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Sunset Photography Tips by

Sunset & Sunrise Photography

Home As …

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Colour Psychology Guide for Photographers by

Colour Psychology for Photographers

Are your photos a mix-match of colours? Discover the power of colour psychology to make your images look like PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER’S.

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Printing Photos: A New Photographer’s Guide

We’ve got everything you need to know on how to shoot, edit and prepare your photos for print. A full beginner’s guide to printing photos.

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Fantasy Lighting Tutorial

Follow our 4 step editing guide to create beautiful fantasy-styled portrait lighting with any photo. Ideal for beginners. WATCH the video!

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Woodland Photography Tips 1

Woodland Photography Tips

TOP TIPS for woodland and forest photography – perfect to improve your creativity. Fantastic guide for amazing shots of the great outdoors!

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sky replacement

Replacing a Sky in Photoshop

Always getting bland, dull, vanilla skies? Hype it up with our sky replacement tutorial in Photoshop. 5 simple steps to transform any photo you’ve taken!

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Photoshop Blending Modes Blog Feature

Photoshop Layer Blend Modes Explained

Understand in simple terms how each of the Photoshop blending modes in the layers panel mix colours together. Helpful tips and image examples.

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special FX photography

3 Home Photo Projects to try with Kids

Enjoy photography with your kids or grandkids! Try out these 3 AMAZING home photo projects ideal for rainy half terms and school holidays.

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How to Hack a Photographer’s Style

Spend a day in your favourite photographer’s shoes. Discover how to recreate their photos in this simple style hack video tutorial.

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Star Trails Photography Guide for Beginners by

Star Trails Photography

Let us help you find Polaris (North Star) and give you all the tips, tricks and camera settings to help you capture star trail photography.

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wildlife photography webinar Rachel Sinclair

Wildlife Photography Course: What You Need to Know

Want wildlife shots that are always in focus? Introducing our Wildlife Photography Course covering everything from bugs to safari

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Paint Powder Photography Tutorial by

Paint Powder Photography Tips

Paint Powder photography can be so much FUN! Here are some beginner tips and tricks to get you on your way to your first photoshoot!

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Why Expensive Camera Equipment Doesn’t Matter

You don’t need an expensive camera to take fantastic photos. Story, composition, and lighting are much more important. Let’s see why!

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Clone Photography Tutorial

Clone photography is a great photography project for beginners or anyone! Learn how to plan, shoot and edit it in Photoshop.

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Landscape Photography Tutorial by

The Rule Of Thirds in Photography

The rule of thirds is probably the first “rule” a new photographer will come across. So what is the rule & how do we use it?

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Chromatic Aberration Photography Tips by

What Is Chromatic Aberration?

Struggling to make your pictures and colours pin-sharp using a kit or entry-level lens? Chromatic aberration may be at fault. Find out how to get rid of it.

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Night Sky Photography Tutorial by

Astrophotography for Beginners

Astrophotography can be so much fun for new photographers. Explore the best locations, equipment and set up with our amazing beginner’s tips to get started!

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Martin Forrest - A Photographers life

A Photographer’s Life: The Road to Recovery & Positivity

Photographer Martin Forrest walks you through his life-changing accident and how he dealt with the painful hurdles to get back behind the camera.

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Compositional Rules for Photographers by

Cropping Your Photographs: Mistakes To Avoid

Cropping your photographs and removing distractions can be the simplest way to level up your photography skills if you’re a beginner. Read more…

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Flower Photos: Textural Creations by Terry Holdren

Find out how iPhotography student Terry Holdren creates these stunning textural floral photographs. A simple guide for beginners that takes minutes! Read…

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flay lay photography tips by

Flat Lay Photography Tips

Learn how to shoot and light flat lay photography. What is flat lay photography? Who is it for? And how do you create an effective and stylised image?

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