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 Are these frustrations

holding you back?

👎🏻 You don’t have enough time to take pictures?

👎🏻 You struggle to come up with creative shots?

👎🏻 You can’t seem to find the right settings?

👎🏻 You don’t understand the technical jargon?

👎🏻 You don’t know how to edit your photos?

👎🏻 You lack confidence in your photography?

👎🏻 You don’t know where to get feedback?

If you’re saying “yes”, then you’re not alone!

iPhotography PLUS is the home for creative photographers looking to improve their shooting with a more personal touch.

Our premium membership focuses on curating a community of passionate photographers, regardless of skill, closely guided by a team of experienced tutors.

Get more answers, inspiration and understanding with iPhotography PLUS.

iPhotography PLUS will help you…

Understand your camera buttons

Get direct & personal feedback

Connect with other photographers

Sharpen your compositions and focus

Master all those tricky camera settings

Build a confidence and belief in your camera skills

Is iPhotography PLUS for me?

iPhotography PLUS removes all the smoke and mirrors from other photography courses and concentrates on making your learning the epicentre for our attention.

Furthermore, our extensive research and student feedback prove that this one-to-one, close-knit, community-style approach harnesses a creative atmosphere which will improve your photos quicker than traditional methods.

You don’t need to be an experienced photographer to join. We’ve designed this platform to help anyone with a camera.

You don’t need the latest equipment and accessories. We’ve always been believers that if you understand your camera then you can always take great photos.

Find out if iPhotography PLUS can help you…

Interactive SkillTrack™️ training videos

iPhotography PLUS members will have exclusive access to our innovative training videos. They offer an ongoing source of photography lessons, presented in a ground-breaking SkillTrack™️ interactive format.

The choices you make throughout these lessons dictate the topics you’ll learn. See the outcomes of your decisions, skip areas you’re not interested in and get straight to the facts you need, saving you time.

interactive video screen on laptop

We’ve also spent time designing mini-tests, games and challenges built directly into the video training. This gamification approach to learning will improve skill retention and creates personalised training path and the ability to watch on the go.

With new training videos constantly being released, covering basic camera functions through to creative skills, there’s already a school of lessons to binge-watch.

Video critique of your photography

man watching video critique feedback

From now on the feedback gallery won’t just be a showcase of talents for iPhotography PLUS members. It’ll also be a library from which our teaching staff will handpick photos for video critique.

We’ll discuss, on screen, a range of recent uploads, focussing on the brilliance of your creativity, but also offer ideas on where you can improve.

We may even show you some live editing tips on your photos to see those changes in action.

You may surprise yourself with all the good work you’re actually doing. It’s a great opportunity to understand that you may not be the only one having a problem.

Connect and network with photographers worldwide

We believe a passionate atmosphere breeds a passionate artist. With iPhotography PLUS create your own social media styled profile, discover and connect with other students. Photography is all about networking, learning from others and discovering a different point of view. Our premium platform allows you to build up a list of photo friends across the world that you can chat to.

Forge real-world connections using our invitation feature to arrange meet-ups with other local students and get yourself a camera buddy. It’s a great place to share tips about your photo experiences and find out how others created their shots with direct private messages.

two photographers on london bridge

Get personalised help from our teaching staff

iPhotography PLUS will save you time searching the internet for half-baked or non-descript answers to your questions. Our teaching staff of professional photographers will be on hand to give you personalised answers to all photo queries. No question is too basic – come with no experience and gain plenty.

iPhotography PLUS aims to build a community where the knowledge you learn is passed on to others, creating a strong skillset amongst everyone. If you know the answer to someone’s question – then let them know.

lady on phone in white jumper

Access a huge library of downloadable tools

Being on a virtual community iPhotography PLUS is most effective when you’re online, but you can’t take photos whilst you’re on the internet. Sometimes you need to disconnect to concentrate on your shots. But don’t worry we’ll still help you out with tonnes of offline resources to plan, shoot and edit your photographs.

Using the iPhotography PLUS Kitbag you’ll have access to an overloaded download library packed with photo tips, contract templates, copyright examples, PDF shooting guides to help you get started.

iPhotography plus

Win Prizes in our Members-Only Facebook group

Let us introduce you to the iPhotography PLUS members-only Facebook group – it’s like a photography club in the palm of your hands.

We have daily discussions, debates and behind the scenes videos of what goes on at iPhotography HQ. There are also tonnes of surveys, polls, inspiring features and quizzes to check out.

Every month we run a brilliant photo competition with prizes to be won. From camera accessories to new training courses, there’s always something great on offer!

Your community contributions will never be overlooked as our teaching staff are always on the lookout for inspirational members to be crowned ‘Memberof the Month’A title that gets your best shots showcased to the whole group.

iPhotography plus

Double Uploads

iPhotography PLUS students also benefit from double uploads to the feedback gallery too. You can now post 8 photos per day.

Plus you’ll get a premium members badge to show off whilst you’re doing it!

What’s the Difference?

If you’re already a student on one of our iPhotography courses, you’ll know there are lots of great advantages over other training providers. We’ll continue to help and encourage all members on our current courses.

But with iPhotography PLUS you’ll access a more personal and focused online community with bigger benefits than non-members.

IPC comparison table 2021
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Getting the right background for your photo is vital. We’ll show you how to choose the BEST location for your photographs.

Chromatic Aberration – What Is It & How To Remove It

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iphotography training online course learn more



Who Are Photography Classes Made For?

Are our classes made for you? Well if you’re brand new to photography or been practising for a little while but starting to hit a wall then, the simple answer – YES! 

Whether you have just bought a camera or have spent years behind the viewfinder, our photography classes are comprehensive, educational, honest and cutting-edge – there are no other courses like it (believe us, we checked a lot!). 

We’re like the Wikipedia of photography – all of the answers are under one roof.

3 Ways to Use Natural Light

Sunlight can be discussed using a few different photography terms and approaches. There are normally 4 considerations photographers look at when using natural light in their photos - Direction, Colour, Intensity and Quality.

1. Direction

In which direction is the light falling? Is the direction of the light where you need it to be? While it’s very hard to change the direction of natural light unless you’re using reflectors you may have to move your subject into the path of the light to get the right finish.

There are 3 main directions that you can use natural light in a photo;

FREE - Optional Assignments

Some of our classes offer personal critiques and constructive feedback from qualified photography tutors. Receive 1-on-1 advice and tips from the experts.

5 Top Architectural Photography Tutorial Tips

How to Be a Nature Photographer

Going from a beginner nature photographer to making money from your camera you need dedication. It requires time and a never-ending passion to get outdoors with your cameras and practise new techniques. Get outdoors early and return when the sun sets.

Get familiar with your local woodlands and read nature books to learn about wildlife, birding and foliage. This will help you understand what you are shooting and when is the best time of year to find these subjects.



The other challenge when shooting through glass is the tinting. Unfortunately, architects and designers didn’t think about us photographers when creating these skyscrapers.

Their windows are invariably tinted in some way to help with heating.

This means that some of your photos may have a green/grey tint to them.

It’s not the biggest issue as you can rebalance this tint in editing with the ‘tint’ slider for example.