inspired, motivated and entertained along the way.

Can I join iPhotography PLUS at anytime?

There will be limited opportunities to join iPhotography PLUS throughout the year. This is so that we can really take care of our existing members by keeping the group relatively small and manageable. If you’re not ready to join today, just add your email to our waiting list and we’ll contact you if and when we reopen. However, please keep in mind that membership fees will be increased for new members who join after this initial launch period.

What are the different payment options?

We offer 2 easy membership payment options: Option 1 is Pay Monthly. Just like a gym or Netflix subscription your card is billed automatically at the same time each month, which gives you unrestricted access to the membership area, past content and the content that is delivered during that month. You can cancel with 1-click at anytime and your card will not be charged again. Option 2 is Pay Annually. This is the best value option because you are getting 12-months of membership for the price of 10. Your card is rebilled at the same time each year. As with the monthly option, you can cancel with 1-click at anytime during your membership. Once you join you are ‘grandfathered in’ at the same price each month/year even when membership fees increase for new members.

If I join monthly can I upgrade to annual membership later?

Yes, you can upgrade to annual membership at any time with just a couple of clicks from your account page. Joining annually saves you money by giving you two months completely free!

Can I cancel if I don’t like it or don’t use it?

Yes. We understand that iPhotography PLUS might not be for everybody. That’s why, like Netflix, you can stop it whenever you choose by clicking the ‘cancel subscription’ button which is located within your new membership area.

So, you won’t need to contact support, explain yourself to anyone, or jump through any hoops. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not absolutely thrilled with iPhotography PLUS for any reason within the first month, then we’ll also refund your membership fee in full. We’ve made joining iPhotography PLUS as risk-free as we possibly can.

How and where do I access my iPhotography PLUS Membership?

The moment you join iPhotography PLUS you’ll automatically unlock brand new areas from within your existing iPhotography course account that regular students can’t access. You’ll be privy to some outstanding benefits, whereas regular students are restricted to their course or gallery.