Photography Trolls

4 Tips to Beat Them!

Have photography trolls ever left a negative comment on one of your pictures and it’s still sticking in the back of your mind?

Well saddle up and join our quest to beat these photography trolls as we battle through the haters and prove that positivity wins any war…

We’ve all suffered it. If you’ve ever uploaded a picture to a social media site and got a nasty comment it was probably from some vague profile about how it’s not technically sound or the camera you’re using is not good enough.

It feels like it’s just the norm on the internet, but should we just accept that? Or should we have a look at this issue further? Stick around as iPhotography dons our war paint and goes full metal jacket into the world of photography trolls.

What is Trolling?

Trolling is a horrible habit where some people on the internet of leave rude, negative or unconstructive comments on someone’s pictures or profile. Some think it’s amusing as it’s a faceless interaction with no consequences – or at least that’s what the troll thinks.

When it comes to photography, you need to remember that everything is subjective. It’s an art form so there is no one universal opinion and we have to respect that (even if it’s intended to be constructive) it can still hurt to read those messages.

You’ll probably feel angry straight away, it’s natural. It’s happened to us and that’s how we felt. You may want to send a rude message back just even out the playing field, but that’s only going to do 1 of 2 things…

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Join the iPhotography course

Thing 1…

Make you look as immature as them, and remember those comments are there for the world to see. If you’re trying to build a bit of photography business on the side, those kinds of comments don’t look professional.

Thing 2…

Though it may make you feel better for a bit, the initial feeling of anger sticks around longer. Sending some hate back to them will not solve your feelings. You need to spin this into a positive situation.

Is Trolling Always Bad?

Well, no, not always, but you have to look deep to agree with us. It’s easy to delete the comment, pretend it never happened. But what if the troll actually had a point? Can you swallow your pride and improve your work? It takes a bigger person to admit that someone else is right.

It’s worth looking at the comment and seeing if the troll was actually being helpful (in a veiled manner). Is your horizon straight? Is the picture sharp? Could you have removed distracting features in editing? Would it look better in black and white?

They are all aspects that we could easily overlook when rushing to post a picture online because we like it. But stop for a second and think ‘is it the best version I can create?’

Top Tip – There are plain nasty trolls out there who like to upset people. But there may be a few missguided ones who don’t vocalise themselves with the correct intentions and it’s those moments we need to inspect further.

It could be worth making yourself a little checklist of quality control during the editing process to make sure any photos you upload online will get the type of positive reactions you were looking for.

Is Your Horizon Straight?

wonky horizon trolls photography

Check your horizon, and make sure it’s straight. If you want to know more about getting your lines level, check out our dedicated guide to perfecting your horizons.

Are You Focused?

focus insect troll photography

Get close in and make sure your shot is sharp where you want it to be. Phone screens are getting bigger nowadays and any soft pixels will stand out.

Go For a Leftfield Look

bird colour splash troll blog photography

Try other colour profiles – Colour splashes, black and white, sepia, vintage tones, Instagram filters, give them all a shot to see if you like a different colour style applied.

What’s the Story?

Is the story clear? – What is it all about? Is that obvious in your version or would a little cropping help? A good photograph should be clear and obvious what it’s about.

Turn the Hates in to Mates

Fingers crossed this little checklist will keep those photography trolls at bay. If you’ve found any other tips or techniques to deal with photography trolls then again let us know. You never know who you’ll be helping. Post your tips in your uploads to the iPhotography gallery or tag us in your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram posts.

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iphotography training online course learn more