What is iPhotography?

We can’t believe you’re asking the question – ‘What is iPhotography?!’

But don’t worry, you’ve found the BEST place to get all the answers. It’s time to discover our incredible community for new photographers filled with courses, feedback, challenges, tutorials and more – all packed into iPhotography!

Who is iPhotography?

We are the most trusted online platform for beginner and amateur photographers all around the world. iPhotography has been around since 2012 and brought together a growing community of over 100,000 aspiring photographers.

iPhotography produces (among other services) online training courses that you can start from home. You don’t need any prior experience to begin. If it’s your first time picking up a camera – pick up an iPhotography course too.

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Join the iPhotography course
Join the iPhotography course

How Is iPhotography Different?

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There are many companies that offer online photography courses, but we believe our service is true unique. Why?

Because we’re photographers ourselves. The team of tutors who look after iPhotography are all working professionals. We know the problems, hurdles and pitfalls to watch out and we’re eager to help you improve. We’ll always be on hand to answer questions with practical, actionable answers.

Alongside some of our self-paced courses, we offer optional assignments for you to attempt. These assignments are reviewed and responded to by professional photographers. We’ll give you advice on what you’re doing well and where you could make changes.

We’ve got courses written or presented by photographers who live and breathe that genre. This means we’ve got the best team on hand to answer any of your photography questions.

What Courses Do iPhotography Offer?

iPhotography Course

Our original flagship course – and we’d say this is the best course to take if you’re brand new. This 18-module course covers everything from learning how cameras work, right through to how to edit a picture using Adobe Photoshop.

Packed with information about light, aperture, shutter speed, lenses, camera sensors and composition – it’s the perfect beginner course to give your photography strong foundations.

camera and lenses


If you want to improve your family snapshots or even start your own portrait studio then here you go! That’s how comprehensive our portrait course is.

Written by an internationally published portrait photographer read real-life behind-the-camera stories. Discover the history of portraiture and most importantly how to take amazing photos of children adults, families and pets!


Immerse yourself in the world of Photoshop with iPhotography’s creative digital artistry course. Choose from either a beginner, intermediate or advanced skill level and we’ll give you the best tutorials.

Learn about masking, compositing, complicated selections to make fun, entertaining and powerful artwork. Fully annotated to show you close up adjustments and all the buttons, panels and menus in action.

Photoshop Editing

Light Tricks

If you’re bursting to get more creative with your photography then add some Light Tricks to your life. In this completely unique and innovative iPhotography course you’ll be fully testing your imagination and camera skills.

Learn the best approach for making light trails, physiograms (and find out what they are too), light domes, low key, abstract shadows and so many more. With over 70 different light tricks to show you, we’ll give you step-by-step guides and downloadable resources to read offline to enhance your photos.

iPhotography Light Tricks

Luminar 4

Photo editing has grown and developed to use more intuitive technology which is why we’ve got our own iPhotography Luminar 4 course.

Presented by Emily Lowrey, an official Luminar ambassador, she’ll show you every trick that this incredible piece of software has to offer your photo editing.

In this enjoyable and friendly course, Emily will help you understand gradient tools, sky replacements, adjustment brushes and how to export your photos for the best results.

Luminar Desktop


Fronted by acclaimed wildlife photographer Rachel Sinclair, our Wildlife Photography Course is an animal lover’s paradise.

Whether it’s dogs, cats, insects, birds or big safari photography you want to explore then we’ve covered it. From what to wear, how to behave, camera settings, vital accessories and how to edit, Rachel will give you the best approach all the time.

Backed up with 3 assignments for you to try and assessed by Rachel Sinclair herself, this course is beautifully produced for any budding wildlife photographer.

Rachel Sinclair iPhotography Wildlife Course Presenter

Home Projects

Photography doesn’t always mean travelling to far off exotic destinations to get the most amazing shots – it begins at home.

iPhotography’s Home Projects course is designed to make you think about how to creatively use the objects around your home into incredible photos.

Use fruit, flowers, ornaments, bottles and trinkets to improve your photography in small scale projects. It’s all about imagination which is why it’s perfect to get the kids and grandchildren involved too.

