Our iPhotography 2021 Member Awards have once again been a massive success with a huge number of uploads and votes cast in this year’s photography contest.

Now it’s time to reveal all the finalists and winners.

What’s Being Announced?

This year we will be crowning multiple winners in this photography contest.

With the addition of new awards in 2021, they’ll be 6 winning members announced today.

To start off we’ll be announcing our 12 Days of Christmas Photography Champion (as well as all 12 category winners).

Then we’ll move on to celebrating our iPhotography Landscape, Creative, Portrait and Wildlife images of the year.

And finally, we’ll be announcing the big winner of the contests –  iPhotography’s Photographer of the Year 2021.

Our 2021 Photographer of the Year will be walking away with a spectacular bundle.

Including an engraved trophy and a 1-year subscription to iPhotography PLUS (worth £200) 

competition winners 2019 photography contest

12 Days of Christmas Category Finalists

We’ve had a huge amount of entries for this year’s contest. You overloaded the gallery with evergreen photos and pictures of Christmas characters.

Straight from the off, it was going to be hard to choose 12 category finalists – let alone one overall winner. Either way, here are the 12 finalists as chosen by the iPhotography tutors.

Ancuta Breaban

Day 1 – Winter Landscapes

Wrapping Paper Elizabeth Burk

Lilla Wantuch-Michalska

Day 2 – Decorations

Festive Food Catherine Lawson 2

Anne Luther Gandy

Day 3 – Morning Mist

Christmas Tree Laura Harrison

Anne Tickner

Day 4 – Winter Woollies

Wildlife Audrey Schweikert

Lucia Kasalova

Day 5 – Evegreen

Festive Portraits Fiona Winn

Rhonda Tough

Day 6 – Winter Wildlife

Advent Calender Jillian String

Christina Cox

Day 7 – Gatherings

Winterscapes Julia Briggs

Roz May

Day 8 – Frozen

Christmas Characters Lyndsey Ayres

Peter Dyson

Day 9 – Winter Shopping

Evergreen Bev Trainer

Wend Burrows

Day 10 – Winter Selfie

Snowflake Barbara Coulson

Catherine Lawson

Day 11 – Festive Food

Christmas Shopping Noreen Thorn

Jayne Williams

Day 12 – Winter Bokeh

Christmas Eve Paul Roosjen

And the Overall Winner Is…

Anne Luther Gandy

Christmas Tree Laura Harrison

Congratulations to Anne Luther Gandy for becoming our 2021 12 Days of Christmas Photography Contest Champion! 

We loved Anne’s technically skilful and emotive shot of the lone fisherman out on the lake.

Christmas isn’t all snowflakes and icicles. There are lots of wonderful ways of showing off the cold weather and the brisk atmosphere we’re greeted with most mornings.

The blanket of morning mist shrouded this image in a soft veil only to be contrasted by the intriguing figure in the boat. Well done to Anne who’s had a wonderful year with her photography. Good luck in 2022! 

2021 Member Award Winners

There have only been 8 previous winners of POTY (Photographer of the Year) so this year’s champion is in a prestigious group.

Though the iPhotography tutors selected the shortlist of 12, it was you who voted for the overall winner of this photography contest.

To make it on to the list in the first place is a hard task.

Our tutors review your year’s uploads and look at aspects of development, consistency, creativity, engagement and execution. It’s not about a one-off shot, this is about your entire body of work and attitude as a photographer in the community.

Without further ado here are the contest winners…

Landscape Image of the Year


James Palmer

Wildlife Image of the Year

Derek Smith

Kevin Pamphlion

Popular Image of the Year


Randy Wayman

Portrait Image of the Year

Justyna Adamek

Phillippa Griffiths

Creative Image of the Year

Deborah McPhail

Julia Briggs

Photographer of the Year 2021

Deborah McPhail

Congratulations to Deborah McPhail for being voted iPhotography 2021 Photographer of the Year!

This is the second year Deborah has been voted Photographer of the Year.  She joined iPhotography PLUS back in 2020 and we’ve been tracking her wonderful progress across her Highland adventures. Her passion for landscape photography is undoubtedly strong. She’s regularly caught the eye of members and tutors in the gallery with her 5-star images taken all across the Western Coast of Scotland.

We are so proud to see Deborah retain the title of Photographer of the Year in a closely fought vote which was only decided by a handful of votes in the final hours.

Thank you to everyone who entered and voted in our end of year photography contests. We’re running more photography contests in 2022 as an opportunity to showcase your talents more often.

If you’re not already a member of iPhotography then join the community and start taking the photos you’ve been dreaming of.

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