From the environment they live in, to the speed of their movement. From the shapes of their bodies, to their awesome size (or tiny presence). From their vibrant (or elusive) personalities, to their unpredictable nature…

Photographing animals demands a different set of skills to any other type of photography – and comes with a whole new set of challenges that most photographers are simply not equipped to deal with.

dog photography

Unfortunately, most wildlife loving photographers end up frustrated and unhappy with their shots because they’ve never been shown the right way to capture animals in all of their majestic glory…

Until Now!

iPhotography is excited to announce a brand new course that takes you on a thrilling learning journey from complete novice to skilled wildlife photographer!

What’s Covered In This Wildlife Photography Course?

From common garden insects and beloved furry pets, to birds, big cats and giant beasts – here are some of the animal categories and wildlife locations you’re going to master through this exciting new course:

And much more!

You, the Wildlife Photographer!

Whether you’re a beginner or a wildlife photography enthusiast, you’re about to discover how to dramatically improve your wildlife photos – without needing expensive kit to do it.


You’ll discover the wildlife specific camera settings you need to capture even the fastest moving animals (on land or in flight).

You’ll learn the nuances of animal behaviour so that you can get close enough for sharp, in-focus shots, without scaring the animal, putting yourself in danger, or missing that brief magical moment.

photographing on safari
photographing birds in flight


You’ll discover the essential kit you need, what equipment to take out with you, and what to leave behind. 

And you’ll learn a whole range of tips, techniques and tricks that only the most experienced wildlife photographers know and use to consistently capture wall-worthy animal photos.

Meet Rachel, Your Wildlife Course Instructor!

This online wildlife photography course has been created and delivered by Rachel Sinclair, an expert wildlife photographer, teacher, safari specialist and all round animal lover.

Rachel Sinclair on safari

Hi, I’m Rachel your iPhotography Wildlife Course instructor! After studying photography for four years and working in a busy high street studio shooting weddings and portraits, I realised my calling in life was spent amongst animals.

Since 2007 I have been photographing dogs on location and wild animals all over the world. Having spent copious hours on Kenya’s savannahs capturing wildlife at its rawest, I’ve lead photographic safaris in East Africa’s most magnificent wildlife hot spots and run workshops in the UK, amongst its notorious elusive wildlife.

I love to help amateur photographers create stunning images of wild animals that are worth sharing. I feel each and every one of us can make a real difference to conservation and inspire others to care more about our natural world.

I look forward to you joining me on this wild adventure!