Home Projects Photography Course Example


If Photoshop doesn’t seem your kind of thing, how about Lightroom?

Presented by Pro Editing photographer Emily Lowrey she’ll guide you through every button, slider and menu on Lightroom.

Discover how to import, catalogue and arrange your photo libraries as well as what all the adjustment panels can do to your photos.

This entertaining and educational Lightroom course by iPhotography will change the way you take photos forever knowing what you can do with them in Lightroom.


What Extras Do I Get for FREE?

iPhotography offers you more training for FREE when you join any of our courses. As a bonus to being a course member, you’ll be able to access our massive video library with lessons on other photography and editing techniques.

There’s a whole library of free downloads too. Get your hands on Photoshop actions, PDF photo guides, E-books and Lightroom presets.

If that’s not enough we’ve got a new in-depth photography article nearly every week! And if you’ve got an idea for an article, you can even guest write for us! Oh, wait! We’ve saved the best for last…

iPhotography Blog

…The Gallery

What’s the point of learning about photography if you’ve got nowhere to show off those shots? Well, therefore you’ll need access to our feedback gallery.

This is an incredible bonus included for ALL iPhotography course members. Upload 4 pictures a day to the gallery and let other course members give you feedback and ratings on your shots. The iPhotography tutors will pop in time-to-time to give you some valuable tips and praise to keep you on the right track.

iPhotography Gallery

The iPhotography gallery is another feature that makes us different from other course providers. Your learning doesn’t just stop at the course, we want to help you further!

We’ll even give you chances to challenge your photography with our regular #WeekendChallenge…

What’s a #WeekendChallenge?

Everyone needs a little motivation from time to time with their camera. So every Friday (and we’ve not missed one since 2012) we’ll drop a theme on the iPhotography member dashboard.

You can also find out what theme is on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. It’s totally FREE for all iPhotography members to play along.

Shoot your most creative ideas based on the theme and upload them before the end of the weekend. Everyone’s desperate to find out the winner every Monday.

iPhotography Weekend Challenge examples 2021

Is it Just All Courses?

Oh no! Who told you that?! Well, they’re SO wrong.

iPhotography is passionate about improving your photography. We believe if even the newest photographer is best trained then it improves the whole art form – and we all benefit.

Even when you’re away from your computer we can still train you. iPhotography has a great shop packed with brilliant offline accessories – Flip Cards and Challenge Boxes. These are great gifts for yourself or a photo friend.

We even host Online Workshops covering different photography topics for you to sit and watch – like a live online class with all your course mates alongside. And if you feel that you want more iPhotography in your life then join PLUS

Flip Card and iPhotography Challenge Box Examples

…What is iPhotography PLUS?

iPhotography PLUS isn’t a course (but it works great alongside one).

It’s the next level of training that we offer to those photographers who really want close-knit support, deeper feedback and better connections with other course members.

For a small monthly or annual fee, you can join iPhotography PLUS to unlock…

  • Double daily gallery uploads.
  • Monthly exclusive SkillTrack™ photography lessons.
  • Regular gallery feedback from tutors.
  • Access to our private Facebook group.
  • Chance to enter monthly photo competitions.
  • Access to watch live Q&As and webinars.
  • Your images entered into our regular photo critique videos.

We’ve got so many happy photographers gaining further insights to their own photography while helping others all on the iPhotography PLUS platform. Many of our webinars, blogs and videos have been guided by what our PLUS members have been asking for.

iPhotography is dedicated to delivering the exact help you need:

SkillTrack feature Image
Monthly Photo Critique Feature
IPC PLUS group chat video laptop


Don’t worry, it’s common to be left shocked and amazed at what we offer at iPhotography – and that’s only what we’ve got currently – as we’re always adding more! If you want to ask any questions before joining an iPhotography course or our PLUS membership, then get in touch with our support team.

[email protected]


All our courses come with a 90-day money-back guarantee – we’re that confident you’ll love how we teach! So, there’s no risk, just the perfect opportunity to learn photography the fun way! We look forward to seeing your photos in the gallery!

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