Would you Share your Photography Tips?

Should you help out your fellow photographers and share your tips?

For example, imagine if you’re earning money as a commercial photographer.

Then a friend asks you to share your tips so they can get a head start in the industry too.

Would you consider sharing your knowledge? Or instead give them some really vague tips that could be found with quick Google?

We wanted to find out what the current viewpoint is from real photographers out in the field and see which is the most common opinion. Should we shy or share?

This conversation is really useful to figure out what type of photographers we are, or are becoming? Are we generally a helpful bunch or are we secretly hoarding ideas and tips for fear of others becoming better at our expense?

Maybe you’ve never thought of the topic at all and now wondering which side of the fence you fall on? Would you shy or share your photography tips? Well we’ve been doing some audience research with our iPhotography students to bring you the vital stats to answer this question, if you want to know the answers then stick around for a few minutes longer…

What are the pros to sharing tips?

Do you ever find yourself browsing through Instagram for example and seeing the same types of photos over and over again, maybe they’re a little tweaked in editing but fundamentally are copies of someone else’s work?

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Join the iPhotography course
phone displaying instagram photos share your tips

Maybe if we were to share our ideas more readily then it would create a more diverse pool of images over time if we actively seeked to help new photographers. This way surely photography would be constantly evolving.

There are also some of us who have amazing ideas about composition and ways of telling a story in an image, but they just aren’t able to shoot it for whatever reason.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see that a story being told and sharing it with the world regardless of who the author is?

After all most people don’t know who directed their favourite movie, but they love the movie still.

What are the cons to sharing tips?

Of course, there are also valid reasons for not giving away your well-earned insider secrets especially if you are a seasoned photographer or a working professional.

Imagine seeing an influx of competitors dilute your market share of your portrait business for example. You may have to start changing your approach all because you helped a few eager starters get into the industry.

Keeping knowledge to yourself would, in this instance, protect your job and income to a degree. Professionals will want to stay one step ahead of any newcomers.

Surely this isn’t a bad thing because at the end of the day we’ve all got to pay the bills?

Even if you aren’t a professional photographer who’s income relies on their work, would you still share your learning to people that wanted to be a pro someday, for free?

young lady with her camera share your tips

The Voting Results

As you can see there are a few different ways of looking at this situation, but ultimately stats will speak for themselves. Let’s have a look at the results of our poll to see what you said. We reached out to our followers on Facebook and Twitter. Here are the combined results;





Sharing is Caring

Regardless of the results, a great image is a great image. We still get inspired by your images. So whatever your position on this debate, keep posting your photos. We love being motivated by you. It pushes us forward to be better educators.

As you’ll find with iPhotography, our ethic of sharing and learning brings together a fantastic network of photographers. You may be new or experienced, but if you keep helping each other improve everyday you never know where this open networking can lead.

Share Your Thoughts

It’s been a really great conversation to delve deep in to. But of course, there’s going to be some of you that disagree, which is completely fine, and we’d love to hear your point of view.

Tell us what your thoughts on the shy or share situation. Have you ever found that you’ve given someone advice only for it to be at the detriment of your own photography? Or have you gone to the dark side and given someone fake information either for your amusement or to keep ahead of the game? 

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