31st MARCH 2020

Back in 2012, our original iPhotography Course went live to the world. To date, over 95,000 aspiring photographers have joined and benefited from the skills, techniques and creativity taught throughout.


It’s now 2020 and time for a big upgrade!

The photography industry is constantly moving forward, evolving and adding in new technologies so we need to keep up!

Therefore, we revisited every single page of our 18 module course and added tonnes more features.

In response to student feedback, the iPhotography Course is simpler, straight-forward and geared towards a faster learning experience.

iphotography course module training area

In response to student feedback, the iPhotography Course is simpler, straight-forward and geared towards a faster learning experience.

What is NEW?

Well, we could make a spreadsheet and list all the amazing changes we’ve made for you, but that’s downright boring…instead, let’s show you!

New Page Design

The first difference you’ll notice is the ‘look’!

iPhotography underwent a redesign in 2019 and now the course is catching up. We’ve added our livery colours to the modules alongside a brand-new presentation format.

You can now enjoy the iPhotography Course in widescreen as we change to a 16:9 ratio – perfect big screens, tablets and smartphones.

We’ve improved compatibility for screen readers too. Students with reading difficulties can now use JAWS, NVDA, VoiceOver, and TalkBack alongside the iPhotography Course modules. 

Progression Tracker

Want to know how close you are to finishing a module? Introducing our brand-new progression tracker. Every section of our 18 modules will give you a little update on how close you are to finishing. 

Ideal for squeezing in some extra learning during your lunchtime or the daily commute.

progress tracker icon iphotography course

Unlimited Skips

Hey current students, remember those little OOPS! pop-ups? Gone!

We’ve removed any obstructions in the iPhotography Course that slowed you down to ensure you’re learning is smooth and simple.

See some extra content, but it doesn’t interest you?

Don’t worry skip it and move on – you won’t be shouted at! This will help you get to the sections you want to learn, without forcing you through bits you don’t.

Shorter Modules 

Another time-saving device we’ve included is to put our modules on a diet! We’ve shrunk the size of lessons without losing any essential information – in fact, we’ve added more and it still takes less time to complete a module than before – 42% faster on average – we timed it!

Our principle was simple, if you didn’t learn something new on every page it was removed. We’ve knuckled down to the hard facts, technical details and essential tips straight away.


We even went as far as changing an entire module! Module 16, formerly our Photographic Diary, has now become Professional Tips.

A brand-new module and test filled with advanced information regarding printing, composition and colour psychology from the point of view of professional photographers.

professional photographer pro tips module iphotography course

New Course Structure

In fact, we’ve changed a lot of our module content around. By reviewing the entire course and grouping together techniques of photography in an order that makes it easier to understand for any beginner entering the hobby.

You’ll notice new module and section titles as well as newly designed menu structures too. No more repetition of the same point, instead we’ve closely knitted our teachings, so you get all the best tips and tricks, in the same place, at the right time.

15 PDF Downloads

Want some study aids to use when you’re offline? Why certainly!

We’ve added in 15 new PDF guides and documents as part of your iPhotography Course membership. Do you want more help with…

  • Bird Photography?
  • Floral Compositions?
  • Astrophotography?
  • Client Questionnaires?
  • Flash Guide Numbers?
  • Prop Box Ideas?
  • Landscape Photography?

Then check out the new look iPhotography Course!

professional photographer pro tips module iphotography course
Video icon - iPhotography Course

Integrated Videos

It’s time we added in more resources from the iPhotography network.

To go alongside our course content, we’ve added some brilliant photography tutorial videos to our modules.

You now can get extra visual tips on posing, lighting, editing and lots more!

Video icon - iPhotography Course

New Look Certificate

Plus our graduation certificate has undergone a re-design to fall in with our new branding.

This beautiful certificate is free to download when you complete all 18 modules of the iPhotography Course – proof that you know your photography inside and out.

iPhotography Course Certificate preview 2020

Assignment Re-Design

If you love challenging yourself and getting helpful feedback from the iPhotography Course tutors, then you’ll be glad to know we’ve redesigned our beloved optional assignments.

Our 9 module tasks have been given a facelift and streamlined so the brief is simple and clear with handy submission guidelines.

Further Reading

And if that’s not enough we’ve also placed handy links throughout the course to some of our amazing blog articles. So, if you’re enjoying a section, chances are they’ll be additional information available for it, at the touch of a button.

No more navigating from menu to tabs, it’s instant learning!


31st MARCH 2020

Since our course structure will be changing, we’re giving all current students (who will receive this upgrade for free) as much notice as possible about the changes you’ll experience as it may change your learning pattern.

On 31st March 2020, you may experience temporary interruption to service which we plan to keep to a minimum.

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