Making Time for Photography

This is a lesson for busy folk who have got other priorities before their beloved photographic passion – making time for photography!


But what if there was a way that you could change or plan your daily routine to allow for a little more space to do some serious snapping?

It would really add a highlight to your week knowing you’re going to get some playtime!

We’ve put together 8 quick-read planning tips on making time for photography.

1. Use a Diary

If you don’t use one already, get one. Honestly writing down all your appointments and commitments in a diary (or on an app) will help you visualise your week ahead.

By filling in all the busy parts, you’ll start to see where the gaps are.

2. Is it essential?

When faced with other duties, chores or things on your to-do, you have to start saying to yourself ‘is it essential?’


  • Like is the world going to explode if you don’t de-weed the driveway?
  • Are the dishes going to decompose if you wash them tonight instead?
  • Or will your clothes become forever crumpled if you don’t iron them immediately?

When thinking about how to make time for photography you have to be blunt; can you push back those jobs to another day and make a little space for something you are going to enjoy, and you want to do.

Let’s face it, who really likes washing the dishes?

3. Don’t listen to your head

If you’ve gotten yourself into a rut where your camera has sat on the shelf gathering dust, then it’s hard to re-establish that loving connection.

When making time for photography, you have to ignore the old voice in your head telling you ‘it’s not a productive use of time’ and instead listen to your heart.

We remember reading a quote once that fits this situation…

No one is going to stand up at your funeral and say ‘they always had a tidy house’.

Join the iPhotography course
Join the iPhotography course

4. Put off procrastination

Getting off your backside and taking some pictures may seem as arduous as a marathon when you haven’t done it for a while, so you’ll naturally find a million reasons not to find the time for photography.

While we expect you may have other hobbies you want to indulge in, remember the reason you clicked on this guide in the first place – you want to know how to find time for photography.

Therefore, here’s our second relevant quote…

‘Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans’ John Lennon

5. Locked & Loaded

It’s sods law that you’ll see a great photo opportunity and not have your camera with you. That’s just the universe laughing at us for our amateur mistakes. Instead, bring some karma to the galaxy and carry your camera everywhere you go.

Slide it in your handbag or backpack, even better if it’s a compact pocket-sized one. Now there’s no excuse for missing that shot.

In your quest for making time for photography, you’ll discover it can be sneakily blended into the routine you already have.

making time for photography

Time Saving Tip – If you get a lunch hour at work take a walk around, burrito in one hand, camera in other. We like to call it the ‘snack & snap’ – terrible, we know!

making time for photography

6. Don’t Edit

When you start out making time for photography, don’t shoot in RAW. Don’t spend time editing. Don’t put extra pressure on your time. Don’t. Stick your camera into fine JPG format and start shooting. Shooting in JPG will help you save time in numerous ways:

  • You can upload your pictures faster to your computer.
  • You can apply colour and effects filters in-camera directly on to the JPG file.
  • You can share JPGs online easier than RAWs.
  • Some cameras allow direct upload to social media from the camera but only in JPG formats.

Time Saving Tip – If your time is short, don’t shoot for the highest quality image – especially if you’ve no opportunity or interest in editing it. Just shoot it and share it. It’s a step ahead of where you are already.

7. Set a goal

Without a reason, what do we do anything for?

WOW, a big question to ask! What we mean is that you should set yourself a target to reach. This will make you feel more accomplished when you reach your goals and you’ll see how easy it is to repeat. Target different things like:

How many pictures you take in a month

making time for photography

Submit 3 pictures to a contest every month

making time for photography

Add 1 picture to your portfolio every month

making time for photography

Fill up a 4gb memory card every week

making time for photography

Visit new locations with your camera

making time for photography

How many pictures you take in a month

Submit 3 pictures to a contest every month

Add 1 picture to your portfolio every month

Fill up a 4gb memory card every week

Visit new locations with your camera

8. Make a chart

Finally, to further our previous point for making time for photography, you need to hold yourself accountable to your goals. Whether you hit them or not you need to see how you got there.

Plotting your success in the form of a chart or spreadsheet takes minutes to do and update as you go along.

You can look back over the course of a year and see the months you were more successful and review what happened in times that slowed you down.

Think of it like a sales meeting and figure out how to improve those tough months.

making time for photography


Do you feel more alive, energised and ready to take on the world?! Let us know your thoughts. Making time for photography isn’t as hard as you may have thought, and fingers crossed these points proved that. The only hurdle to get over is yourself and at least that’s in your control.

If we’ve made a dent in your procrastination and helped you find some time to photograph then shoot those pictures up to the iPhotography Gallery and show off your talents. 

If you’ve got any other questions or hurdles you need answers to then just sling us a line in the comments or directly to the tutors and we’ll see if we can solve the problem.

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iphotography training online course learn more