15 Photoshop Photography Tutorials

If you love playing around with pictures in Photoshop but you’re starting to run dry with creative ideas. Here are 15 incredible Photoshop photography tutorials to try out all created by iPhotography.

Whether you’re new to Photoshop or have been using it for while these quick-fire Photoshop tutorials cover a range of techniques to make sure you’re staying creative.

Photoshop and photography are best friends. This is probably one of those articles you’ll need to bookmark so you can pick a new tutorial when you want something new to try.

1. How to Create Bokeh Orbs

If your shot hasn’t come out with as much of that silky smooth bokeh then try out this Photoshop tutorial to add in some magical orbs.

2. Making Custom Brushes

Using stock brushes that come pre-loaded in Photoshop are useful, but they don’t cover everything – so how about creating your own? It’s really simple to make a brush out of anything.

3. Using Photoshop LUTs

LUTs (look up tables) are built-in presets to help grade a photo giving dramatic and cinematic looks. Click the video to learn all about LUTs.

4. Matching Colours from 2 Photos

Compositing photos is twice as hard when you’ve got 2 pictures taken at different times of day. We’ll show you how to match colours up in Photoshop.

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5. How to Use Render Filters in Photoshop

One of the most underrated tools in Photoshop is buried in the Filter menu. We’ll show you the incredible power of render filters to create something out of nothing.

6. Creating the Harris Shutter Effect

Play around with colour channels to create this psychedelic photo filled with motion and energy.

7. Using HDR in Photoshop

Increase the dynamic range of your photography by using Photoshop’s HDR AI tool.

8. Faking the Infrared Look

Don’t spend hours waiting to take the perfect infrared photo, why not convert your shots to have that bright white look.

9. How to Add Snow to a Photo

Not every winter brings a sprinkling of snow so follow this tutorial to add a magical dusting to your shots using Photoshop.

10. Sky Replacements for Photoshop

If the sky is looking a little flat don’t let that stop you from taking the photo. Fix it in Photoshop with this amazing photography tutorial.

11. Creating Glowing Neon Shapes

Want to give your portraits and products a modern styling with a 3D glowing shape? Here’s how:

12. Creating a Colour Splash Effect

Colour splashes are a great way to catch the eye of others by isolating just one colour in the scene. Follow this step by step guide on how to do it.

13. How to Make a Logo in Photoshop

Protect your work by adding a watermark or logo using Photoshop. Make your shots look like they were crafted by a pro with a little bit of branding.

14. Editing Levitation Photography

Make anything float in your photos with this levitation photography trick.

15. Amazing In-Perspective Graphics

Don’t like the colour of your carpets? We’ve got a brilliant Photoshop tutorial on how to add new graphics onto stairs without changing the perspective.

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