Top 10 Photos of the Month

November 2021

Each month the iPhotography™ Gallery sees hundreds of images uploaded by our students. Here are the Top 10 most popular images from the last 4 weeks:

1. Jean Gilmour

Nicki Cameron - 1
Here are just a few of the comments from iPhotography students;


“Great idea Jean and beautifully done. The off-centre composition and use of negative space work really well and it would probably make an equally effective shot without the added texture – though I guess this would depend on the original background.”

“Fabulous image Jean. Well done.”

“Wow, Jean! This one will have to make the shortlist. Great colours and perfect composition. Love it!”

2. Deborah McPhail

Carol Fourie - 2
Here are just a few of the comments from iPhotography students;


“Stunning Deborah! You certainly don’t need to do the Landscape Course!”

“Beautifully serene, tranquil landscape, Deborah. Love the long exposure adding to the dreamy quality and magical soft light.”

“Wow! You find the most amazing locations and give them your very special photographic “stamp”. I am always interested to check the EXIF data on your shots and see you had a 60-second exposure here – which has made both the water and sky really incredible. Deborah, you are so masterful at this genre of photography:-). I love the composition and the colours and would think this would grace anyone’s wall. Congratulations!”

3. Julia Briggs

Carol Fourie - 3
Here are just a few of the comments from iPhotography students;


“I love the creativity of this image Julia – it’s such a simple but hugely effective shot. The contrast between the black background and the delicate white veins of the leaf skeletons is really striking.”

“Such a gorgeous image. Like Nick I love the simplicity of it and the contrast of the bright white veins on the leaves against the black background. Very effective.”

“Fantastic! So simple and clean, very well done.”


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4. John Maki

Craig Holzem - 4
Here are just a few of the comments from iPhotography students;


“Such an interesting image. The leading lines really draw you in. I love the yellow pops of colour and as for those clouds.. Wow! I love a photograph that makes you want to be there!”

“Excellent composition John, feels totally out of this world! unique view for sure”

“Everything has been said John. Love the fluffy clouds and the composition of the shot.. really love it!”


5. Jean Gilmour

Nicki Cameron - 5
Here are just a few of the comments from iPhotography students;


“This is fab Jean. Really great composition and colours.”

“I really like this Jean. An image you could look at for a long time and keep finding detail. Great colours and a clever combination of quintessential Italy.”

“You are so brilliant at this Jean. Love it! The art, the buildings, the waterways. Beautiful.”


6. Barbara Coulson

Carol Fourie - 6
Here are just a few of the comments from iPhotography students;


“Beautiful, dreamy image, Barbara. Perfectly fitting for Venice. Looks just like a watercolour painting.”

“very nice”

“You’ve chosen the perfect shot for this kind of treatment Barbara. It’s important to consider how your original photo will translate in the edit and I think all the elements of this image – composition, light and colour – work exceptionally well. It really does make a very convincing watercolour though as Jo says, it would probably look great as an untreated photo as well.”

7.  Nicki Cameron

Nicki Cameron - 7
Here are just a few of the comments from iPhotography students;


“Oh I love that one ear up! Another wonderful portrait Nicky. Hope business is going well.”

“This is beautiful Nicky. Wonderful portrait of a beautiful dog and the background is lovely.”

“Wonderful! I can’t even see the duct tape you used to stick that ear up so high 🙂 DoF works really well to help the dog pop.”

8. Carol Fourie

Catherine Lawson - 8
Here are just a few of the comments from iPhotography students;


“I love the curving lines and the autumn colours. Beautiful.”

“The compositional curves really work well with the eye popping autumn colors. The road leading into the light really adds butter to the potato. I’d love to see this image throughout the seasons.”

“Very nice indeed Carol, I think everyone has pretty much covered it. I do particularly like how the leading line has that double curve (bending round and up and over) and leads your eye into a lighter area of stunning golden leaves, it really works :-)”


9.  Bev Trainer

Jean Gilmour - 9
Here are just a few of the comments from iPhotography students;


“What a lovely shot Bev – so sharp and detailed but lent a softness by the low evening (or is it morning?) light. I particularly like the way the sunlight highlights the single golden tree – providing a focal point that anchors the composition. You could even crop the image just below the farmhouse to create a simplified version that brings out that aspect more strongly.”

“This is a lovely landscape. I really like how you’ve composed it without any sky in the scene. The light is just perfect, especially in the way it highlights the tree.”

“Nick and Julia have said everything I wanted to say. Beautiful landscape with lovely lighting… great shot”


10. Carol Fourie

John Gallagher - 10
Here are just a few of the comments from iPhotography students;


“I love the concentric curves of the waves leading you around the image. Great shot Carol”

“Amazing image Carol the sky is wonderful but the reflections on the sand and shapes made by the water is something so special. This definitely needs to go on display”

“This is just wonderful Carol! The shapes, the colours and the sky, all beautiful. One for the wall.”

Congratulations to everyone who featured in the Top 10 this month. Thank you to all of our students who have uploaded images this past month and for all of those who have taken the time to comment and rate their fellow students work. Keep the amazing images coming and see if you can become one of the Top 10 images next month.

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