Our iPhotography 2020 Member Awards have once again been a massive success with a huge number of uploads and votes cast in this year’s photography contest.

Now it’s time to reveal all the finalists and winners.

What’s Being Announced?

This year we will be crowning multiple winners in this photography contest. With the addition of new awards in 2020 they’ll be 6 winning members announced today.

To start off we’ll be announcing our 12 Days of Christmas Photography Champion (as well as all 12 category winners).

Then we’ll move on to celebrating our iPhotography Landscape, Portrait and Wildlife images of the year. We’ve even added in a special tutor’s choice prize this year, called the Community Contributor Award.

And finally, we’ll be announcing the big winner of the contests –  iPhotography’s Photographer of the Year 2020.

Our 2020 Photographer of the Year will be walking away with a spectacular bundle.

Including an engraved trophy, a 1-year subscription to iPhotography PLUS (worth £200) and an exclusive iPhotography t-shirt.

competition winners 2019 photography contest

12 Days of Christmas Category Finalists

We’ve had a huge amount of entries for this year’s contest. You overloaded the gallery with evergreen photos and pictures of Christmas characters.

Straight from the off, it was going to be hard to choose 12 category finalists – let alone one overall winner. Either way, here are the 12 finalists as chosen by the iPhotography tutors.

Elizabeth Burk

Day 1 – Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper Elizabeth Burk

Catherine Lawson

Day 2 – Festive Food

Festive Food Catherine Lawson 2

Laura Harrison

Day 3 – Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Laura Harrison

Audrey Schweikert

Day 4 – Winter Animals

Wildlife Audrey Schweikert

Fiona Winn

Day 5 – Festive Portraits

Festive Portraits Fiona Winn

Jillian String

Day 6 – Advent Calendar

Advent Calender Jillian String

Julia Briggs

Day 7 – Winterscapes

Winterscapes Julia Briggs

Lyndsey Ayres

Day 8 – Christmas Characters

Christmas Characters Lyndsey Ayres

Bev Trainer

Day 9 – Evergreen

Evergreen Bev Trainer

Barbara Coulson

Day 10 – Snowflakes

Snowflake Barbara Coulson

Noreen Thorn

Day 11 – Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping Noreen Thorn

Paul Roosjen

Day 12 – Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Paul Roosjen

And the Overall Winner Is…

Laura Harrison

Christmas Tree Laura Harrison

Congratulations to Laura Harrison for becoming our 2020 12 Days of Christmas Photography Contest Champion! 

We loved Laura’s skillful and innovative approach to this creative Christmas Tree photograph.

Building photos from a blank canvas takes a lot of imagination and the right resources to make the story clear. This seemingly random cluster of cutlery is actually a well-designed flatlay sprinkled with some icing to add the festive vibe. And the addition of the gumdrops as Christmas baubles is an inspired twist!

There are so many fantastic elements that made this shot a worthy winner it’s hard to list!

2020 Contest Winners

There have only been 6 previous winners of POTY (Photographer of the Year) so this year’s champion is in a prestigious group. Though the iPhotography tutors selected the shortlist of 10, it was you who voted for the overall winner of this photography contest.

To make it on to the list in the first place is a hard task.

Our tutors review your year’s uploads and look at aspects of development, consistency, creativity, engagement and execution. It’s not about a one-off shot, this is about your entire body of work and attitude as a photographer in the community.

Without further ado here are the contest winners…

Landscape Image of the Year


Christina Cox

Wildlife Image of the Year

Derek Smith

Derek Smith

Portrait Image of the Year

Justyna Adamek

Justyna Adamek

PLUS Image of the Year

Deborah McPhail

Deborah McPhail


This is a very special opportunity for us iPhotography Tutors to highlight one member who has selflessly helped others in the community. We are passionate about learning and education for aspiring photographers.

This Community Contributor Award recognises a member who has consistently offered feedback, praise and encouragement to other members throughout 2020 in the gallery and elsewhere.

We want to give a special thanks to Carol Fourie for never stopping your willingness to help and inspire – without people like you, the community wouldn’t be as strong.

Winner – Carol Fourie

Photographer of the Year 2020

Deborah McPhail

Congratulations to Deborah McPhail for being voted iPhotography 2020 Photographer of the Year!

Deborah has been part of the iPhotography Community since 2018 and in January 2020 joined the iPhotography PLUS membership platform too. Her passion for landscape photography is undoubtedly strong. Despite the torments of 2020, it’s not stopped her following her passion for landscape photography and even adapting her work around national restrictions of activity.

We are so proud to see Deborah getting the recognition her wonderful photography deserves, long may it continue!

Thank you to everyone who entered and voted in our end of year photography contests.

We’re running more photography contests in 2021 as an opportunity to showcase your talents more often.

If you’re not already a member of iPhotography then join the community and start taking the photos you’ve been dreaming of.